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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

[## The Chatham 1861 census includes Gillingham & Rochester] CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town. This is a large garrison town; the arsenal and barracks extend more than two miles on the banks of the Medway. The arsenal contains storehouses, and a large park of artillery. The artillery barrack is a large station for artillery; it was erected in 1804, and forms three sides of a square, and will accommodate 1,200 men. The infantry barracks are very extensive, and will accommodate 3,000 men, principally invalids, recruits, and various depots. St. Mary's church was rebuilt in 1788, and contains the tomb of Stephen Borough, who discovered the Archangel passage. St. John's church was built in 1821, at a cost of above £15,000. St. Bartholomew's chapel stands on the site of an ancient hospital for lepers. Near the High street, behind the Sun Hotel, is a pier for the accommodation of the steam packets to Sheemess and other places. POST-OFFICE, HIGH STREET. - Isaac John Dodd, Postmaster. Letters are delivered at 7-30 A.M., and 2-30 P.M. Box closes, for day mail, at 12 noon; night mail, 10 P.M. Gentry in 1858 Public Houses in Chatham  Traders in 1858 A - F; G - P ; S - Y Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Chatham

Traders in 1858
A - F; G - PS - Y

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Abraham, Miss Elizabeth, tobacconist, Globe lane
Ackhurst, Mrs. Mary Caroline, grocer, branch post-office, Waterloo place, New road
Acworth, Joseph, tallow chandler and melter, High street
Acworth, John, cabinet maker, Whittaker place, New road
Adams, Mrs. Rachel, Royal George, High street
Adsley, William James, baker, Brook
Akhurst, Isaac, beer seller, Ordnance place, High street
Alexander, John Robert, White Lion, High street
Alexander, Reuben, outfitter, High street
Allingham, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Alloway, Silas, shopkeeper, Brook
Anderson, John, wharfinger, Clover street
Andrews, William, pastry cook and confectioner, High street
Annis, William, carpenter, etc., Military road
Ansell, Henry, watch and clock maker, Globe lane
Armstrong, Richard, Albion, High street
Armstrong, John, bookbinder, Military road
Ashby and Co., tailors and outfitters, Hamond place
Ashdown, John, professor of music, Fullalove's alley
Ashdown, Miss, dressmaker, Bryant street
Ashley, Joseph, wine merchant, High street
Austen, James, baker, High street
Austin, Thomas, tailor to mariners, Regent place, New road
Austin, James, boot and shoe maker, Fullalove's alley
Ayers, Thomas, Prince of Wales, Hard's Town
Ayers, George, confectioner and lemonade manufacturer, Watts' place
Back, John, fruiterer, High street
Bacon, Matthew, miller, Front row, Ordnance place
Baird, Charles, boot maker, High street
Baker, John, British Queen, High street
Baker, Richard, rope maker, Union street
Ballands, Mrs. Matilda, hosier, glover, and milliner, High street
Banes, John, Elephant and Castle, Luton lane
Barker, William, shopkeeper, Whittaker street
Barnaby, William J., artist, Union street
Barnaby, William, dockyard clerk, Union street
Barnard; Daniel, hardwareman and general dealer, High street
Barnard, the Misses, boarding and day school for young ladies, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Barnett, Benjamin, clothes dealer, Globe lane
Batchelor, Valentine, wheelwright, Union street
Bate, William, greengrocer, Jenkin's place
Batt, George, Duke of Kent, Military road
Batley, Charles, Queen Adelaide, Rhode street
Baxter, Joseph Stephen, ironmonger, Gibraltar place
Beale, James D., baker, Military road
Beale, Robert, baker, Front row, Ordnance place
Bear, Alfred Joseph, butcher, High street
Beard, William H., plumber, glazier, and painter, Hamond hill
Beck, Robert, bookseller, stationer, and printer, High street
Beeching, John H., Hamond Place Brewery
Bell and Layle, surgeons, High street
Bennett, William Henry, grocer and tea dealer, High street 
Bennett, James, White Hart, High street
Bennett, Edmund, hairdresser and tobacconist, High street
Bennett, William Barnard, rope maker, Luton road
Bennett, Richard S., shipwright, Gibraltar place, New road
Bennett, William, tobacconist, High street
Bennett, John, Smiths' Arms, Cross street, Brook
Benster, Thomas, White Swan, Brook
Benster, William, Green Man, High street
Best, William, eating house, High street
Bessent, Charles, timber merchant, Brook
Beveridge, Charles, builder and house agent, Union street
Bickford, Harriet S., Masons' Arms, Front row, Ordnance place
Billinghurst, Henry, Rose in the Valley, Hill's terrace, Ordnance place
Burehall, William, pipe maker, Richard street
Blackman, Richard John, Old Barn, High street
Blackman, Thomas W., Little Crown, High street
Blake, Samuel John, confectioner, High street
Boakes, Thomas, Stag and Hounds, Lower Whittaker's place, New road
Boatman, Frederick, toy dealer, High street
Bond, Miss B., day school for young ladies, Ordnance terrace, Ordnance place
Booth, George, cabinet maker and upholsterer, High street
Boulden, George, sawyer, King street, Brook
Bowmer, John, joiner, Richard street
Boyman, William, grocer, High street
Boys, Frederick E., Rose and Crown, Fort Pitt, Ordnance place
Bracey, Robert, shopkeeper, Chatham hill
Brady, John, clothes dealer, Brook
Brady, William, clothes dealer, High street
Breeze, James, York Tavern, Watts' terrace, Ordnance place
Brister, George, shopkeeper, Brook
Brock, George R., architect, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Bromley, Thomas Coombes, plumber, glazier, etc., Fair row
Brook, John, Castle, High street
Brooks, Thomas B., boot and shoe maker, Victoria place, Brook
Brooks, James, stationer, paper bag manufacturer, Military road
Brooks, Charles, egg merchant, Watts' place
Brown, William, wire worker, Old road
Bryan, John, saddler, High street
Buchanan and Prall, solicitors, Clover street
Bunyar and Willis, millers, Front row, Ordnance place
Bunyard, William, Duke of Cambridge, Brook
Burch, James, Globe Hotel Family and Commercial Inn, High street
Burch, William, shopkeeper, High street
Burden, Joseph, grocer, Regent place, New road
Burfield, Robert Collin, grocer, High street
Burford, Alfred, fruiterer and fishmonger, High street
Burford, Robert, Crown and Thistle, High street
Burford, William, fruiterer and fishmonger, High street
Burford, Alexander, Prince of Orange, High street
Burford, Samson, Trumpet, High street
Burn, Andrew H., grocer, High street
Burr, Miss Elizabeth, seminary for young ladies, Gibraltar terrace, Nfew road
Burton, James, canteen keeper, Watts' terrace, Ordnance place
Butcher, James, shopkeeper, High street
Butler,Mrs. Maria, Watch and clock maker, Watts' place
Butler, Edward, Traveller's Rest, Brook
Butler, Walter, King's Head, Brook
Butler, Miss Celia F., milliner and dressmaker, Brook
Butter, Mrs. Sarah, toy dealer, High street

Cameron, Thomas, Rope Makers' Arms, New road
Campbell and Company, army contractors and outfitters, High street, and 21, St. James's street, London
Cane, Miss Lavinia, milliner and dressmaker, Fair row
Carpenter, Jesse, shopkeeper, Waterloo place, New road
Casse, Charles, wood and coal dealer, Clover street
Catt and Son, wheelwrights and smiths, Rome lane
Catt, Jesse, coach builder, Waterloo place, New road
Catt, John P., butcher, High street
Caufield, John, greengrocer, Brook
Chapman, Edwin, sexton to the parish, New Military rdad
Charlesworth, James, Britannia, High street
Chissold, John, greengrocer, Military road
Church, Thomas Elliott, Three Cups, Brook
Church, Elliot, shopkeeper, Brook
Clark, Alfred, tailor, Fair row
Clark, Thomas, tailor, woollen draper, and hatter, High street
Clark, John, boot and shoe maker, High street
Clark, William; architect, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Clarke, Mrs. Mary, boot and shoe maker, High street
Clarke, Miss Jennet, dressmaker, Church street
Clarke, William, boot and shoe maker, Globe lane
Clement, George; Good Intent beer house, Skinner street
Clements, William Francis, Brush and turnery warehouse, Hamond place
Clift, Henry, grocer, High street
Clift, Charles, pawnbroker, High street
Clother, George, builder; Meeting House lane
Clother, John, clerk in dockyard, High street, Ordnance place
Cockburn, Charles, outfitter, High street
Cogill, Henry William, watchmaker and silversnlith, High street
Cole, William, ivory and hard wood turner, High street
Collier, Thomas, greengrocer, Watts' place
Collins, Miss, day s'dlibdl, Pembroke place, New road
Collins, Hezekiah, shopkeeper, Cage lane, High street
Colvill, George, general registration office for counties and boroughs for Liberal Association, High street
Cook, Henry, baker and confectioner, High street
Cook, William; broker, Brook
Coomber, Samuel, shopkeeper, Clover street
Cooper, Robert, general dealer, High Street
Cooper, John, day school, Brook
Cooper, Richard, shopkeeper, Fort Pitt street, Ordnance place
Cooper, Charles, grocer, Front row, Ordnance place
Cooper, William Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High street
Cornall, Charles, grocer, High street
Coster, John, Si John Alexander, plumbers, glaziers, &c., High street
Couchman and Son, hardwaremen, High street
Couchman, William, boot and shod maker, High street
Coultrup and Son, boot and shoe Makers', High street
Coultrup, John, draper, High Street
Coveney, Richard, carpenter and joiner, Lower Whittaker's place', New road
Craig, Miss Mary Ann, straw bonnet maker, Brook
Crittenden, George, clockmaker, High street
Crockford and Son, coal merchants, High street
Croft, Thomas, hairdresser, Globe lane
Crofts, Holmes Cheney, chemist; High street
Croneen, Daniel, Wellington Inn, New road
Cruttenden, Mrs., day school, Pembrook place, New road
Cummirigs, Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, High street
Curd, James, shopkeeper, Globe lane
Dade, Jonathan, wine and spirit merchant, Coach and Horses, High street
Dadd, Richard William, Old George, Globe lane
Dallinger, James Read, greengrocer, High street
Davis, William Henry, baker, Old road
Davis, Miss, milliner, Frontrow, Ordnance place
Davis and Sampson, milliners, Ordnance place
Davison, Alfred William, baker, High street
Day, John, parish clerk of St. Paul's church, New road
Day, Richard, butcher, High street
Deane, Charles, carver, gilder, and photographic artist, Hamond place
Denney, Robert, general dealer, High street
Denney, John, New road tollgate keeper, New road
De la Cour, George, jeweller, 327, High street
Derrick, John, ginger beer manufacturer, High street
Dickeson, William, grocer, Front row, Ordnance place
Ditchburn, William, shopkeeper, King street, Brook
Discom, James, whitesmith, High street
Dixon, Henry, eating house, and greengrocer, High street
Dodd, Thomas Ellis, grocer, High street
Dold, Alexander, clock manufacturer, Military road
Douse, William, tailor and draper, Military road
Douse, Mrs. Louisa, milliner and dressmaker, Military road
Draycon, Thomas, bailiff, Rhode street
Drew, Miss E., bonnet maker, Fullalove's alley
Driver, Joshua, baker, Hard's Town
Driver, Robert, foreman in dockyard, Best street
Duggin, Edmund, tailor, Globe lane
Dumsday, John, shopkeeper, Military road
Dunk, Henry, timber merchant, Brook
Dunstal], John, builder, Rhode street
Dunster, Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, Brook
Durling, John, Queen Victoria, High street
Durrani, Thomas, fruiterer and fishmonger, High street
Button,William James, shopkeeper, New road
Edwards, Ferguson, Alton Ale Stores, High street
Elliott, Edwin, grocer, High street
Elliott, Mrs. Mary, milliner, High street
Ellis, Edward, boot and shoe maker, High street
Ely, George, surgeon, High street
Elvy, Thomas Henry, butcher, High street
Etherington, Ambrose, stationer, bookseller, and bookbinder, and distributor of stamps, High street; agent to the Norwich Union Fire and Life Office
Etherington, Charles, solicitor, High street
Everett, John, rope maker, Whittaker street
Everist, Thomas, bricklayer, Cage lane, High street
Sversfield, John, baker, John street, Ordnance place .
Fagan, Henry, civil engineer, Duncan place and New road
Faucett, Stephen, Dark Sun, High street
Farmer, Thomas, grocer, High street
Fever, William, Queen's Arms beer house, Watts' place
Field, John, miller and corn factor, High street
Field, John, boot and shoemaker, Cannon hill, Ordnance place
Finnecy, Peter, shopkeeper, Rhode street
Flunt, Francis, grocer, and branch postoffice, High street, Ordnance place
Fordham, Arthur Trigg, printer, bookseller, and stationer, High street
Foreman, John, cooper, High street
Forge, John, shopkeeper, Brook
Foord and Sons, builders, 287, High street; works, Acorn wharf, Rochester
Forrester, Thomas, horse slaughterer, High street
Forster, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, New road
Foster, Jesse Clark, glass and china merchant, High street
Foster, James, boot and shoe maker, Fair row
Fowle, John, baker, High street
Fowle, William, broker, Fullalove's alley
Francis, William, Chest Hotel and Commercial Inn, High street
Francis, Thomas, eating house, Cannon street, Ordnance place
Franklin, David, cabinet maker, Watt's place
French, Gabriel, chemist, 293, High street, agent to the Clerical and Medical Life and Phcenix Fire Offices
Frew, Andrew Archibald, grocer, High street
Frost, John, dockyard clerk, Meeting House lane
Frost, Samuel, shopkeeper, Military road
Fryer, Stephen William, pawnbroker, Fair row
Flunder, James, boot and shoe maker, High street
Fullager, Thomae, carrier, High street
Furley, Mrs. Fanny, Saracen's Head, Brook Head
Fussell, Francis, tobacconist, High street
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