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Essex 1863 Whites Trade Directory for Little Ilford

Little Ilford 1863 - Whites Directory

ILFORD (LITTLE) is a small scattered village and parish, on the west side of the river Roding, opposite Great Ilford, and 6 1/2 miles E. by N. of Whitechapel. It is near East Ham Station, and contains only 594 souls, and 760 acres of land. John W. Wight Esq., is owner of most of the soil, and lord of the manor. The Ohureh (Virgin Mary) is a small ancient edifice, with a wooden turret and one bell. A small chapel, used as the vestry, contains several handsome monuments in memory of Smart Lethieullier, Esq, and other members of his family. He was industriously versed in the science of antiquity, an encourager of art, and an ingenious artist. He was born in 1701, and died without issue, in 1760, leaving behind him a history of Barking, in manuscript. The rectory, valued in K.B. at 11.13s. 9d., and in 1831 at 408, is in
the patronage of J. W. Wight, Esq., and incumbency of the Rev. A. Hibbit, B.A., who has a neat residence, and 40A. of glebe. The tithes were commuted in 1830, for 320.14s. 8d. per annum. Near the London and Romford road, in this parish, stands Ilford Gaol and House of Correction. It is a brick building, with accommodations for about 100 prisoners, and was finished in 1831, at the cost of about .30,000. It is conducted on the silent system, and has about 60 cells, 8 day wards, 10 airing yards, and a tread-mill. Mr. W. Stringer is the governor; and the Rev. T. L. Ramsden, of East Ham, is the chaplain. Petty Sessions are held weekly at the Gaol, and at Great Ilford, where there is a station of the metropolitan police. The poor have distributed among them 30 a year, arising from 1000 three-percent, reduced annuities, bequeathed by James Hayes, in 1818, in trust with the rector, churchwardens, and overseers. They have also 1 a year from Hyde's Charity, paid by the Salters' Company, London, and distributed by the rector in coals.
The CITY OF LONDON CEMETERY is in this parish. It was opened in 1856, and extends over 112 acres, about half of which is consecrated. It cost about 200,000. The Rev. C. J. F. Taylor is chaplain of the consecrated part, and the Rev. J. Woodard of the unconsecrated part. Mr. J. C. Stacey is the superintendent, and Joseph Wallace, sexton. The POST OFFICE is at John Hanson's.

Letters via, Great Ilford.

Breckels Mr Jph.
Dawson Miss
Carter Charles, tailor
Collingridge Chas. Bernard, shopkeeper
Collins Henry, dairyman
Colyer Charles, vict, Earl of Essex
Cosburn George, stonemason
Croydon Charles, beerseller
Drewitt Jabez, stonemason
Elden John Edward, clerk
Groom William, coal dealer
Hall William King, carpenter
Halls Joseph Kent, farm bailiff
Hanson John, shopkeeper
Harris J. stonemason
Hart Mr Charles
Hibbit Rev. Arthur, B.A. rector
Hunsdon Mrs Eliz. Manor Farm
Lamb John, farmer
Mickleborongh William, upholsterer
Middleton Mr Rt
Morgan Mrs
Neele George, baker and shopkeeper
Parsons James, Bolt's Farm
Parsons William, Rabbit's Farm
Phillips James, shoemaker
Power Mr John
Tyler Mr George
Sellars Mr J
Smith Mr James
Seward John Bramwell, in customs
Stacey John Chapple, supt. Cemetery
Spurgeon Mrs Ann, beerhouse
Staines Benj. vict. Coach & Horses
Stringer Wm. governor of House of Correction
Taylor Rev. Chas. James Fox, B.A
Wallace Joseph, sexton, Cemetery
Wood William, vict. Three Rabbits
Woodard Rev Jas. C. of L. Cemetery
Wright John, draper and clothier
Yglesias Mignel, Esquire

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