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Hornchurch 1862 Post Office Directory

 History of Hornchurch

Commercial Traders

Alabaster Walter Goddard, carpenter
Allcock Robert, saddler
Baker Charles, Cricketers
Barfoot Joseph Samuel, cooper
Barker George, shopkeeper
Barr George, farmer
Bell George Martin, farmer
Bonnet Mary (Mrs), farmer
Brand Richard, seedsman
Brett William Sparrow, decorator
Bridge Chas, hurdle maker, Haveringwell
Brittain Thomas Waters, farmer
Brown Philip, farmer, Redincourt
Brown Samuel, farmer, Southend
Carter Abraham, farmer
Collier Stephen, farmer, Mallins Green
Collins James, Cherry Tree
Cook Lewis, Kings Head
Cooper William, MD, surgeon
Cove Charles, brick & tile maker & drain pipe manufacturer
Cove William T, gunmaker
Cressy Thomas Bennett, blacksmith
Diaper Thomas, wheelwright
Dockerill Robert, carpenter
Dockerill Alfred, corn factor, Bush Elms
Dodson Richard, Crooked Billet
Everett John, builder
Finch Charles, hairdresser
Franklyn John, shoe maker
Franklyn John jun, saddler
Frost Amos, Harrow
Fry James, fellmonger
Fry Thomas, beer retailer
Garrad James, pork butcher
Gate Susan (Mrs), butcher
Gooch Samuel Brooks, farmer, Great Sutton
Hands mary Ann (Mrs), Crown, Haveringwell
Hazlewood John, Bull Hotel
Hobbs William, baker
Horsleins Charles, machine maker
Jarvis Charles, builder
Kemp George, grocer and draper
Laws George, farmer
McGibbon William, tailor
Maltby Elizbeth (Mrs), White Hart
Manning Thomas Stevens, farmer
Marsh JOhn, beer retailer
Martin Thomas, plumber
Miller William, baker
Mitchell Edward, miller
Oxley George, tailor & parish clerk
Parker George, shoe maker
Payne Elizabeth (Mrs), farmer
Powling Frederick, baker
Prince Thomas, farmer
Salmon George, baker
Seabrook Samuel, watch & clock maker
Smith Peter, carrier
Spencer John, grocer
Steel Isaac, butcher
Steel John, butcher
Stevens James, baker
Stevens John, farmer
Townsend James, blacksmith
Tyler Frederick, farmer
Viall James, mop manufacturer
Vince Antony, farmer
Wedlake & Dendy, engineers, iron & brass founders, & agricultural implement makers, Union Foundry
Wilson Sanderson, grocer & draper
Wolfe George, butcher
Wolfe Thomas, Spencers Arms
Wolfe William, pork butcher
Woodfine Thomas & Mary, brewers & maltsters
Woodfine Thomas, farmer
Wren Richard, beer retailer
Young Henry, farmer

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