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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

Chatham, Medway, Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

[## The Chatham 1861 census includes Gillingham & Rochester]

CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town. This is a large garrison town; the arsenal and barracks extend more than two miles on the banks of the Medway. The arsenal contains storehouses, and a large park of artillery. The artillery barrack is a large station for artillery; it was erected in 1804, and forms three sides of a square, and will accommodate 1,200 men. The infantry barracks are very extensive, and will accommodate 3,000 men, principally invalids, recruits, and various depots. St. Mary's church was rebuilt in 1788, and contains the tomb of Stephen Borough, who discovered the Archangel
passage. St. John's church was built in 1821, at a cost of above 15,000. St. Bartholomew's chapel stands on the site of an ancient hospital for lepers. Near the High street, behind the Sun Hotel, is a pier for the accommodation of the steam packets to Sheemess and other places.

POST-OFFICE, HIGH STREET. - Isaac John Dodd, Postmaster. Letters are delivered
at 7-30 A.M., and 2-30 P.M. Box closes, for day mail, at 12 noon; night mail, 10 P.M.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Chatham & 1911 pub history census summary

 Traders in 1858
A - F; G - PS - Y

Day and Nicholson, Hammond place. Draw on Glyn and Co.
London and County Bank. Draw on London establishment.

Police Station, Military road. - Thomas Eveist, Superintendent.
Mechanics' Institution, High street. - Wood Bower, Assistant Secretary and Librarian.
Chatham Barracks (Provisional Battalion - Colonel Henry Jervis, Commandant; Lieut.
Col. Phillips, Lieutenant Colonel; Brevet Major Henry Jackson, Staff Captain;
Lieut. Quin, Acting Adjutant; Ensign Menzies, Quarter Master; Andrew Maclean,
Esq., M.D., Battalion Surgeon; Sir John Kirkland, Agent; Capt. W. Nott, Instructor
of Musketry; Lieut. A. McLeod, Assistant ditto ; Major Buckley, Barrack

Garrison Infantry Depot. - Colonel W. H. Eden, (unattached), Commandant; Brevet
Major Gordon, Major of Brigade; William Summerfield, Paymaster of Indian
Depot; Rev. C. Green, M.A., Chaplain to the Forces.

Invalid Depot. - Capt. T. A. Rawlins, Staff Captain ; James Pope, Adjutant; James
Pope, T. B. Summerfield, F. E. Leech, Paymasters.
Brompton Barracks, (Royal Engineer Establishment). - Col. Savage, Commandant;
Col. Sandham, Director; Capt. F. Somerset, Adjutant.
Fort Pitt, (General Hospital). - Dr. Taylor, Principal Medical Officer; Drs. Tice and
Prendergast, Staff-surgeons.
Fort Clarence, (Military Prison). - Capt. R. Manners, late 79th foot, Governor; Dr. Piper, Medical Officer.
Barrack Department. - Major Buckley, Barrack Master ; Mr. R. Long, Clerk.
Chatham Brigade, Royal Dockyard Corps.- F. J. Laire, Lieut.-Col.; John Miller, George Giles, Majors; Henry Peacock, M.D., Surgeon.
Melville Hospital. - John Drummond, Esq., Deputy Inspector; John Moody, Esq.,
Surgeon and Medical Storekeeper; Captain G. Hookey, Purveyor; Rev. J. F.
Schon, Chaplain; W. Fasken, M.D., W. J. McClinton, J. M. Dick, Esq., Assistant
Surgeons; Robert Drake, Clerk.

St. Mary's (Parish Church). - Rev. Dr. Irving, Incumbent.
St. John's. - Rev. H. Downton, Incumbent.
St. Bartholomew's Chapel. - Rev. W. H. Drage, minister.

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