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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Caldwell, Samuel, stationer and hairdresser, Northgate street
Callow, James, ironmonger, St. Peter's street
Cannon, William and Sons, Abbot's and Dean's Mill,. Northgate
Cannon, William, sen., miller, St. Stephen's road
Cannon, Arthur, miller, St. Stephen's road
Cannon, William, jun., miller, St. Stephen's road
Carmichael, Elizabeth, dressmaker, New Cut, Northgate street
Carpenter, Mary Anne, Pawnbroker, Northgate street
Carpenter, George, tea and coffee dealer, Military road
Carpenter, Isaac, basket maker, Upper Bridge street
Carrick, Charles, Kent house academy, Best lane
Carter, Stephen, baker, Burgate street
Cartwright, ,George, agent to British Equitable Assurance Society, St. George's terrace
Carter, William, True Briton, Northgate street
Carter, John, linen and wollen draper, St. George's street
Castle William, butcher, St. Peter's street
Castle, Edward, confectioner and fruiterer, Palace street
Castleden, G. and J. R., corn and hop factors, agents to London Assurance
Corporation Fire and Life, St. Dunstan's street
Cennuitt, Jonas, collar and harness maker, Northgate street
Chambers, Bartlett A., cabinet maker and auctioneer, Palace street
Champ, Stephen, marine store dealer, Old Ruttington lane
Chambers, James, Cardinal's Cap, Rosemary lane
Chandler, John, miller, Old Dover road
Charrison, Charlotte, Woodman's Arms, Wincheap street
Chaney, John, plumber, glazier, painter, and gas fitter, Cathedral yard, and Best lane
Chapman, John, basket maker, Burgate street
Chapenden, William, greengrocer, Orange street
Chipperfield, W, billiard rooms, Fleur de Lis, High street
Chivers, Henry, printer, Palace street
Clackett, James, shoemaker, Guildhall street
Clark, Mrs. Ann, the Ship, St. Martin's hill
Claris and Son, drapers, Mercery lane
Clark, John, chimney sweeper, North lane
Clegg, William, baker, Longport
Clements Henry, wine merchant, 10, High street
Clements, Richard, shopkeeper, Borough of Staplegate
Clements, William, coach proprietor, St. Stephen's road
Clinch, James, Odd Fellows' Arms, St. Peter's place
Cloke, Mrs. Mary, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Burgate street
Cock, George, Princess Charlotte, St. Martin's hill
Cogger, William, builder, Broad street
Cogger Henry, grocer, Borough of Staplegate
Cole, George, tailor and robe maker, Broad street
Coleman, Lydia, marine store dealer and fancy repository, Butchery lane
Collard, Nelson, corn and hop factor, 24, Castle street, and 1, Three Crown square, Borough, London
Collard, Henry, farmer and hop planter, St. Dunstan's place, London road
Collard, Charles, farmer, St. Lawrence House, Old Dover road
Collard, Thomas W., surveyor and estate agent, St. Peter's street
Collard, George, P., wine and spirit merchant. St. Margaret's street
Cole, George, plumber, glazier, painter, and gas fitter, Castle street
Cole, George S., carpenter, Stour street
CollinRobert, cutler, St. Peter's street
Collins, Albert and James, brush makers, Church street
Colegate, Robert, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Kentish library and reading rooms, Parade
Coltham, Alfred, Rose and Crown, Military road
Constant, John, Brazier,  Northgate street
Cooper, Thomas and Henry, surveyors, and estate agents, agents to Phoenix Fire Office, Upper Bridge Street
Cooper, William J., Medical Hall, High street
Cooper, James, whitesmith and bell hanger, Burgate street
Cooper, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers, Lower Bridge street
Cooper, Thomas S., surgeon, Bridge street
Cooper, George, architect and surveyor, Orchard House, New street
Coppins, James, bricklayer, Union street
Cottrell and Paine, chemists and druggists, St. Margaret's street
Cox, James, law writer, Castle street
Coxhead, Henry, Victoria terrace, Hawke's lane
Cowell, Richard G., solicitor's clerk, St. Dunstan's street
Cowell, Silas, chemist, St. George's street
Cowell, John, wine and spirit merchant, High street
Cowell, Silas, veterinary surgeon, Iron-bar lane
Cowell, Edward, operative brewer, Stour st.
Cowtan, Charles P., solicitor's clerk, Castle street
Cowtan, Thomas S., builder and undertaker, St. Dunstan's street
Corringham, Richard, watch maker and jeweller, Victoria grove, Hawke's lane
Cozens, Thomas Finch, builder and surveyor, 1, Love lane, St. Paul's
Cozens, Thomas Grant, builder, undertaker, timber dealer, etc., Dover street
Cozens, Henry, carpenter and broker, St. Peter's street
Craig, William R., bird stuffer, glass and china mender, Butchery lane
Crip pen, William, fruiterer and confectioner, St. Peter's street,
Orippen, Peter, bricklayer, Broad street
Crippen, Joseph, fruiterer, Borough Staplegate
Crippen, William, gardener and seedsman, St. Margaret's street
Crippen, William H., schoolmaster, Old Dover road
Crofts, John, veterinary forge, Broad street
Crofc, John, butcher, Broad street
Crofts Thomas, builder, Wincheap street
Cross, Thomas, boarding and day school, 10, Watling Street
Cross, Robert, S., carpenter and broker, Church street, Staplegate
Crow, John H., greengrocer, St. Margaret's street
Crow, George, livery and bait stables, Bridge street
Crouch, William B., bricklayer, Burgate street
Crouch, Thomas, painter, Longport
Crouch and Son, plumbers and glaziers, Longport
Crouch, James, plumber, glazier, gas fitter, painter. etc,, Dover street
Crow, James, hairdresser, Northgate street
Crump, Thomas, grocer, tea dealer, and provision merchant, Mercery lane, and Butter market
Crothal], George, builder and stone mason, Broad street
Cullen, William, Queen's Arms, Northgate street
Culling, John, tailor, Palace street
Curry, John, engineer, Orchard street
Curtis, George H., draper, general undertaker, funeral carriage proprietor, agent to Stanbury and Co., carriers, Northgate street
Curtis, Thomas, tailor, draper, and hatter, Guildhall street
Dale, Rebecca, Military Tavern, King street
Bavey, William sen., newsagent, Guildhall street
Davey, William jun., printer and publisher of Kent Herald, High street
Davey, John W., greengrocer, Palace street
Davey, Zachariah, dyer, White-horse lane
Davey, George, boot and shoe maker, White-horse lane
Davis, Gideon Thomas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, & auctioneer, 19, Sun street
Davison, William, tailor, Best lane
Davis, Robert, clothier, Sun street
Davis, Thomas, tailor, St. Dunstan's street
Day, David, Brewer's Delight, Whitstable road
Dean, Henry M., boot and shoe maker, St. Peter's street
Dean, John, corn chandler and seedsman, Upper Bridge street
Dean Thomas, farmer, St. Peter's street
Deane, Miss Emma E., boarding and day school, St. Peter's street
Dean, Charles, coal merchant, Riding-gate
Delahaye, Thomas, egg and fruit dealer, Palace street
Delasaux, T. P., wine and spirit merchant, High street
Delasaux, Thomas T., solicitor, and coroner for city of Canterbury and county of Kent, Upper Bridge street
Delph, Richard, locksmith and bellhanger, and registrar office for servants, Castle street
Denne, Thomas, Duke of Wellington, Broad street
Denne, John S., lay clerk, Radigund street
Dennes, H., surgeon, St. George's street
Denuiss, James, shopkeeper, St. Dunstan's street
Ditton, Richard, miller, Northgate street
Ditton, Richard, carpenter, joiner, and patent clog maker, Northgate street,
Divers, Hammond, Duke's Head, Church street
Dixon, Charles, tailor, etc., Oaten hill
Dixon, George, boot and shoe maker, Black Griffin lane
Dobell, Jesse, watch and clock maker, Burgate street
Dobson, the Misses, preparatory school for young gentlemen, Burlington house
Dodd, James, dealer in horses, Gravel lane
Dodd, James, Gun Tavern, Westgate street
Dodd, William, Angelo Castle, Butchery lane
Dodd, Mrs. Susannah, pork butcher, Butchery lane
Dombrain, William, jun., farmer, Wincheap street
Dombrain, William, hop planter, St. Margaret's street
Dove, Harriet, greengrocer, Burgate street
Down and Tolhorst, saddle and harness makers, Westgate street
Drayson, Charles M., confectioner, tea dealer,
tailor, and tobacconist, St. George's street
Drew, Richard, Three Grenadiers, and shopkeeper, Military road
Drury and Biggleston, ironmongers, founders, engineers, and agricultural implement makers, St. George's street
Duff, John, tailor. Cross street
Duncan, Alexander, draper, Blackfriars
Dunn, Charles, boot and shoe maker, St. George's street
Dunn, George, Star Tavern, Livery and bait stables, St. George's street
Dunning, James H., general ironmonger, St. George's street
Duthoit, Edward, butcher, Westgate street
Duthoit, James, butcher, St. Margaret's street
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