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Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

Public Houses in Canterbury

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Lambert, Captain Thomas, St. George's place
Lawrance, Mrs, Ann, Castle street
Lara, Mrs. Sarah, St. Dunstan's street
Lawrance, Mr. William, Dane John gate
Lording, Miss Catherine, St. Alphage street
Love, Mrs. Susannah, Dane John
Love, Captain William, St. George's street
Love, Mr. John, Carlton place; London road
Maclean, Mr. Benjamin, St. Peter's street
Majendie, Mrs. Harriet, Barton fields
Mapletoft, Miss Ann, St. George's street
Marsh, Mr. Simon C., Wincheap street
Marsh, Mrs. Mary, Orchard street
Marsh, Belsey, Esq., St. George's place
Marten, Mrs., Lower Bridge street
Martin, Mr. Matthew, Dane John place
Martin, Miss Sarah Ann, St. George's terrace
Martin, Mr. John, St. George's terrace
Mathews, Mrs. Mary Ann, Orchard street
Maynard, Nathaniel J., Esq., High street
McQueen, Colonel James, 3, Barton terrace
Mead, Mr. Thomas, Victoria terrace, Hawke's lane
Mead, Mr. Charles, Longport
Meaton, Mrs. Sarah, St. George's terrace
Milsted, Miss Harriet R., Whitstable road
Moor, Captain Thomas, St. Alphage street
Mount, Richard M., Esq,, Wingbam
Mount, William, Esq., Wincheap street
Morgan, Mr. George S., Wincheap street
Murtan, Mrs. Grace, Watling street
Mudford, Mrs. Amelia, St. George's terrace
Murray, Mrs. Jane, St. George's place
Neame, the Misses, Orchard street
Neame, Mrs., St. Dunstan's house, London road
Nugent, Mr. George S., Military road
Parker, Miss Sarah, Wincheap villas
Parker, Rev. Henry J, St George's place
Parry, Mrs SArah, Gothic cottage, St George's place
Patch, Mr. John, Orchard street
Page, Mrs. Mary, Longport
Payn, Mrs. Thomason, Rose lane
Pearson, the Misses, Castle place, Castle street
Pearson, Rev. George C., Military road
Pearson, Rev. William, Dane John
Pemell, Peter, Esq., Lady Wortbam green
Penny, Mrs. Sarah Ann, Stpur villa
Perkins, Mrs. Mary, Victoria place, London road
Pettman, Mr. Richard, St.Margaret's street
Petts, Mr. William, Orchard street
Philpot, Mr. William, St. George's place
Philpot, Mrs., 2, St. George's place
Pillow, Mrs.Mary Ann, St. George's terrace
Plummer, Stephen, Esq., Lower Bridge street
Plumtree, the Misses, St. Stephen's road
Plummer, Stephen, Esq., jun., St. George's street
Plummer, William, Esq., St. Augustine's
Potter, Mrs. Ann, Church street
Powell, John Esq., Bridge street
Powell, Mrs. Eliza, 16, St. George's place
Prentice, Mr. Samuel, St. Dunstan's terrace
Reeks, Miss Henrietta, Old Dover road
Read, Mrs. Eliza, Castle street
Richardson, the Misses, Longport
Rigden, William, Esq., Banker, Faversham
Rigden, Stephen, Esq., St. Dunstan's street
Rodgers, Mr. George, St. Dunstan's terrace
Rodwell, Rev. Josiah, curate of St, Mildred, Dane John
Robinson, Miss Jane, Oak hill
Rootham, Rev. John, Baptist Minister
Rouch, Rev. Frederick, Minor Canon, the Precincts
Root, Mr. William, Watling street
Rooke, Mr. Charles, Oaten hill
Russell, Rev. John, D.D., the Oaks
Butler, Mr. John, Oaten hill
Rymer, Rev. Richard, Wesleyan Minister, St. Peter's street
Sankey, Rohert, Esq., Burgate street
Sankey, Robert, Esq., Castle street
Sankey, Mr. Herbert T., Burgate street
Sayer, Mrs. Harriet, Watling street
Shuttleworth, William Esq., Westgate Court House, Westgate
Silvester, the Misses, Shrubbery cottage, Oaten hill
Sinclair, Hon. John, Monastery house, Monastery street
Small, Mrs. Sophia, 6, St George's place
Smith, Mrs. Hester, Castle street
Smith, Rev. F. A., M.A. Minor Canon, Green court
Solly, Mr Stephen, Westgate street
Smith, Rev.Christian E., St.George's place
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, Carlton place, London road
Southee, Mrs. Charlotte, St. Dunstan's terrace.
Spain, Mr. John, Castle street
Stanley, Rev. Arthur P., Brick walk
Starr, Thomas, Esq., the Precincts
Stains, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. Peter's street
Stokes, Mrs. Mary, Hawke's lane
Stratton, Rev. Joshua, Minor Canon of Cathedral, the Precincts
Stroud, Mrs. Elizabeth, Best lane
Stone, Rev. William, M.A., Canon, the Precincts
Street, Mrs. Harriet, Castle street
Stroud, Mr. Edward, St. Dunstan's place
Suffield, Mrs. Mary, Whitstable road
Taswell, George M.,Esq., St. Martin's hill
Tayler, Mrs. Harriet, Orchard street
Temple, Rev. William, Rector of St. Alphage, with Vicarage of St; Mary and Northgate, Master of Eastbridge Hospital
Terry, Mrs. Sarah, Wineheap street
Thomas, Miss Charlotte, St. George's terrace
Thurston, Mrs. Lydia, Oaten hill
Toker, Miss C. M., Old Dover road
Torner, Mr. William, Longport
Venning, William, Esq., Hawke's lane
Vidgen, Mr. James, St. George's terrace
Walker, Mrs. Louisa, Victoria place, London road
Waters, Mr. Thomas, Wincheap street
Watts, Stephen, Esq., Lower Bridge street
Webb, Mr. Thomas D., Orchard villa, St. Dunstan's terrace
Westfleld, the Misses, St. George's terrace
Westward, Mr, Thomas, Military road
Weeks, Mrs. Susannah, Oaten hill
White, Mrs. Eliza, St. Martin's hill
White, Mrs., St. George's place
White, Rev. John, Vicar, Vicarage, St. Stephen's
White, James, Esq., St. George's place
White, Mrs. Elizabeth, St. George's street
White, Mrs. Maria, St. Dunstan's place, London road
Whitehead, Miss Sarah, Watling street
Wightwick, Thomas N. Esq., Dane John house
Williams, Mrs. Ann, Watling street
Wild, Mrs. Martha, Bridge street
Wilson, Rev. Joseph, Wesleyan Minister, Best lane
Wilson, Mr. John, Dover lane
Wilson, Mr. Henry, Oaten Hill place
Wilson, Mr. William, Oaten hill
Wilson, Mrs. Catharine, Wincheap green
Wood, Mrs. Sarah, Victoria grove
Wood, Mrs. Amelia, St. George's place
Wood, Mr. George F., St. George's terrace
Woodall, Rev. E.H., M.A., Dane John
Wootton, Mr Edward, St Margaret's street
Worth, Rev. William, Wesleyan Minister, St. George's terrace
Wraith, John, Esq., Barton terrace
Wright, Rev., Wincheap street
Wright, Samuel, Esq., St. George's place
Wright, Mrs Catherine, St Dunstan's terrace
Young, Captain G. A., Barton terrace
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