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Ash , Eastry, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

ASH (next Sandwich) is a village and parish three miles N.W. of Sandwich, and ten from Canterbury; in Wingham hundred, lathe of St. Augustine, and Eastry union, East Kent. Guilton, or Giltoa Town, is a hamlet on the same road to the west. The population, in 1851, was 2905. The church of St Nicholas is a handsome cross shaped gothic building. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the bishopric and gift of the Archbishop, and incumbency of the Rev. George Ridout, M.A.The Independents have a neat place of worship also in the village.

Richborough is a hamlet on a hill, two miles and a half N.E. of Ash, and one mile and a half N.W. of Sandwich. West Marsh two miles from Ash. In 1851 the population was 465.

Hillcourt, Goss Hall, Green Street, Brook Street, Weddington, and Poulton, are places adjoining Ash. Fleet is two miles and a half N,E.; Cooper Street, two miles N.E.; Sandhills, two miles N.E.; Goldstone, two miles north ; Coss Street, one mile and a half north; Knell, one mile north; Overland, one mile and a half N.W.; Each and Each End, one mile and a half east; Combe, three quarters of a mile S.E.

POST-OFFICE - George Ratcliffe, Postmaster. The nearest Money Order Office is at Sandwich.


Delmar, Charles, Esq., Guilton Rectory
Elgar, G., Esq.
Friend, Miss
Friend, William, Esq.
Godden, Captain
Godfrey, John, Esq., J. P.
Gardener, Mrs. Austen
Gardner, Mr. William
Kelsey, Mr. Thomas
Ridout, Rev. George, M.A., Perpetual Curate.
Sladden, Isaac, Esq.
Tomlin, Thomas Monter, Esq.
Wells, Mrs.
Young, Mr. William

Public Houses in Ash, Thanet

Adley, James, farmer
Andrews, Vincent, farmer
Beake, William, farmer
Bing, Thomas, farmer
Beer, Alfred, tailor
Bensley, G., farmer
Bourne, William, butcher
Brett, James, bricklayer
Brett, Richardson, jun., farmer
Brisley, Charles, bootmaker and hatter
Brisley, Edward, carpenter
Brisley, John, shoemaker
Brisley, John, wheelwright
Blaxland, Thomas, grocer
Bubb, Thomas, tailor and hatter
Buddie, Thomas, blacksmith
Burfoot, Mrs. Ann, dressmaker and milliner
Burnap, Frederick, plumber and glazier
Burton, John, market gardener
Bushell, Thomas, farmer
Chandler, John, George and Dragon
Chandler, John, market gardener
Chandler, Thomas, farmer
Chandler, John, jun., farmer
Chandler, William,, shoemaker
Coleman, John Noakes, surveyor
Coleman, Thomas,, farmer, and valuer
Cook, Charles, farmer
Cook, James, farmer
Cook, Thomas. farmer
Cook, Vincent, farmer
Cooper, John, Member of the Royal Veterinary College
Court, Stephen, market gardener
Crampton, John, miller
Dixon, Frederick, chemist and druggist
Elgar, Benjamin, farmer
Fells, Charles, grocer
Fells, George, shoemaker
Fells, James, upholsterer and cabinet maker
Field, James, saddler
Friend, William, farmer
Gardner and Godden, pale ale brewers
Gilbert, John, grocer
Goldup, Edward, Chequers, and coal dealer
Gorton, Miss, ladies' boarding school
Hadaway, Edward, plumber
Harden, Albert, tailor and draper
Harlow, John, shopkeeper
Harvey, Marshall, farmer
Hobbs, Richard, maltster and brewer
Hooker, John, market gardener
Hopkins, William, blacksmith
Jacobs, Israel, grocer
Kingsford, Josiah, beer retailer
Kingsnorth, James, farmer
Knight, John, cowkeeper
Lilliot, Edward, market gardener
Limeburner, Charles, Rose
Maenally, Henry, farmer
Marsh, Henry, grocer
Marsh, Richard, farmer
Martin, James, farmer
Maylam, John, farmer
Morris, William, hairdresser and high constable
Mummery, Abraham, farmer
Newing, John, blacksmith
Petley, John, farmer
Pettman, Mrs. Elizabeth, farmer
Pettman, James, farmer
Pettman, William, farmer
Quelch, Richard, farmer
Ralph, Thomas, farmer
Rossiter, William, Ship
Ratcliffe, George, postmaster
Ratcliffe, Mary, stationer
Rogers, Mrs. Harriet, shopkeeper and beer retailer
Rowe, Hills, farmer
Sandum, George, farmer
Setterfield, Edward, pork butcher
Shepherd, Octavius, farmer
Sladden and Elgar, surgeons
Slater, Alfred, farmer
Smith, Richard Ratcliff, builder
Solley. Mrs. Ann, farmer
Solley, George, farmer
Solley, Giles, farmer
Solley, Henry, farmer
Solley, James, farmer
Solley, John, shoemaker
Solley, Mrs. Mary, grocer and baker
Spratt, William, market gardener
Spratt, John, market gardener
Stiff, Thomas, jun., farmer
Stiff, William, baker
Sutton, Thomas, market gardener
Tapsell, William, carpenter
Teall, Stephen, farmer
Thorp, Thomas Smith, miller
Tritton, Robert, Marquis of Granby
Toomer, George Elgar, farmer
Tolhurst, Mrs., milliner
Wall, John, shoemaker
Wells, John, confectioner
Wells, Edward, saddler
West, Arthur, Red Lion, and saddler
Wrake, William, bricklayer
Young, Edward, blacksmith
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