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Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

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Public Houses in Canterbury

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Eaden, William W., solicitor, St. Margaret's street, Steward of the Manor of Wootten
Eastes, George, professor of music, High street
Eaton, William H., greengrocer, High, street
Elgar and son, grocers, tea dealers, and cheesemongers, High street
Elgar, John, jun., Victoria terrace, Hawke's lane
Elmes, William, military tailor, North lane
Ellen, George, boot and shoemaker, Castle street
Ellis, William, boot and shoe maker, Wincheap street
Engeham, Allen, boot and shoe maker, Rose lane
Epps, Thomas, shopkeeper, Northgate street
Evans, William, boot and shoe maker, Lamb Lane
Ewell, Edmund, boot and shoe maker, Westgate street
Fairbrass, Thomas, ship owner, North lane
Fagg, James, baker, Burgate street
Farley, Edward, baker, Church street
Farquatt, Charles, shopkeeper, Broad street
Farrow, James H., lay clerk, Beehive cottage, Military road
Fea, Charles, wool stapler, Wincheap street
Featherstone, John, grocer, Palace street
Fedarb, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Castle street
Fedarb, William, joiner, St. Peter's place
Fisher, John, tinman and brazier, Butchery laue
Fisher, John Denton, reporter, South Eastern Gazette
Field, Henry, baker, North lane
Field, William, builder, St.Radigund street
Field, John C., builder, St. Radigund street
Fielding, Augustin, Working Man's Clothing Depot, Parade
Fielding, Augustin, silversmith and jeweller, Parade
Fielding Augustin, wholesale and retail merchant tailor, and general outfitter, 33, & 34, St. George's street
Field & Mills, pawnbrokers, Church street
Fill, John, Kentish Cricketers, St. Peter's street
Fill, Robert Y., wine and spirit merchant, St, George's street
Filmer, Thomas, grocer, Northgate street
Finn, William, Royal Fountain family hotel, and posting house, St. Margaret's street
Fisher, William, Builders' Arms, Cross street
Finn, Frederick, tailor, St. George's place
Flint and Kingsford, brewers, malsters, and spirit merchants, St. Dunstan's street
Fletcher, William H., butcher, Burgate street
Fletcher, Edmund, butcher, Burgate street
Fogg, James, boot and shoe maker, Northgate street
Folwell, James, baker and confectioner, Castle street
Foreman, George B., carpenter, Victoria grove, Hawke's lane
Foreman, William, coach builder, Castle street
Forewood, Edward F., stationer, Northgate street
Ford, Robert, surgeon, St. Peter's street
Ford, William G., general dealer, Stour street
Forster, James, saddle and harness maker, Butchery lane
Fox, Charles J., solicitor, Lower Bridge street
Fox, James, City Arms Inn, Northgate street
Ford, Edmund, gent., Albion place, Northgate street
Fowler, Miss Elizabeth, day school, Castle street
Fowler, George, basket maker, Precincts of Archbishop's palace
Trances Susannah, plumber and glazier, Palace street
Francis, George, marine store dealer, Castle street
Francis, Sarah, shopkeeper, Wincheap street
Frend, George, wine merchant, St. George's street
Fryer, Henry, carpenter, Stour street
Fricker, William, baker, St. Peter's street
Frost, William, officer of Inland Revenue, Old Dover road
Fullager, James, fancy repository, Parade
Furley and Galloway, solicitors, St. Margaret's street
Furner, Mary, corn and seed dealer, St. Dunstan's street
Furner, Matthew, tobacconist, St. Margaret's street
Gambier, George, binder, Orange street
Gambler, William, Fleur-de-lis tap, and plasterer, White-horse lane
Gambrill, Stephen, baker, Wincheap street
Gann, Daniel, Hop Poles, Wincheap street
Gann, George, shopkeeper, Castle street
Gaskin, James C., bricklayer, plasterer and slater, Castle street
Geering, John, tinman and brazier, Precinct of Archbishop's palace
George, Frederick, tailor, etc., St. Margaret's street
George, William, tailor, St. George's street
Gibbens, Thomas, baker, Stour street
Gibbens, William C., Rose and Crown inn, Westgate street
Gibbons, John, tailor and draper, Bridge street
Gibbs, Charles L., George and Dragon inn, High street
Gibbs, Thomas, dealer- in horses, Bridge street
Gifford, Thomas H., fruiterer and greengrocer, St. Peter's street
Gilby, Thomas, tailor, Burgate street
Giles, George, boot and shoe; warehouse, Sun street
Giles, Sarah, oyster rooms, Sun street
Gilham, Stephen, hairdresser, Sun street
Gilham, Frederick A., auctioneer, cabinet maker, and upholsterer, St Margaret's street
Gillis, William, Two Brewers, Stour street
Gillis, John, Fortune of War, Military road
Gillman, Isaac, tailor, Oaten hill
Gillman, James, grocer, Dover street
Gillman, Henry, baker, Upper Bridge street
Ginder, A., book and music seller, stationer, printer, etc., agent to the Guardian Fire and Life Office, Depot of Society for promoting Christian Knowledge Library and Reading rooms, St. George's hall, and 59, St. George's street
Gosbold, John, shopkeeper, Northgate street
Goby, Isaac, shopkeeper, Dover street
Goddard, William, boot and shoe maker, Broad street
G-odden, Thomas, greengrocer, Castle street
Godden, Edward, beer house, St. George's street
Godsmark, Henry, horse dealer, Longport
Goldfinch, William, shopkeeper, St. Margaret's, street
Goodman, James, coal merchant, St. Peter's street
Goodwin Eliza, shopkeeper, Military road
Goodwin, Henry Samuel, grocer, St. George's street
Good, Harry, engineer, and superintendent of gas and water works, Castle street
Goodban, Thomas, professor of music, Lower Bridge street
Goodwin, William, confectioner, St. George's street
Gorely, William, shopkeeper, North lane
Gorely, Ann, fruiterer and greengrocer, Butchery lane
Goulden, Charles, printer and bookseller, High street
Goulden, John, turnery factory and paper hanging warehouse, Palace street
Gonlden, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Burgate street
Gould, Charles, brazier and grocer, St. Peter's street
Gough, William C., professor of singing, of Cathedral choir, St. George's terrace
Goulden, Thomas, professor of music, organist of St. Margaret's, St. George's place
Grace, Elizabeth, corset maker, Blackfriars
Grace, Greorge, currier and leather seller, St. George's street
Grace, Sarah Anne, corset maker, King street
Graham, James, boot and shoe maker, and shopkeeper, Northgate street
Greaves, Samuel, savings' bank, High street
Green, James, chair maker, Old Dover road
Green, Thomas B., law stationer, St. Margaret's street
Green, William, gun maker, Upper Bridge street
Green, James, tea and coffee merchant, St. Margaret's street
Greenstreet, Mary, Fox and Hounds, Ivy lane
Grigg, William, butcher, Borough of Staplegate
Gudgin, William, gun and pistol maker, St. George's street
Guest, Joseph, Royal Oak inn, Longport
Gunner, John, confectioner, St. Margaret's street .
Gurney, Edward, greengrocer, Northgate street
Gutsole, Edward, Bat and Ball, Old Dover road
Hacker, Ash, builder, Watling street
Hacker, George, farmer, Dane John
Hadley, Henry, bricklayer, Broad street
Hagell, Frederick, saddler and harness maker, St. Peter's street
Hagell, Frederick, baker, Northgate street
Hagell, Matilda, confectioner, Burgate st.
Hall, John R., pharmaceutical chemist, Mercery lane
Hallowes, Price B., surgeon, Stour street
Halsey, Thomas W., parish clerk, Palace street
Halsey, Richard, parish clerk, St. Peter's street
Hammond, Plumptre, Furley, Hilton, and Furley, bankers, High street
Hammond, William, grocer and currier, registrar of births and deaths, Westgate street
Hammond, George, Butchers' arms, Butchery lane
Hammond, Henry, porter, ale, and cider merchant, St. George's street
Hamilton, Robert, supervisor of excise, Orchard street
Hardman, Thomas, upholsterer, Castle street
Harman, John, agent to Legal Commercial Life Assurance, and the Manchester Fire, Upper Bridge street
Harman, John, merchant, Upper Bridge street
Harnden, Edward, carpenter and wheelwright, Northgate street
Harman, William B., wheelwright and smith, Wincheap street
Harris, Francis Richard, surgeon, dentist, and: chemist, Northgate street
Harris, John, pork butcher, Castle street
Harris, Caroline, Black Boy, Butter market
Harrison, George, tea-dealer and tobacconist, St. George's street
Harrison, John, Black Horse, Orchard street
Harvey, Henrietta, confectioner, Westgate street
Harvey, John, baker, New Ruttington lane
Hatton, John, post job and funeral job mart, St. George's lane
Hawkins, Thomas, grocer, Broad street
Hawes, Robert, shopkeeper Broad street
Hayes, R., chimney sweeper, Pound lane
Hayward, Daniel, greengrocer, Burgate street
Hayward, Charles T., bookbinder, Burgate lane
Hayward, John S., coach builder, Orange street
Hayward, Ledger, coach builder, Lamb lane
Hayward, John, carrier, Whitstable road
Heizman, Mathias, clock and watch maker, Palace street
Henniker, James, accountant, St. George's place
Henniker, Misses, teachers of music, St. George's place
Higham and Hunt, drapers, and upholsterers, Mercery lane
Hilton, James, Royal Exchange, Stour street
Hill, Henry, the Crown, Burgate street
Hills, Hammond, registrar of births and deaths, St. Dunstan's street
Hills, Hammond, writer and grainer, Castle street
Hirst, Joseph, Waterloo tavern, Northgate street
Hitchcock, Henry, artist, Broad street
Hobday, William, ironmonger, High street
Hobday, John, plumber, glazier, painter, and gas fitter, St. George's street
Hobday, Frederick, plumber; St. Peter's street
Hobday, William, music seller and repairer of instruments, Guildhall street
Hobday, Maria, baker, St. Peter's place
Hobbs, William H., shopkeeper, Wincheap street
Holdstock, Susannah, army baker, St. Dunstan's street
Holland, James, tailor and draper, Palace street
Holttum, Edward, and Son, dispensing chemists, Parade
Holttum, Charles, surgeon, St. Peter's street
Holman, Brothers, wheelwrights and engineers, Dover street
Holley, William, saddler & harness maker, Monastery street
Hogben, George, Bell inn, and omnibus proprietor, High street
Hogben, Stephen, shoemaker, Westgate street
Hogwood, William, Old City of Canterbury, New Cut, Dover street
Homer, Samuel, Monarch inn, Stour street
Homersham, George, plumber, painter, glazier, and gas fitter, High street
Homersham, Edward, builder, Hawke's lane
Homersham, Edward, wool-stapler, St. Dunstan's street
Hook, Edmund G., draper and mercer, St. George's street
Hooker, William, shopkeeper, Northgate street
Hopper, Henry, White Lion inn, St. George's street
Hopper, William, baker and grocer, Lamb lane
Hopper, Edward, baker, Broad street
Hopper, James, ostler, Watling street
Horsnaill, Charles seedsman, corn dealer, and agent for agricultural implements and machines, St. George's street
Home, Thomas, Red Lion, Love lane
Horsley, William, butcher, St. Peter's place
Home, Charles, shopkeeper, St. Dunstan's street
Horsley, and Co., hoy office, St. Margaret's street
Home, Thomas, greengrocer and porkbutcher, Longport
Hosmar, Richard, shopkeeper, Wincheap street
Howard, James, baker, Butter market
Howard, James, grocer, Lower Bridge street
Howell, Charles, surgeon, Burgate street
Hubbard, James, King's Head, Wincheap street
Hudson, Charles, corn dealer, seedsman, and fruiterer, Parade
Hudson, Zachariali, corn dealer, Sun street
Hudson, Harriet and Sarah, drapers, Precincts of Bishop's palace
Hughes, Joseph, pastrycook, King street
Hughes, James, Jolly Sailor, Northgate street
Hugman, John, tanner, Stour street
Hunter, James, omnibus proprietor, Orchard street
Hunter, John, the Monument, St. DunStan's street
Hunt and Brooke, ironmongers, Mercery lane
Hutchinson, Robert, farmer, Oaten hill
Hyde, Angel, tailor, St. Peter's friars
Hyde, Samuel, tobacconist and confectioner, St. Peter's street
Hyder, Mrs. Sarah, baker, Blackfriars
Hymers, Henry, the Comet, Broad street
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