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Hen & Chickens, Luton, Chatham - in 1987

Hen & Chickens, Luton, Chatham - in 1987

Kindly provided by Roy Murrant

Residents at this address

1807 - 1811/Stephen Brown/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1811 - 1818/James Watson/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1818 - 1820/Benjamin Cackett/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1820 - 1823/Thomas Rose/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1823 - 1830/James Miskin/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1830 - 1839/John Chambers/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1839 - 1841/James Hunt/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1840/John Chambers/../../../Pigots Directory

1841 - 1845/Elizabeth Bartlett/Widow/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1845 - 1846/William Ingleton/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1846 - 1847/Mary Ann Bright/Widow/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1847 - 1849/William Swann/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1849 - 1851/George Payne/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1851 - 1854/Thomas Williams/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1854 - 1860/Thomas Hopper/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1860 - 1868/Edward Oliver/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1862/E Oliver/../../../Post Office Directory

1868 - 1870/James McNiel/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1869/William Storry/../../../Bankruptcy - London Gazette Online

My GGF x 3 John Thomas Langridge held the licence for the White Lion @ 195 High Street Chatham (the number has since changed) in 1866 and 1867. John then took over the licence of the Railway Tavern in Northfleet from 1867 until 1871 when he filed for Bankruptcy. ***

1870 - 1891/John Thomas Langridge/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1871/John Thomas Langridge/Licensed Victualler/35/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Amelia Langridge/Wife/35/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Samuel Robert Langridge/Son/12/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Amelia Langridge/Daughter/10/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Margaret Langridge/Daughter/8/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Anne Langridge/Daughter/6/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/Louisa Langridge/Daughter/1/Chatham, Kent/Census
1871/William Hartwood/Lodger, Labourer, Widow/66/Ryeash, Kent/Census

My GGF x 3, John Thos Langridge leased the Hen and Chickens, Luton, Chatham in 1872 until the 14th of July 1891, after which he retired and handed the lease over to his daughter Annie and her husband, William Pilcher. They previously held the lease at the Cannon,  at 3 Garden Street, Old Brompton, Chatham.  ***

John Thomas Langridge's other daughter LIZZIE and her Husband Stephen Weaver, leased the Wagon at Hale in Gillingham circa 1901 before passing the lease on to Stephens brother in circa 1910. Stephen and Lizzie then took over the "Rose Inn" in Rochester circa 1911?, Stephen died in 1921 so Lizzie took over the lease until circa 1925. Her niece Audrey (nee Pilcher) and husband Frederick Cockrill took over the lease circa 1925 and held it until sometime after 1938.
John Thomas Langridges other daughter, Louisa and her husband Charles William Hill took over the lease of the "Horn of Plenty" 188 New Road, Chatham. circa 1892 until Charles death in 1898. ***

I believe that my GGF x 3 may have run the Railway tavern in Bowstreet, Northfleet from 1869 - 1874 before declaring bankruptcy. I've checked the census but he is only noted as a licensed victualler, no pub is mentioned.  ***

1874/John Thos Langridge/../../../Post Office Directory

1881/John Langridge/Victualler/45/Rochester, Kent/Census
1881/Amelia Langridge/Wife/45/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/Samuel Langridge/Son, Merchant Service 2 Mate/22/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/Annie Langridge/Daughter, Barmaid/15/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/Louisa Langridge/Daughter/11/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/Mary Langridge/Daughter/9/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/John Langridge/Son/6/Chatham, Kent/Census
1881/Lizzie Langridge/Daughter/4/Chatham, Kent/Census

1882/John Thos Langridge/../../../Post Office Directory

1891/John Thos Langridge/../../../Post Office Directory

1891/John Thos Langridge/Licensed Victualler/55/Rochester, Kent/Census ***
1891/Amelia Langridge/Wife/55/Chatham, Kent/Census
1891/Amelia Langridge/Daughter/31/Chatham, Kent/Census
1891/Louisa Langridge/Daughter/21/Luton, Kent/Census
1891/John Langridge/Son, Pawnbrokers Assistant/16/Luton, Kent/Census
1891/Mary Battey/Grand Daughter/9/New Brompton, Kent/Census
1891/Herbert Wm Pilcher/Grandson/3/Chatham, Kent/Census

1891 - 1919/William Pilcher/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1901/William Pilcher/Licensed Victualler/34/Woolwich, Kent/Census
1901/Annie Pilcher/Wife/35/Chatham, Kent/Census
1901/Percy E Pilcher/Son/12/Rochester, Kent/Census
1901/Audrey A Pilcher/Daughter/6/Luton Chatham, Kent/Census
1901/Frederick R Pilcher/Son/4/Luton Chatham, Kent/Census
1901/Arthur L Pilcher/Son/2/Luton Chatham, Kent/Census
1901/Ethel F Thompson/General Servant/14/Luton Chatham, Kent/Census

1903/William Pilcher/../../../Post Office Directory

1913/Wm Pilcher/../../../Post Office Directory

1919 - 1920/Percy Edward Pilcher/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1920 - 1933/Bertha Pilcher/Widow/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1933 - 1952/George Henry Trayton Payne/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1952 - 1955/Charles Cyril Tilbury/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1955 - 1958/William Edward Greenstreet/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1958 - 1966/James Popple/../../../North Aylesford Lic. Registers *

1988 - 90/W R Webb/../../../Watney Truman publicans list

* Provided By Roy Murrant

*** Provided By Steve Langridge

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