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Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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Canterbury, Blean / Canterbury, Canterbury with Swale

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CANTERBURY, A City and County of itself .. ; Canterbury Cathedral & church history ;  More history of Canterbury.

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Public Houses in Canterbury

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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Skinner, Richard, draper, Mercery lane
Slad, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, St. Peter's street
Small, John, plumber and glazier, branch post office, Westgate street
Small, Charles, hay and corn dealer, Rose lane
Small, Edward, plumber, glazier, gas fitter, etc., Westgate street
Smeed, George H., grocer, Castle street
Smith, George Frederick, coach builder, St. George's street manufactory, Rose lane
Smith, George Frederick, jun., coach builder, Rose lane
Smith, Alfred, toll collector and miller, St. Dunstan's gate
Smith, John, Dane John academy, Watling street
Smith, William, watchmaker, Palace street
Smith, John, contractor, Whitstable road
Smith, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Blackfriars
Smith, Thomas, dining and coffee rooms, Westgate street
Smith, William, shoemaker, Westgate street
Smith, George Frederick, jun., saw mills, Old Dover road
Smith, John, spring and axle-tree maker, Cross street
Smith, Thomas, blacksmith, Old Dover road
Smith, Robert, plumber, Stour street
Smith, John, sheriff's officer, Orchard street
SmitHson, William, baker, Oaten hill
Sneller, John, grazier, Northgate street
Sneller, William, Albion, Palace street
Saker, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, Northgate street
Solomon, Lazarus, furniture broker, Northgate street
Solomon, Mrs. Bella, general dealer, Westgate street
Solomon, Phineas, stationer, Northgate street
Solly, Edward, hairdresser and broker. Longport
Solly, William, shopkeeper, St Dunstan's street
Solly, Frederick R., grocer, St. George's street
Solly, William, haircutter and bird stuffer, Castle street
Somerford, William W, tailor, Northgate street
Southee, John, baker, Ivy lane
Soutbee, Hambrook, S., grocer, St. Peter's street
Southee Brothers, parchment manufacturers, and feltmongers, Westgate street
Soutbee, Thomas, secretary to Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Orchard street, agent to Clerical, Medical, and General Life Office
Southee, Henry, parchment maker, St. Dunstan's terrace
Southee, James, baker, Wincheap street
Southee, Thomas H., corn dealer and mealman, Castle street
Spain, James, Two Brewers, Ivy lane
Spillett, James, lodging and coffee house, Jury lane
Springet, Miss Emma, dressmaker, St. George's terrace
Stace, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, St. Peter's friars
Staines, John, Lord Nelson, Nuts lane
Stapleton, William, stay and shirt maker, Guildhall street
Stent, James, greengrocer, St. Peter's street
Steel, George E., boot and shoe maker, Church street, Staplegate
Steer, William, butcher, Northgate street
Stickals, William, tailor, hatter, and outfitter, St. Peter's street
Stockbridge, John, tailor, Northgate street
Stokes, Thomas, the Sign of Dover, Old Dover road
Stone, James, butcher, Castle street
Stone, Edward, farmer and auctioneer, Wincheap street
Storey, John, draper, St. Margarets street
StredWick.William T, butcher, St. George's street
Stredwick, William, whitesmith, Black Griffin lane
Stroud, Thomas, St, Peter's tea gardens, the Jolly Gardeners, St. Peter's street
Stroud, George, Bricklayer's Arms, Best lane
Stroud, Thomas, Tjeey house, King street
Stroud, John, ,dairyman and grazier, North lane
Swain, James, baker, St. Dunstan's street
Swain, Edward, pork butcher, Palace street
Swain, George, baker, Church street
Swain, Edward, confectioner, St. Peter's street
Swain, Mark, baker, Butchery lane
Swain, William E., baker, Stour street
Sutton, John, Tanners' Arms, De la Saux square
Tappenden, Daniel, tailor and shopkeeper, King street
Taylor, Henry, clerk, Blackfriars
Taylor, George, hat maker, Palace street
Taylor, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Sun street
Taylor, John, blacksmith, North street
Teal, Mark, greengrocer, Northgate street
Tempest, Thomas J, cutler, Burgate street
Terry, Ashley B., blacksmith, Whitstable road
Theobalds, John, Catherine Wheel, St. Dunstan's street
Thomas, Frederick W., auctioneer and estate agent, and agricultural valuer, St. George's street, Canterbury, Bank street, Ashford, and 120, High street, Ramsgate
Thomas, John M., glove and truss maker, Burgate street
Thompson, Francis W., Commercial school, 9, Best lane
Thorndiek, John, collector of Inland Revenue, Hawke's lane
Thornton, John, surgeon, St. Alphage street
Thowler, Francis, Brewers' Delight, Broad street
Thurston, James, tailor, Precincts of Archbishop's palace
Tilbe, Thomas, baker, Union street
Tode, George, watch maker, Broad street
Tolhest, John, King's Arms, St. Peter's street
Townsend, Samuel, livery stables, New road
Tripp, Joseph E., hat manufacture, St. George's street
Tuckey, Charles, C., physician and surgeon, St. Margaret's street
Tuff, James, shopkeeper, Winoheap street,
Turner, David, tailor, Old Ruttington lane
Turner, William, chair maker. Castle street
Turner, Caroline E., dress maker, St. John's lane
Turner, Henry, fruiterer, Church street, Staplegate
Twait'S William, Upholsterer, Northgate street
Twyman, John, coal dealer, Northgate street
Twyman, Charles, rope and twine maker, Castle street
Underdown, Charles, shopkeeper, Love
Uppill, James M., solicitor, Upper Bridge street
Upton, Henry, draper, St Peter's street
Upton, William A, grocer, Palace street
Usher, John, Freemason's Tavern and Music Hall, St. Margaret's stseet
Vass, Henry, horse dealer, Rose lane
Vincent, John, builder, St. Mildred's house, Orange street
Vincent, John. Prince of Orange Inn, Orange street
Winger, Edward, Royal Dragoon, Military road
Vile, William H., tailor and robe maker, Broad street
Vile, John, sexton to St. Alphage Church, King street
Vile, Charles, tailor, Orange street
Wall, G., brewer, Duck lane
Wall, George, Cambridge Arms, Northgate street
Wall, George, Brewer and Malster, Duck lane
Waller, Henry, Eight Bells, King street
Walker, William, superintendent of County Constabulary, St. Dunstan's terrace
Walker, George, baker, Northgate street
Walkington, Charles S., boot and shoe maker, St. George's street
Walpole, Mrs. Caroline, Roebuck, Northgate street
Walters, Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, Stour street
Ward, Henry, proprietor and publisher of the Kentish Gazette, general printer and agent to the County Fire and Provident Life offices, High street
Warman William, private teacher, St. Peter's street
Watson, James, tailor, Hawke's lane
Wattson, Rosetta, milliner and dressmaker, Bridge street
Webb, James, dyer, Blackfriars
Webbs, Stephen, Prince of Wales, King street
Webster, the Misses, tea dealers, St. George's terrace
Weir, William, St. Peter's friars
Wells, Ambrose, grazier, Union street
Wells, Blott, glass, china, and brush dealer, Palace street
Wells, Thomas, tailor, Palace street
Welsh, William H., coach smith and general smith, Lamb lane
Welch, John, brick maker, lime burner, whiting manufacturer; and farmer, Old Dover road
Wellard, Richard, George and Dragon, Westgate street 
Welby, Robert, confectioner, St. Peter's street
Welby, William, sheriff of the city, and high bailiff of the county court, Stour street
West, William, coachman, Watling street
West, George Henry, tailor and draper, Northgate street
Westj Thomas, eating-house, Mercery street
West, Charles, saddler and harness maker, Guildhall street
West, Joseph, City of London, Stour street
West Henry, draper and milliner, Sand 9, Parade, St. Margaret's street
West, William, baker, Military road
West, Henry, baker, Northgate street
Wheatley, Charles, baker, Stour street
Wheatley, James, tobacconist, Church street, Staplegate
Whiddett, Stephen, butcher, Wincheap street
White, Mrs. Kezra, clothier, Palace street
White T. professor of music, Lower Bridge street
White, William, F., founder's clerk, St. George's terrace
White, Miss Susannah, milliner and dressmaker, Rosemary lane-
White, John, shopkeeper, Cross street
White, John, ship owner, London Road
White, Jesse, clothier, Church street
Whittaker, Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, Castle street
Whitehead, Charles, corn and flour dealer, Burgate street
Whitnall, Crambrook J., tailor and woollen draper, 16, High street
Whittington, Benjamin, Steam Packet, North lane
Whittle, Charles, bankers' clerk, Orchard street
Wickenden, Thomas, smith, New Ruttington street
Wilding, William, umbrella maker, Pound lane
Williams, Edward, tailor, Church street
Williamson & Son, tanners, curriers, and leather sellers, Sun street, agents for Phoenix Fire office
Williamson, Stephen, leather merchant, Best lane
Williamson, John, boot and shoe maker, Northgate street
Willcocks and Banister, millwrights and engineers, New-cut, Northgate street
Willcocks, Edward, Weavers' Arms, Broad street
Willey, Thomas, greengrocer, Burgate st.
Willey, James, boot and shoe maker, Union street
Willey, John, florist, Oaten hill
Wilks, Miss Eliza, school, Oaten hill
Wilkinson, Thomas, solicitor, Best lane
Wilkinson, George T., beer house, Westgate street
Wilkinson, Mrs. Sarah Butcher, Butchery row
Wilkinson, William, butcher, Lower Bridge street
Willmott, John, gardener, Northgate street
Welmshurst, William, baker, St. Margaret's street
Wilsdon, Thomas W., watch and clock maker, St. George's terrace
Wilson, James, fishmonger, Northgate street
Wilson, James, Accountant, Watling street
Wilson, William and Henry, builders, slate and stone merchants, St. George's place
Wilson, Joseph, chemist, High street
Wilson, Stephen, chimney sweeper, Monastery street
Wilson, Joseph, Cross Keys, Oaten hill
Wiltshire, Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, Stour street
Wiltshier, John, plumber and glazier, Watling Street
Winder, John C., watch maker and jeweller, Guildhall street
Wybrow, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, St. George's terrace
Wyver, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Broad street
Wood, George, draper, and bonnet emporium, Grafton house, 2, High street, and 9, Mercery lane
Wood, Mrs., baby linen, hosiery, glove, and stay warehouse, 9, Mercery lane, and 1, High street
Wood Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Burgate street
Wood, George F., boot and shoe maker, Best lane
Wood, John. William, Navy Arms, Ivy lane
Wood, James, shopkeeper, Northgate street
Wood, Charles, butcher, St. Margaret's st
Wood, John, poulterer, St. Margaret's street
Wood George F., boot maker, St. Margaret's street
Wood, Thomas, baker, Broad street
Woodgate, Frederick T., wholesale confectioner and lozenge manufacturer, St. George's place
Woodland, Thomas, bricklayer, Whitstable road
Woolley, Thomas, coffee and chop house, Orange street
Woodward, Miss Ann, boarding and day school, St. Margaret's street
Woodward, Philip, machine agent, Whitstable road
Wrotten, Edward, gardener, Northgate street
Wotton, Andrew, grocer, Church street, Borough Staplegate
Worsley, John, pastry cook and confectioner, Lower Bridge street
Worthy, Joseph, upholsterer, Monastery street
Wright, Frederick, Duke's Head, Wincheap street
Wraight, Henry, S., baker, corn chandler, and mealman, Church street
Wraight, Thomas, hairdresser, St. George's street
Wratten, William, grocer, Broad street
Young, William R., butcher, Palace street
Yeoman, Richard, fishmonger, Palace st.
Yeoman, Robert, fishmonger, Borough of Staplegate
Yeomans, Edward, Princess Royal, and shopkeeper, Military road
Young, Robert, butcher, Butchery lane
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