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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

BROMPTON is in the borough of Chatham. The church, dedicated to
the Holy Trinity, was erected in 1848; the Rev. D. Cooke, incumbent.

By 1862, it is entirely incorporated into Gillingham.

Public Houses in Old Brompton


Blyth, Mrs., Middle street
Brass, Rev.Henry, curate of Trinitychurch, Prospect row
Chambers, Mrs. Rosetta, Mansion row
Charlton, Mr. Charles, River row
Connolly, Captain Richard Gr., Royal Marine light infantry, Mansion row
Cooke, Rev. Daniel, incumbent of Brompton, Prospect row
Crpzier, Mrs. Mary, Mansion row
Elliott, Miss Elizabeth, Mansion row
Fenwick, Mrs. Elizabeth, Prospect row
Hope, Mr. Francis, Mansion row
Jackson, Major Henry, Garden street
Jenkins, Major Richard, Mansion row
Jennis, William, Esq., Westeourt street
McDonald, Major James, Prospect row
Millen, Mr. Charles, Prospect row
Moore, Mr. John, Prospect row
Rodney, Major George B., Mansion row
Saunders Mr. James, Middle street
Skillett, George, Esq., Mansion row
Vinall, Mrs. Hannah, Prospect row
Walker, Henry, Middle street


Acworth, William, jun., grocer, Upper Wood street
Arlidge, Mrs. Sarah, upholstress and cabinet maker, High street
Arlidge, Miss Frances, tobacconist, High street
Arnott, William, King's Arms, River row
Attwood, George, chemist and druggist, High street
Baird, John, Two Sawyers, High street
Ballard, William H., watchmaker, jeweller, and silversmith, High street
Banner, Tilden, Fortune of War, Upper Wood street
Banes, Henry, hatter and boot and shoe maker, High street
Banes, Edward, chemist, High street
Bayley, John, butcher, High street
Bear, Henry, baker, Westcourt street
Bernthall, Henry, greengrocer, Westcourt street
Binder and Catchpool, pawnbrokers, Westcourt street
Boarder, James, tobacconist, Wood street
Bonniwell, Miss Honoria, boarding and day school for young ladies, Garden street
Brady, Daniel H., the Harrow, Manor street
Brown, Mrs. Catharine, Shepherd and Shepherdess, Lower Wood street
Brunton, John, shopkeeper, Lower Wood street
Bryan, Joseph, saddler, High street
Bryant, James, confectioner, Middle street
Carter, Thomas, pilot, Wood street
Catt, Robert, butcher, Lower Wood street
Catt, John L., the Anchor and Hope, High street
Chalklen, William, glass and china dealer, High street
Chapell, George, tailor, High street
Chapman, Richard, corn dealer, High street
Champness, William, general dealer, Upper Wood street
Christmas, John, greengrocer, High street
Clarabut, Samuel, draper, High street
Coomber, Nathaniel R., grocer, High street
Cooper, Nathaniel, rope maker, Westcourt street
Cotsell, George, agent to the Lancashire Fire and Life Office, Manor street
Crouch, John, grocer, High street
Death, John W., chemist and druggist, High street, agent to Atlas Fire and Life Office
Dence, John, greengrocer and fruiterer, High street
Deverell, George, eating house, Westcourt street
Donnall, Richard, baker, High street
Draper, William, shopkeeper, Prospect row
Dulvey, James, surgeon, Garden street
Dungey, John, grocer, High street
Ellis, George, builder, Upper Wood street
English, Mrs Margaret, Rose and Crown, River row
Finnis, Miss Mary Ann, apartments, Prospect row
Fletcher, John, baker. Manor street
Ford, Daniel, shipwright, Middle street
Foreman, George, greengrocer, High street
Fossett, David, draper, Upper Brook street
Fox, William George, Lord Nelson, Upper Brook street
Freathy, John, greengrocer, Upper Wood street
French, William, leather seller, High street
Gallon, Henry, tailor, High street
Garrett, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Westcourt street
Galen, Michael, shopkeeper, Manor street
Goodchild, Richard, greengrocer, Wood street
Hall, James, hoot and shoe maker, Manor street
Hammerton, Edward, draper, High street
Harnden, Joseph, measurer in dockyard, Lower Wood street
Hart, Henry, greengrocer and fruiterer, High street
Harvey, Henry, greengrocer, Middle street
Henderson, Edward A., boot and shoe maker, Upper Wood street
Herrington, Joseph, Bricklayers' Arms, High street
Herrington, George, King's Head, Middle street
Hewitt, Mrs. Ann, milliner, Garden street
Hilbert, Philip, greengrocer, Middle street
Hobbs, Mrs. Jemima, shopkeeper, Westcourt street
Holloway, John, shopkeeper and wheelwright, Middle street
Honey, Thomas, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street; brickmaker, Gillingham
Howard, Edward, baker, Middle street
Hunt, William Charles, King of Prussia, Prospect row
Hutchinson, Richard, canteen keeper, Mansion row
Jennings, Solomon, furniture dealer, Westcourt street
Kettle, George, greengrocer, High street
King, George, the Swan. Lower Wood street
King, John, dockyard beer house, Middle street
Lane, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, River row
Lawrence, Charles, Royal Engineers, High street
Light, Alfred, grocer, High street
Mannerings, Thomas, Grasshopper, Middle street
Maplesden, Thomas, butcher, High street
Mattocks, William Joseph, shopkeeper, Middle street
Mattocks, Thomas, tallow chandler and oilman, High street
Maynard, George, butcher, Middle street
Maclean, Andrew, surgeon of garrison hospital, Garden street
Mears, George, grocer, Middle street
Mills, Thomas, haircutter, Middle street
Monk, John R., baker, Middle street
Morriss, Hugh, grocer, tea dealer, and army provision merchant, 15, High street
Moses, James B., Red White and Blue, Westcourt street
Moss, George B., baker, High street
Mullinger and Son, leather cutters and ironmongers, High street
Munn, Samuel, baker, Lower Wood street
Nelson, Edward, auctioneer, appraiser, and furniture dealer, High street
Ogbourne, James, baker and confectioner, Upper Wood street
Oliff, Jonathan, commercial school, Westcourt street
Oliff, Philip, blacksmith, Lower Wood street
Packham, John Edward, farmer, Mansion row
Palmar, William, grocer, High street
Palmer, Mrs. Eliza, Sun in the Wood, and general booking office for the North Kent railway, High street
Passby, Richard, tobacconist, High street
Pearce, Stephen, stationer and post-office, High street
Pension Office, Mansion row; Jenkins, Major Richard, staff officer
Peters, John, china and glass dealer, High street
Pike, Mrs. Harriet, Alton ale house, High street
Potts, Mrs. Jane, stationer, Upper Wood street
Prout Thomas, shopkeeper, Upper Wood street
Ranger, James, boot and shoe maker, High street
Read, Mrs. Maria, lodgings, Prospect row
Reid, Mrs. Alice, shopkeeper, Middle street
Rose, John, grocer, High street
Ross, John, Good Intent, Westcourt street
Rouse, Benjamin, wood and coal dealer, Upper Wood street
Sands, Richard, plumber, glazier, and painter, High street
Saxton, John, baker and confectioner, High street
Sheepwash, George, boot and shoe maker
Shrubb, John, Cannon, Garden street
Simper, James, Soldier's Home, Westcourt street
Smith, Gilbert, baker, Middle street
Smith, William, Duke of Wellington, Upper Wood street
Smith, Henry, greengrocer, High street
Sowter, Robert, Queen's Head Inn, High street
Stigant, William J., baker, High street
Stigant,. Edward, fancy repository, High street
Stokes, Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
Strowse, John M,, gun maker and ironmonger, High street
Stump, Alfred, builder and contractor, Garden and Manor streets
Sutton, James B., collector of highway rates, Middle street
Tadman, Stephen, hairdresser, Westcourt street
Taylor, Henry, Golden Lion Inn, High street
Taylor, Charles W., brazier and tinman, Middle street,
Terry, Edward, beer house, River row
Thompson, Thomas, grocer, High street
Tomlin, Joseph Thomas, royal engineer, Upper Wood street
Tracy, Albemarle, registrar of births and deaths for the Gillingham district, Medway Union, Mansion row
Tracy, John G., stationer and bookseller, High street
Twiner, William, boot and shoe maker, Manor street
Walker, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, Manor street
Watchurst and Sons, builders, Middle street
Weekes, Henry, surgeon, Mansion row
Weekes & Burton, surgeons, Upper Wood street
West, George, butcher, High street
Wharton, William, butcher, High street
White, George, Duke of York, Westcourt street
Whitehead, Jabez, draper, High street
Wickenden, Henry, the Crown, Upper Wood street
Williams, Edward Ford, ironmonger, High street
Williams, Charles, butcher, Upper Wood street
Williams, Henry, butcher, High street
Wood, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Wood, James, clerk in Dockyard, Prospect row
Woolley, Thomas, stationer, High street
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