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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

[## The Chatham 1861 census includes Gillingham & Rochester] CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town. This is a large garrison town; the arsenal and barracks extend more than two miles on the banks of the Medway. The arsenal contains storehouses, and a large park of artillery. The artillery barrack is a large station for artillery; it was erected in 1804, and forms three sides of a square, and will accommodate 1,200 men. The infantry barracks are very extensive, and will accommodate 3,000 men, principally invalids, recruits, and various depots. St. Mary's church was rebuilt in 1788, and contains the tomb of Stephen Borough, who discovered the Archangel passage. St. John's church was built in 1821, at a cost of above £15,000. St. Bartholomew's chapel stands on the site of an ancient hospital for lepers. Near the High street, behind the Sun Hotel, is a pier for the accommodation of the steam packets to Sheemess and other places. POST-OFFICE, HIGH STREET. - Isaac John Dodd, Postmaster. Letters are delivered at 7-30 A.M., and 2-30 P.M. Box closes, for day mail, at 12 noon; night mail, 10 P.M. Gentry in 1858 Public Houses in Chatham  Traders in 1858 A - F; G - P ; S - Y Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

CHATHAM joins Rochester, and was at one time a small village; it is now an extensive and flourishing town.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Chatham

 Traders in 1858
A - F; G - PS - Y

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Ralph, Henry, ironmonger, etc., 306 and 307, High street
Ramsden, Richard, butcher, Brougham place, New road
Randall, William, Birmingham Arms, High street
Randall, Robert, Mitre Hotel, High street
Ransom, William, milliner, and rate collector, Watts' place
Reed, Thomas, Eagle beer house, High street ,
Relf, George, baker, Luton road
Remnant, Charles, builder, Church street
Rich, William, tripedresser, Fair road
Richardson, Eleanor, tobacconist; Watts' place
Richardson, Mrs. Emlyn, butcher, Coleman street, Ordnance place
Richman, Henry John, Big Drum musical hall, Fair row
Riokon, John Henry, smith and ironfoundery Rome lane
Rickon, James A., coffee house, Military road
Rimington, Samuel John, Horn Tavern, High street
Risk, James, shopkeeper, Clover lane
Roberts, George, carver, gilder, and artists' colourman, High street
Roberts, William, shipsmith, High street
Roberts, Mrs. Hannah, old clothes dealer, High street
Robinson, David, haberdasher, High street
Robinson, Thomas L., haberdasher, Military road
Rook, James Joseph, confectioner, High street
Roome, George William, sailmaker, Watts' terrace, Ordnance place
Rose, Samuel, Prince of Wales, High street
Rowell, Richard Ebenezer, clothes dealer, High street
Ruck, Thomas, hatter, High street
Russell, Miss Ann, day school for young ladies, Clover street
Saker, Mrs. Sarah, haberdasher, High street
Salmon, Miss Sarah, milliner, "Watts' place
Samuel, Joseph, clothes dealer, High street
Samuels and Co., curriers and leather sellers, Globe lane
Sanders, Miss Elizabeth, milliner and bonnet maker, High street
Sanky, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Watts' terrace, Ordnance place
Saunders, William, Golden Cross, High street
Saunders, William, auctioneer and appraiser, High street
Scott, Frederick John, photographic artist, High street
Selfe, F., watch maker, High street
Sellen, Richard, shopkeeper, Holborn lane
Sells, Thomas, Bell beer house, Brook
Sewers, Philip, assistant military store keeper, Gun wharf
Sharp, William, tailor, Watts' place
Sharp, Edward William, general dealer, Globe lane
Shepherd, Joseph T. R., baker, Providence place, Luton road
Shindler, Robert, solicitor, Hamond Hill, and solicitor to the Brompton and Gillingham Water Works
Shotwater, Henry, hairdresser, High street
Shrubsole, Thomas, corn and flour dealer, High street
Sibbett, George John, confectioner, High street
Silvester, Zechariah, millwright of dock yard, Brougham place, New road
Simmonds, Thomas S., draper, High street
Simmons, Thomas, baker, High street, Ordnance place
Simmons, Thomas, baker and greengrocer, Prospect place, New road
Sinclair, Mrs. Harriet, capmaker, Watts' ' place
Sinclair, James, Ordnance Arms, Coleman street, Ordnance place
Sinclair John, New Inn, John street, Ordnance place
Skinner, James, auctioneer, appraiser and house agent, High street
Skinner, John Thomas, undertaker etc, High street
Skinner, William Trayton. baker, Chatham Hill
Slingsby, Samuel, Royal Oak, High street
Sloman, Charles, pawnbroker, High street
Smith, Timothy John, auctioneer and appraiser, High street
Smith, John, marine store dealer, Holhorn lane
Smith, Edward, fishmonger, High street
Smith, Theophilus, tailor and outfitter, High street
Smith, William, Old King's Head, High street
Smith, John Cox, dentist, Hamond place
Smith, George, Lord Nelson, Front row, Ordnance place
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, butcher, High street
Smith, Thomas, baker, Skinner street
Solomon, Samuel and Lewis, navy agents, Hamond place
Solomon, Jacob, surgeon, Fair row
Solomon, John and Charles, upholsterers and general furnishing warehouses, High street
Sparkhall, Bower, hairdresser, High street
Spencelayh, W., H., and J., ironmongers, ironfounders, millwrights, and engineers, 16 and 159, High street
Springate, Richard, tobacconist, High street
Stanway, George, butcher, Ordnance, terrace, Ordnance place
Staple, Joseph, oil and colourman, Hamond place
Staples, Thomas, upholsterer, Ashenden's wharf yard, High street
Staples, Thomas, upholsterer, Clover street
Staton, Mrs. Sarah, milliner, Rome lane
Steddy, Edward Austin, surgeon, High street
Stephens, Matthew Spray, solicitor, 19 Gibraltar place, New road, agent for London Life and Fire Assurance Office
Stevens, William, chemist and druggist, High street
Stigant, Adam and George, drapers, Hamond place
Still, William, baker and corn dealer, High street
Still, Mrs. Anne, stay and corset maker, High street
Stokes, Benjamin, haircutter, High street
Stokes, Benjamin, shopkeeper, High street
Stone, Richard, coffee and dining rooms, High street
Stroud, John, greengrocer, Brook
Sturla, George, butcher, High street
Sturla, Samuel R., baker, Cross street, Brook
Styles, John, shopkeeper, Whittaker street
Styles, George, broker, Brook
Sudweeks, Richard, millwright, Gibraltar Cottage, New road
Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret, marine store dealer, Brook
Sutton, Robert, Horn of Plenty, Waterloo place, New road
Swinyard, John, shopkeeper, King street, Brook
Syms, William, pawnbroker, Brook
Tadman, John, hairdresser and tobacconist, Military road
Tassell, Charles, the Plough, Front row, Ordnance place
Taylor, Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, High st.
Taylor and Gardner, funeral carriage proprietors, Rome lane
Taylor, Henry, omnibus proprietor, Hamond hill
Taylor, Richard, printer, &c., High street
Taylor, William, grocer, High street
Terry, Mrs. Esther, children's dress repository, High street
Terry, John, boot arid shoe maker, High street
Terry, John, Tally ho, High street
Thompson, John, shopkeeper, High street
Thompson, Robert, confectioner, Fair row
Thompson, Mrs. Susannah, Two Brothers, Military road
Thornton, John, army and navy tailor, High street
Tiilman, John, rope maker, King street, Brook
Tiltman, Philip Richard, grocer, High street
Tong, James, haberdasher, Church street
Tonkin, George Samuel, butcher, High st.
Toomer, Brothers, wholesale and furnishing ironmongers, 282, High street
Tribe, Herman, surgeon, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Tribe, John, chemist, High street
Tribe and Son, surgeons, High street
Trott, William F., army and navy contractor, Skinner street
Trueman, Robert, Richard Cobden, Luton road
Trueman, Robert, greengrocer, High street
Tucker, Edward; shopkeeper, Hard's Town
Turnbull, Thomas, hat maker, Watts' place
Turner, James, currier, High street
Tuson, Henry, baker, Brougham place, New road
Vanderkiste, Frederick, confectioner and tobacconist, High street
Vennell, Jesse, draper, High street
Vinall, Edward William, dockyard clerk, Duncan place, New road
Vincer, Edward, Gibraltar terrace, New road
Virgo, Charles, confectioner, High street
Waghorn, James, coachman, Rhode street
Wale, George, beer house, Cannon hill, Ordnance place
Wall, Nathaniel, Wheelwright, New road
Wallis, John, tailor and draper, High street
Walter, Henry, shopkeeper, Fair roW
Walter, Thomas, cutler and parish Clerk, High street
Wanstall, Walter, Rdme House academy, Rome lane
Watkins and Co., tea dealers, High street
Watts, Henry, chemist, High street
Webb, John, broker, Brook
Webb, James William, tailor, High Street
Weekes, William, pawnbroker, High Street
Welter, Charted, butcher, High street
Wells Thomas, timber, deal, and Slate merchant, High Street, h Hamond place
Wells, Mrs. Charlotte, shopkeeper, King street, Brook
Wenmah, Peter, shopkeeper, Chatham hill
Wenman, Peter, shopkeeper, Best street
Westlake, John, boarding and day school, James sfreet, Best street, h Regent Cottage, New rbad
Westlake, Thomas, gunner R.N., Regent Cottage, Stew rdad
Weymouth, Mrs. Rebecca, Running Horse beer house, and shopkeeper, Brook
Wheeler, William, shopkeeper, High Street
Whibley, Richard, White Horse, Chatham hill
White, William, Eagle booking office, High Street
White, James, Union street brewery, Union street
White,. JaftieS, baker. High street
Whitehead, Frederick, saddler and harness maker, High street
Whitehead, Harold, stock dealer and salesman, Gibraltar place, New road
Whitehead, John W., draper, Hamond place
Whitehead, Louis, draper, High street
Whitehead, Mrs. Eliza, day school, Hamond hill
Whitehead, Thomas, accountant, Union street
Whitthorn, John, linen draper, Regent place, New road
Whitthhorn and Crandell, linen drapers, High street
Whittingham, William, shopkeeper, Whittaker's street
Wickham, Joseph, shopkeeeper, Fullalove's alley
Wigley, John, basket maker, Globe lane
Wilkins, William, baker, Watts'place
Wilkins, William James, White Swan Tavern, High street
Wilkins, Robert, eating house, High street
Williams, Jame's W, plumber, glazier and painter, Whittakers street, Hog lane
Williams, Mrs. Jane, Earl of Chatham, Brook
Williamsons William, fishmonger, High street
Willis, William, agent to the Mutual Life and Fire and Property Protection Society, Front row, Ordnance place
Willis, Henry, greengrocer tad fruiterer, High street
Willis, John William, porkman and poulterer, High street
Willmoft, William, line and twine dealer, High street
Willmott, Ebenezer, coffee house, Military road
Willmott, Thomas, merchant, Rose Cottage, Brook
Willmott, George, tailor, High street
Willson, Peter, Wood and coil dealer, Church street
Willson, William, miller, Luton road
Wilstead, George, printer and stationer, High Street
Winch, Edward, brewer, High Street
Winch, Edward, Sun Hotel and Commercial Inn, High street
Winder, Charles, Rising Sun, Military road
Windeyer, George H., bookseller and stationer, military library, High Street, agent to the Itoyai Exchange Fire and Life Office
Withecomb, Charles, currier. Fair row
Wobd, Charles, plumber and painter, High street
Wood, Thomas William, auctioneer and appraiser, High street
Woodgate, Mrs. Jane, Brewer's Arms, High street
Woodger, Edward, ironmonger, High street
Woodyard, James, shopkeeper, Richard street
Woolf, Samuel, umbrella maker, High Street
Woolf, Myers, furniture broker, High street
Woolley, Mrs. Dorcas, fruiterer, High street
Woolley, Thomas, carpenter and joiner, Rome lane
Wooster, Thomas, milliner, Fair row
Wornham, James, hair cutter and tobacconist, High street
Wray, William, butcher, High Street .
Wright, Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, Claremont place, New road
Wyatt, Joseph John, pawnbroker, Watts' place
Yonwin, Charles, Old White Hart, Brook
Young, William, Union flag, High Street
Young, Joseph, grocer, High street
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