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    Bromley, Bromley

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    BROMLEY is a town, pleasantly situated in the Western Division of the county, ten
    miles from London, 14 miles from Sevenoaks, and six miles from Greenwich, south-by-east. The nearest railway station is Sydenham. The population in 1851 was 4,127. It is in the hundred of Bromley Ruxley, lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and union of Bromley; it is also a county court district for sixteen parishes, held every month at the White Hart Inn. The church of St. Paul is an ancient edifice, has a low tower at the west end, and has an excellent peal of eight bells. It is in the diocess of Canterbury. ,The living is a perpetual curacy; the Rev. James Edward Newell, M.A., is the incumbent, and the Rev. J. Edwards, M.A., curate. The Bishop of Rochester is the patron and impropriator of the great tithes. There is also a church, or chapel of ease, dedicated to the Holy Trinity; it is a neat structure, being built in the Gothic style of architecture.
    The living is a perpetual curacy; the Rev. Arthur Rawson, M.A., incumbent. Here are four dissenting places of worship, two Independents' and two Wesleyans'. Here is a savings' bank, and a literary institution, with an extensive library. The town is well paved, and lighted with gas.

    POST-OFFICE. - Joseph Bradley Shillcock, Postmaster. Money Orders are granted and paid at this Office.
    Savings' Bank. - Richard J. Denness, Secretary, High street.

    Public Houses in Bromley

    Traders in Bromley in 1858


    Adams, Rev. C., M.A., chaplain, College
    Allen, John, Esq., Mason's hill
    Bacon, Miss Mary, Widmore lane
    Baldwin, Thomas R., Esq., Elmstead
    Baldwin, J., Esq., Widmore lane
    Banks, Mrs. Elizabeth, Common
    Bannister, Mrs. Mary C., Rose Villas, Common
    Barham, Mr Robert, Common
    Barrett, Mr Richard, Common
    Barry T Esq., Elmsfield
    Bate, Miss, Martin's hill
    Bell, Peter, Esq.,, Elmstead Lodge
    Bilke, Edward, Esq., Mill Cottage
    Blaxland, Mrs, Widmore lane
    Boycott, J, Esq., Mill Cottage
    Boyd, Robert, Esq., county magistrate, Plaistow Lodge
    Child, Mrs., Mason's hill
    Child, Coles, Esq., Palace
    Clarke, Miss, Redwood House
    Cleveland, Mr. George, Common
    Cooper, Miss, Bromley Hill
    Dent, William, Esq., Bickley Park
    Devas, Frederick, Esq., Bromley Lodge
    Devoll, Mr. Richard, Common
    Drinkwater, Mrs,, Rose Villas
    Dunn, Mr. Edward, Mason's hill
    Edwards, Rev. _, Rochester Cottage .
    Ellis, Thomas. R, Esq., Widmore lane . .
    Gissen, _, Esq., Widmore lane
    Hargrave, Mrs
    Harris, Mrs., Common ,
    Hebbert, Henry, Esq., Common
    Hendy, 3,, Esq., Widmore lane
    Hillyer, W., Esq., Widmore lane
    Hodsell, Mrs., Common
    Hooper, Alfred D., Esq.;, Rochester place
    Hunt, Mrs., Common
    Hutchinson, Mrs., Lawn Villa, Farwig
    Innous, Mr. John, Mason's hill
    Jackson, Henry, Esq., Common
    James, Thomas, Esq., Common
    James, T., Esq., Common
    Jell, J., Esq., Common
    Jessop, Mr. William, Mason's hill
    Johnson, J. G., Esq., Common
    Lantour, Mr., Common
    Latter, William, Esq., Common
    Latter, Robert B., Esq., Beckenham lane
    Latter, Robinson, Esq., Widmore lane
    Latter, Mr. William, Common
    Long, Colonel Samuel, Bromley Hill House
    Malim, A,, Esq., the Valley
    Mitchell, G., Esq., Widmore lane
    Moon, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mason's hill
    Moyoe, Mr. Henry, Mason's hill
    Musson, Thomas, Esq., Rochester place
    Mead, Mis., Gravel pits
    Newell, Rev. James E., M.A., incumbent of Bromley, Southborongh
    Noad, David James, Esq., Shawfield
    Norman, George Warde, Esq., Rookery
    Norman, Henry, Esq», Oakley House
    Osborn, Mrs. Rebecca, High street
    Payne, Mr. Richard John, Common
    Potts, Charles, Esq., Freelands
    Porter, Mrs. Mary, High street .
    Pringle, Miss Susan, Rochester place
    Rawson, Rev. Arthur, M.A., Oommon
    Ray, Mr., Farwig
    Rebet, Mr, Rafe, Rose Villa, Common
    Reid, John, Esq., Common
    Reid, Sarnuel Jackson, Market place
    Roberts, Mrs. Mary, Beachfield
    Root, J., Esq., Lansel Cottage, Common
    Sattewaite, William, - Esq., Springfield place
    Sawkins, Miss, Widmore lane
    Scott, Mrs., Church House
    Scott, Samuel, Esq., Sundridge
    Scudamore, Thomas E., Esq. Martin's hill
    Shaw, Mr. William, Widmore
    Shuttleworth, J., Esq., Plaistow Hall
    Smith, Joseph M., Esq.
    Soames, E., Esq.,Mason's hill
    Sparkes, J., Esq., Bromley
    Starling, William John, Esq., Beckenham lane
    Storines, Mrs., Common
    Strode, G., Esq., Elmstead
    Telford, the Misses, Widmore
    Thompson, Mr., Homesdale Cottage, Common
    Titford, R. V., Esq., Common
    Tolley, Captain, Common
    Tweedy, Colonel George, Bromley House
    Vandome, Mrs., Common
    Verrall, Rev. Robert, Widmore lane
    Waller, Miss Sarah, Beckenham lane
    Walter, Mrs. Elizabeth, Common
    Wells, John J., Esq., J.P., Southborough
    Wharton, Miss, Widmore lane
    White, John, Esq., New Farm
    Woolf, Mrs.
    Woolrich, Miss, Common

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