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New Brompton,  Gillingham,  Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

BROMPTON is in the borough of Chatham. The church, dedicated to
the Holy Trinity, was erected in 1848; the Rev. D. Cooke, incumbent.

By 1862, it is entirely incorporated into Gillingham.


Bentley, Mrs. Mary, Nile terrace
Butcher, Arthur, Esq., New Brompton terrace
Byliain, Mrs. Mary Ann, Nile terrace
Eagles, Mr. William, Serayfriers' terrace
Freeland, Mrs. Ellen, Scrayfriers' terrace
Jones, Mr. George, Seriiyiriers" terrace
Matheson, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Scrayfriers terrace
Mitchell, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Mary's place
Muddle, Mr. John, Scrayfriers' terrace
Smith, John, St. Mary's place
Smith, Mrs. Mary, New Brompton terrace
Thompson, Captain Richard, Nile terrace
Valslev, Mrs. Eliza, Scrayfriers' terrace


Adams, Charles, baker, High street
Baker, James J, cooper, Britton street
Beard William, coal dealer, Upper Britton street
Boyden, James, beer retailer, Park place
Broad, Mr., baker, High street
Cazley, _, shopkeeper, Park place
Chalklen, Emma, day school, St. Mary's place
Chalklen, William, tailor, St. Mary's place
Cook, Jabez, blacksmith, Britton place
Cork, John, bricklayer, Fox street
Croneen, William, Viscount Hardinge, Park place
Davis, William, coal dealer
Dean, Charles, shopkeeper, Fox street
Denny, John, marine store dealer, High street
Ferris, Thomas, beer retailer, Skinner street
Fowle, John, baker
Green, John, farmer
Harden, Thomas, butcher
Hawkins, John, shopkeeper, High street
Henly, Dr., surgeon, Scrayfriers' terrace
Hicks, William, carpenter, Lower Britton street
Horton, Charles, shopkeeper Lower Britton street
Horn, William, Prince of Wales, Scrayfriers' terrace
Hoskins, William, baker, Fox street
Houghton, Mrs., butcher, High street
Jacob, Richard T., baker, Park place
Jupp, _, grocer
Ladd, David, beer retailer, Church path
Lampard, Stephen, boot maker
Lowe, John, Black Lion, Fox lane
Matthews, William, shopkeeper, Park place
Mills, Thomas, hairdresser, High street
Pepper, Gales, chemist, etc., High street
Potter, Frederick, china dealer, Britton street
Prout, Thomas, Plough, Britton street
Rice, George, shopkeeper, Britton street
Rider, William, beer retailer
Robinson, George, beer retailer, Upper Britton street
Rouse, Benjamin, timber merchant
Ruck, William J., baker, Fox lane
Rudman, John, boot maker, High street
Savage, William, shopkeeper, Park place
Sexton, William, builder, Canterbury road
Sheepwash, John, shoemaker, Britton street
Siber, Joseph, butcher, Fox terrace
Smith, Gilbert, baker, Britton street
Stedman, James, miller, Brompton Mills
Stigant, John, linen draper, Britton street
Swan, Mary, shopkeeper, Britton street
Theobald, Thomas, beer retailer, Park place
Treadvrell, Thomas, shopkeeper, Canterbury road
Turner, William, beer retailer, High street
Waghorn, George, shoemaker, High street
Weekes, Lucretia, milliner, etc., Park place
Weekes, James, coal dealer, High street
White, James, grocer, High street
Woodger, John, linen draper, Britton street
Wray, John, butcher, High street
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