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Gentry in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Brooks, the Misses, Hamond hill
Brown, Frederick James, M.D., Rome lane
Carr, Captain Routh, Duncan place, New road
Colley, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Coultrup, Mr. John, Banner's place
Cunningham, Mr. William K., Northampton Cottage, New road
Davis, the Misses, Hamond hill
Dawes, Rev. Henry John, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Diokerson, the Misses, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Gates, George Edward, Esq., High street
Griffiths, Captain Edwin, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Grover, Mr. Richard, Regent place, New road
Hall, Mr. John, Gibraltar place, New road
Hills, Thomas, Esq., Milton terrace, New road
Hills, Thomas, Esq., New road
Homan, Mr. Edward, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Hopkins, Thomas, Esq., Camden House, Hamond hill
James, Major Henry, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
 Jardine, James, M.D., Milton terrace, New road
Mahon, Mr. Gilbert, Military road
Marriott, Major H,, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Martin, Mrs. Sarah, High steeet
Martin, Adam, M.D., High street
Morgan, Mrs. Sarah, Pembrook place, New road
Moulton, Mr. Ebenezer, Regent place, New road
Pemble, Mr. George, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Rich, Mr. James, Gibraltar place, New Road
Schon, Rev. James Frederick, chaplain of Melville Hospital, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Setaon, Mr. Joseph, Gibraltar place, New road
Shindler, John, Esq., Hamond hill
Shindler, Robert, Esq., Hamond hill
Shirley, Mrs. Sarah, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Shrewsbury, Mr. Richard H., Gibraltar terrace, New road
Bidders, Miss Eliza, Duncan place, New road
Soaper, Mrs,, East End Villa, East End
Stephens, Matthew S., Esq., Gibraltar place, New road
Venables, Rev. George, incumbent of St. Paul's, Best street
Walker, Miss, Gibraltar terrace, New 'road
Waller, Mrs. Ann, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Week, Mrs., Whittaker's place, New road
Wobrige, Major R., Gibraltar'terrace, New road
Woods, Captain Thomas, R.N., Gibraltar place, New road
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