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Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Abrahams, Joel, china and glass warehouse, High street
Abrahams, Alice, dressmaker, Northgate street
Abrahams, Abraham, watchmaker and silversmith, Northgate street
Acors, Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Mill lane
Adams, John, cabinetmaker, St. Radigund street
Adams, Henry, farm bailiff, Barton court lodge
Adams, George, White Swan, Northgate street
Admans, Thomas, tailor and cap maker, Stonr street
Admans, Joseph, carpenter, King street
Alchin, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Burgate street
Allen, Henry G., shoemaker, North lane
Allen, James, grocer, Northgate street
Allen, James, tailor, Castle place, Castle street
Allen, Robert, druggist, London road
Allen, Mrs. Rebecca, clothes dealer, Northgate street
Allen, William, tailor, Black Griffin lane
Allen, William, tailor, Lamb lane
Allsworth, Henry, baker, Sun street
Andrews, Alfred B., surgeon, Westgate street
Andrews, George, Kentish Arms
Andrews, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Beer-cart lane
Andrews, James, tailor and draper, Upper Bridge street
Andrews, Thomas, surgeon, St. Alphage street
Andritte, John, carpenter, Northgate street
Anniball, 3., dealer in horses, Dover street
Anderson, William, fishmonger, St. Margaret's street,  Stour street
Argrave, George P., watch and clock maker, St. George's street
Argar, Benjamin, Bee Hive, Dover street
Ash and Sons, brewers and malsters, Watling street
Ash, Benjamin, basket maker, Burgate street
Ash,, Thomas, brewer, St. John's lane
Ashbee, Charles, baker, Westgate street
Ashbee, William, tea dealer and grocer, Wesgtate street
Ashbee, George, butcher, Burgate street
Ashenden, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, and book-binder, Mercery lane
Ashenden, William, butcher, High street
Ashton, John, bookbinder, Burgate street
Ashton, John, Ben Johnson, Guildhall street
Atkinson, Ann and Jane, shopkeepers, King street
Attaway, George, French polisher, Broad street
Attwood, Thomas, William the Fourth, North lane
Austen, Minter, painter and glazier, Orange street
Austen, Robert, bookseller and stationer, Burgate street
Austen, George, merchant's clerk, Rose lane
Austen, Edward, Beverley arms, St. Stephen's green
Austen, George, solicitor, the Precincts
Austen, Henry George, architect and surveyor, the Cathedral yard
Austin, William, tailor and draper, Butter market
Avann, Robert, sen., wool-stapler, Pound lane, house, Orchard place
Avann, Robert, jun., tanner and feltmonger, Pound lane house, North lane
Avery, Frederick, sugar boiler and cage maker, Church street, Northgate
Aylett, Edward, Nag's Head, Dover street
Back, Stephen, Three Compasses , St. Peter's street. Museum here, admission gratis
Badcock, Miss Sarah Ann, day school, Stour street
Baggs and Dray, brewers and maltsters, Longport
Bailey Mrs. Jane, milliner and straw bonnet maker, St. Peter's street
Bailey, Walter, carpenter, St. Peter's street
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah Ann, grocer, Northgate street, branch post-office
Bailey, John, ornamental painter etc, Northgate street
Baker, Henry Griffin, St. Peter's street
Baker, Mrs. Rachel, British Oak, Military road
Baldock, John, saddler and harness maker, St. Dunstan's street
Baldwin, Matthew, tailor and draper, St. George's lane
Banks, Samuel James, draper and clothier, Burgate street
Bangham, Stephen, chemist, Borough Staplegate
Banister, John, engineer, Northgate street
Banister, William, cooler, Northgate street
Barnwell, Richard, grocer, Burgate street
Barber, Robert, corn chandler and mealman, North lane
Barber George, bread and gingerbread baker, Dover street
Batchelder, William, Crown and Anchor, King street
Barton, Jeffery, jun., veterinary surgeon, Bridge street
Barton, Edward B., grocer, Northgate street
Barnes, Benjamin, Three Stags, Monastery street
Barton, William, marine store dealer, Union street
Barker, Robert, agent to Kent Fire and Life Office, Hawke's lane
Barnett, Mrs., professor of dancing, St. George's hill
Barber, Robert, com dealer, St. Dunstan's street
Barton, Thomas, dealer, New Ruttington lane
Barton, Elvy, baker, Military road
Barnes, Thomas R., grocer, Palace street
Barham, John, shopkeeper, St. Peter's street
Bessenden, John G., Sun Inn, Sun street
Bateman, John, Photographic artist, Broad street
Bateman, Daniel, butcher, St. Peter's street
Bateman, Francis R., cabinet maker and dealer in paper hangings, St. Peter's stree
Bateman, George, carpenter, Orchard street
Bates, William, carpenter, New Cut, Worthgate street
Bates, Thomas, shopkeeper, Broad street
Bates, Elizabeth, dealer in fishing tackle, Palace street
Bax, William, Star livery and bait stables, St. George's place, New Cut, Dover, street
Bean, Stephen, Black Lion, Northgate street
Beaney, Henry, butcher, St. Dunstan' street
Beasley, Mrs. Jane, dyer, Stour street
Beer, George, brewer and maltster, corner Broad street
Beer and Co., brewers and maltsters, Broad street
Beer, James, wholesale and retail grocer, provision merchant, candle manufacturer, and tallow melter, St George's street
Beer, A. J., brewer and maltster, h St. Paul's
Beer, Osmond, brewer, etc., h Longport
Beioley and Son, linen and woollen drapers, St. Margaret's street
Beioley, William T., hosier, glover, and outfitter, St. Margaret's street
Bell, John Anthony, surgeon dentist, St. Margaret's street
Bellingham, Frederick, tailor and hatter, St. George's street
Belsey, Stephen, baker, Palace street
Belsey, Stephen, boot and shoe maker, Oaten hill
Bellingham, the Misses, hosiers, outfitters, and baby linen warehouse, St. George's street
Bean, Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, Northgate street,
Bennett, Thomas, shoemaker, Military road
8igg, William, wheelwright, St. Radigund street
Biggs, Edward, Golden Lion, St. Peter's street
Bing, Thomas, carpenter, Northgate street
Bingham, Thomas, ginger beer maker and tobacconist, St. Dunstan's street
Biggleston, William Henry, ironfounder, h Watling street
Bird, Henry, auctioneer, etc., Burgate street
Blinks, Misses Mary Ann and Eliza, milliners and dress makers, Sun street
Blinks, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Sun street
Blackmail, Henry, coffee and chop house, Westgate street
Blackman, James, baker, Orchard street
Blackley, William, W., merchant's clerk, Orchard street
Blair, Thomas A., grocer, Westgate street
Blake, Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, Northgate street
Blakeley, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, High street
Blechynden, Miss, teacher of music, St. Margaret's street
Bligh, James, plasterer, King street
Bligh., William, coach builder, Northgate house, Northgate
Blogg, George James, saddler, Lamb lane
Blogg, Charles B., cordwainer, St. Peter's place
Boakes, John, coachman. Orchard street
Bodden, John, Woolpack, North lane
Bodkin, George, shopkeeper, Westgate street
Bodkin, Silas, woolstapler, Orchard street
Boorman, Thomas, surveyor of taxes, Wincheap street
Bolling, Mrs Mary Ann, boot and shoe warehouse, Palace street
Bourn, Thomas, grocer, Orchard street
Bourne, Mrs. Mary, Albert terrace, Oaten hill
Bown, Stephen, hair dresser, Westgate street
Bourne, Benjamin, Britannia, Broad street
Bown, Stephen, hair cutter, Blackfriars
Boyle, George, town sergeant, Stour street
Bracewell, William, boot and shoe maker, Oaten hill
Bradford, George T., Bell, Military road
Bradley, James J., banker's clerk, St. George's place
Bradley, William, ginger beer maker, Butchery lane
Branford, John, plumber, glazier, and painter, Church street
Brenchley, Edmund, horse letter, Whitehorse lane
Brett, George, shopkeeper, St. Peter's lane
Brett, John Henry, builder and bricklayer, Northgate street
Brett, George, tripe dresser, Best lane
Brent, John, jun., clerk to Board of Guardians, Upper Bridge street
Breton, Francis, Rose Family Hotel, High street, and Royal Hotel, Deal
Brine, Thomas, draper, hatter, and carpet factor, Waterloo House, 35, 36, & 37, St. George's street
Brisley, William, Spread Eagle, tobacco pipe maker, Northgate street
Brooks, Jacob, cork cutter, Butter market
Brown, Ann, boot and shoe dealer, Palace street
Brown, George, French polisher, Best lane
Brown, George, hair dresser, Castle street
Brown, Ewell, poulterer, St. Margaret's street
Brown, John, farrier, St. George's lane
Browning, Moses, Rose Tap, Rose lane
Brook, Jeremiah, boot and shoe maker, Hawke's lane
Bryant, John, baker, Borough of Staplegate
Bryson, John, pork butcher, Palace street
Bryson, John, butcher, Northgate street
Bryson, William, baker, Artillery street
Bryson, Thomas, baker, King street
Bullard, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Watling street
Bullen, Thomas, solicitor's clerk, Blackfriars
Bullinger, William, grocer, Westgate street
Bunce, Samuel T., brush, rope, and sieve manufacturer, and general turner, Parade
Bunce, James, builder, Castle street
Bundock, Francis, commission agent, St. Peter's street
Bundock, Jonathan, ironmonger and stationer, St. Peter's street
Burr, Joseph, lay clerk, Orchard street
Burgess, the Misses, lodging house, St. George's terrace
Bushell, John, corn and hop factor, High street
Bushell, William, house agent, Burgate street
Butler, Thomas, fruiterer, St. George's street
Butler, George, blacksmith, Beer-cart lane
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