London historical street directory and pub history

This is now an updated and complete, historical London street directory for 1832 and 1842 and more

Hornchurch 1902 Kellys Directory


 History of Hornchurch

Private Residents

(For other names in this parish see Romford)

Allistree William, Parkstone Avenue
Baker Alfred harding, The Hollies, Parkstone Avenue
Barber Thomas, Gordon Grange
Batchelor Thomas, Nelmes Road
Bolt David, Hornchurch Avenue
Brechels John, Herbert Road
Bryon Frederick William, Newlands, Berther Road
Cantle Henry, Burslem, Parkstone Avenue
Carter Thomas I, Parkstone Avenue
Chamberlain Thomas, Curtis Road
Childs Thomas, The Avenue
Clifford Capt George, The Hollies
Cogar Richard, Berther Road
Collard Frederick W, The Avenue
Conron Stanislaus Ronayne, Wiltsfort
Crouch John, Ernest Road
Cundell Thomas, Branksome Road
Cunningham Robert, Stanley Road
Curtis William Homer Cowley, Glenroy
Dale Rev Herbert John MA (vicar), Vicarage
Daniels Wm John, Parkstone Avenue
Dendy Walter, Sutton Lodge
Dockrill Robert, Parkstone Villa
Donald Thomas, Ernest Road
Duhig David, Little Langtons
Dunlop Arthur S, Ernest Road
Dunlop Charles, Ernest Road
Dunlop Charles E, Berther Road
Dunlop Percy, Ernest Road
Dyer Edwin, Wych Elm Lane
Ewing John, Curtis Road
Farquhar William, Ernest Road
Fenner Mrs, Hornchurch Lodge
Field Sidney, The Avenue
French Charles Lewis, Curtis Road
Friend Henry, Wavetree, Parkstone Avenue
Gardner Thomas JP
Gawler Thomas, Carter Road
Gill Herbert, Carter Road
Goodenough Samuel, The Avenue
Gough Richard, Carter Road
Graham Thomas, Parkstone Avenue
Greenwood Joseph, Herbert Road
Groves William, Wych Elm Lane
Guymer Robert, The Homestead, Parkstone Avenue
Hatherley George, Ivanhoe, Nelmes Road
Hatting Lewis Harry, The Nest, Parkstone Avenue
Hawkins James R, Parkstone Avenue
Hill Cgharles Thomas, Excelsior Villa, Parkstone Avenue
Hodson Frederick, North Street
Holmes Lieut-Col Henry DL, JP, Grey Towers
Ives Thomas, The Avenue
George Richard, Wych Elm Lane
Gregg George, Parkstone Avenue
Jacobs William Edward, Curtis Road
Jenkinson William, Branksome Road
Jones William, Nelmes Road
Johnson Rev Robert, MA, The Cottage
Kemball G E, Slewins
King Henry, Chads Hunt, Parkstone Avenue
Kubler William G, Ernest Road
Le Pla William, Herbert Road
Lewis Ernest, North Street
Lockyer Henry, Parkstone Avenue
Longmore Russell, Berther Road
Lowry Frederick, Herbert Road
Luther James, Carter Road
Major Henry Thomas, Ernest Road
McDermott William, Herbert Road
McMullen John Alexander
Martin James J, Ernest Road
May Charles Osborn, Suttons Gate
Mitchell Samuel J, Wych Elm Lane
Morris Rev Frederick (Baptist), North Street
Nicholson William James, Herbert Road
Nicholls Alfred, Parkstone Avenue
Pkey William, Herbert Road
Pailthorpe Noel, Carter Road
Palmer William Johnm Herbert Road
Penney James, Parkstone Avenue
Plumtree Richard Reed, North Street
Powell Alfred, Parkstone Avenue
Price James Collin, Nelmes Road
Pullen Alfred, Herbert Road
Racine Ernest, Colyford, Herbert Road
Rance Frdk, St Catherines, Nelmes Road
Reynolds William, Herbert Road
Robertson James Robert, CE, Thorpe Lodge
Rowe Lewis, Woodside, Parkstone Avenue
Ruston Francis, Carter Road
Ryle Johnm Berther Road
Saunders Geo Richd, Wych Elm Lane
Scales Herbert, Parkstone Avenue
Secombe James, Curtis Road
Sherwood James, The Avenue
Sinclair Louis, MP, Great Nelmes; & 7 Netherall Gardens, Hampstead, London NW
Staplyton Beaumont, Parkstone Avenue
Stebbings Alfred, Nelmes Road
Stephenson Henry david, Clovelly
Talbot John, Ingledene
Taylor Frederick, Berther Road
Taylor Frederick William, Curtis Road
Thompson Frederick William, Denny Villa, Berther Road
Turner Joseph, Suttons House
Turner Henry, Berher Road
Turner Matthew, The Avenue
Vince Walter, Ernest Road
Wagstaff Charles Bertrand
Wagstaff John Philip
Ward Robert, Berther Road
Watson William, Herbert Road
Wedlake T W, White House
Wells Francis, Parkstone Avenue
White Daniel, Branksome Road
Wieland Charles, The Studio, Herbert Road
Wilkinson Robert, Curtis Road
Williams W Varco, JP, Langtons
Willment William, The Avenu
Womersley Pelham B, Kingsthorpe, Parkstone Avenue
Woolletts Harold, North Street

Ardleigh Green

Brown James, Ardleigh Lodge
Wymark William, Park Side

Harold Wood

Bacon Alfred, Glenelg
Barker Mrs, Dorset House
Barton William, Rosebank
Bradshaw Daniel, Heathfield
Broodbank Joseph, Longmoor
Bruhl Rev Leopold Henry (curate)
Crane James, Hainult Villa
D’Eath Alfred, Suffolk Villa
Gilling Sidney, Lyndhurst
Ladell Alfred, Queen’s Park Gardens
Maples James, Belsize House
O’Flyn James, Rothsay Villas
Page John
Seefels Otto, Baden House
Symonds Henry, 1 Wennford Villas
Thompson Charles F, Athelstan Road
Watson William G, The Grange
Wilson James William, Avenue Road


South Hornchurch
Graves Frederick, Ford House

What I am now attempting to achieve is the coverage of an earlier London street directory in 1832. This is unique, plus images of the 1842 Robsons directory which confirm earlier entries and also carry much more trade detail about a premises or person. Here is the index of streets in 1832, many with 1842 imagery added.
And next is the complete 1940 London street directory - this will take some months to complete, so bear with me!

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