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Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

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Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Nash, George, tailor, Westgate street
Nash, James, wholesale brush and basket manufacturer, St. George's street
Nathan, David, furniture broker, Northgate street
Nathan, Moses, glass and china dealer, Palace street
Neame, Alfred and Co., soap and candle manufacturer, Lamb lane
Neame, Edward, farmer, St. George's place
Neame, Atisten, horse and cattle painter, Longport
Neve, Alfred, foreign fruit and egg merchant, High street
Nevill, Edward, tailor, Church street
Newing, William, shopkeeper, Union street
Newman, George, George and Hoy Inn, and butcher, Beer-cart lane
Newman, Thomas, Providence Inn, Northgate street
Newport, William, farmer, St. Dunstan's terrace
Newton, William, baker, Northgate street
Nicholson, George F., professor of music, Union street
Nixon, Mrs. Catharine, stay maker, Monastery street
Noble, George, pork butcher, Wincheap street
Norman, William, City of Canterbury, near St. Thomas's Hall
Norton, John, Mitre Tavern, St. Peter's street
Nutt, John, solicitor and clerk of the peace, Oaten hill
Nutt, Thomas S., fishmonger, St. Peter's street
Nye, Richard, fishmonger, St. George's street
Oakenfull, Miss Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker, Westgate street
Oakenfull, Stephen, turner, Palace street
Oakenfull, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Westgate street
Oakenfull, William, town crier, Best lane
Oliver, Thomas, tailor, Watling street
Ovenden, Miss Sarah, straw bonnet maker, milliner, and haberdasher, St. Peter's street
Ovenden, Henry, carpenter and joiner, St. Dunstan's street
Packer, John F., basket maker, Westgate street
Page, Henry James, Windsor Castle, Lower Bridge street
Palmer, William, shoemaker, King street
Parry, William, shoemaker, Longport
Parry, James, boot and shoe maker, Broad street
Parrert, Henry, shopman, Northgate street
Parren, Alfred, carpenter and picture frame maker, Northgate street
Parren, Samuel, King's Head, Northgate street
Parren, James, Union Castle, Union street
Parnell, Thomas, general waiter, St. Radigund street
Parnum, Johm baker and pastry cook, Northgate street
Parnham, Thomas, basket maker, St. Dunstan's street
Parson's, William, boot and shoe maker, Dover street
Partis, John, Unicorn, St. Dunstan's street
Patch, John, bookseller and stationer, St. Peter's street
Pawson, Thomas, baker, Northgate street
Pay, John Pearse, grocer and tea dealer, Sun street
Payn, George, draper and haberdasher, High street
Pearce, William W., tin brazier and coppersmith, Palace street
Pearson, William, baker and confectioner, Broad street
Pebble, David, manager of rail goods department, Orchard street
Peirce, Thomas H, furnishing ironmonger, St George's street
Penn, John, auctioneer and broker, Burgate street
Penn, William, cabinet maker, Best lane
Pentecost, Joseph, Royal George, shopkeeper, Wincheap street
Perren, John, coal dealer, Military road
Petts, Thomas, builder and shopkeeper, St. Dunstan's street
Petts, Thomas Porter, Shakspeare, Butchery lane
Petts, William, timber merchant, St. Dunstan's street
Peters,Henry, general dealer, Beer-cart lane
Pettit, William, tailor, Bridge street
Pettman, James, confectioner, Palace street
Philpot, Mr., professor of dancing, St. George's hall
Philpot, James, cooper, Broad street
Pilbrow, Elizabeth, ironmonger, etc., Burgate street
Pickford and Co., office, Guildhall street, Suckling, George, manager
Pierce, Isaac, Millers' Arms, Abbot's place
Pierce, William, ginger beer maker, New Ruttington lane
Pileher, James William, day school, Lime house
Pilch, Fuller and William, Saracen's Head inn, Burgate street
Pilcher, John, rate collector, 11, Dunstan's street
Pilcher, William B., silk mercer, 12, Parade
Pinches, Henry, Eagle tavern, Whitehorse lane
Pinnell, Andrew, furnishing ironmonger, Parade
Piper, William, marine store dealer, North lane
Plant, Joseph, teacher of music, Victoria grove, Hawke's lane
Plummer, Stephen, sen., Plummer, Stephen, jun., Plummer, Edward, solicitors, Burgate street
Pool, William, boot and shoemaker, High street
Pool, Richard, bootmaker and tobacconist, Palace street
Pond Alfred, W., brawn manufacturer and pork butcher, St. Peter's street
Pond, Mrs., confectioner, High street
Pouton, George, boot and shoe maker, Beer-cart lane
Pope, James, King William the Fourth, Cross street
Potts, Joseph, carpenter, joiner, and shopkeeper, Longport
Potvine, Thomas, saddler and harness maker, St. George's street
Pout, John, upholsterer, cabinet maker, and undertaker, High street
Pratt, Thomas, watchmaker, Best lane
Prett, Edmund, Duke of York, Riding gate
Prett, William, confectioner, Palace street
Prentice, Catherine, linen manufacturer, Lower Bridge street
Pringuer, Thomas, wholesale confectioner, St. George's street
Pringuer, Samuel F., cabinet maker, Victoria grove, Hawke's lane
Pringuer, Thomas Edward, tailor, Beer-cart lane
Pullen, George, printer, bookseller, and stationer, Guildhall street
Quested, George, land agent and surveyor, St. Alphage street
Quested, Sophia, dressmaker, Union street
Randall, Maria, Toby Philpot, Watling street
Rigden William and Delmar James, brewers and maltsters, Beer-cart lane
Ratcliff, John, mealman and corn factor, Laurel Tree inn, Northgate street
Ratcliff, Isaac, Queen's Head, St. Margaret's street
Ratcliff, Edwin, Kent Herald newsman and carrier, North lane
Ratcliff, Richard, boot and shoemaker, St. Dunstan's street
Rayner, John, cowkeeper, Dover lane
Rayner, Mrs. Ann, Flying Horse inn, Cattle market
Raze, Mr., professor of drawing, St. George's hall
Rennie, Robert, draper, Blackfriars
Reeve, Mrs. Mary, eating house, Burgate street
Reeve, John, chemist and druggist, St. Peter's street
Reeves, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Parade
Reynolds, John, eating house, Burgate street
Richardson, Frank, miller. St. Martin's hall
Rigden, Stephen, coal merchant, North lane
Rigden, George, surgeon, Burgate street
Roherts, Thomas, broker, etc., Broad street
Roberts, Edward, baker, Broad street
Roberts, Charles, Golden Cross, Northgate
Robinson, Valentine, boot and shoemaker, St Peter's street
Robus, James, boot and shoe maker, North lane
Robus, Thomas, shoemaker, Westgate street
Rogers, Thomas, coffee and beer house, High street
Rogers and Co., hat manufacturers, High street
Rook, William, boot and shoemaker, Northgate street
Roles, George, station master, St. Dunstan's street
Rootham, Phoebe G., day school, Broad street
Royce, Miss Prances, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Palace street
Ruglys, George, hop planter, Wincheap street
Ruglys, William, pork butcher, Butchery lane
Russell, Henry, carver and gilder, Cathedral yard
Russell, the Misses, day school, Bridge street
Russell, Thomas, the Cock, Westgate grove
Rye, Charles, pork butcher, Dover street
Rye, George, Crown and Sceptre, St. Peter's street
Rye, William, brewery tap, Ivy lane
Sabine, Alfred, confectioner, High street
Sadler, E. G., boarding and day school, St. Margaret's
Sampson, John, farm bailiff, London road
Sands, George, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Sankey and Son, solicitors, Castle street
Saunders, John G., grocer, Castle street
Saunders, Thomas D., grazier, Orange street
Saunders, Francis, Blue Anchor, North lane
Sands and Co., druggists, Northgate street
Sankey, Mrs. Harriet, day school, Westgate
Savel, Richard, tobacconist, High street
Sayer, William, baker, Broad street
Sclater, Edward, W. J., carver and gilder, Parade
Seoones, Thomas, clerk to the magistrates, St. Dunstan's terrace
Scott, Mrs. Mary, fishmonger, Northgate street
Scudamore, John T., surgeon, Castle street
Secra, John, engraver, copperplate printer, and stationer, King's bridge, St. Peter's street
Sharp, Miss Emma, boarding and day school, Broad street
Sharp, Thomas, agent and accountant, Broad street
Sharp, William, Cooper, Burgate street
Sharp, William, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and auctioneer, Burgate street
Sharp, John S., coal merchant and ship owner, North lane
Shaw, George L,, solicitor's clerk, Orchard street
Shaxby, John, baker, Northgate street
iSheepwash, Harriet, milliner and dressmaker, St. Martin's hill
Shersby, Joseph, engineer, St. John's lane
Shether, Thomas, cabinet maker, New Ruttington street
Shoosmith, Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, Watling street
Silk, George, hairdresser, borough, of Staplegate
Simmonds, Jane, Fleur-de-lis commercial inn, High street
Simmonds, Thomas, coal dealer, Northgate street
Simonds, Samuel, hack master, Stour street
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