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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in 1858 Melville's Directory by surname
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Adams, John, sen., tailor, Middle street
Adams, Edward, grocer and tea dealer, Lower street
Adams, C. T., Lower street, agent to the Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Company
Adkins, John Thomas, stationer and bookseller, Lower street
Allen, William, Ramsgate Harbour beershop, Wellington place
Allen, John, boat builder, Beach street
Allen, Charles, gardener, Glen Hill Cottage, Upper Walmer
Anderson, William Robert, pilot, Water lane
Ansell, Jane, draper, Upper Walmer
Ansell, Henry Maxted, and William Maxted, grocers and drapers, Upper Walmer
Apps, John Edward, pilot, Water street
Archer, Richard Redman, boot and shoemaker, Alfred square
Arnold, James, marine store dealer, Lower Walmer
Ashington, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Beach street
Attersall, Samuel, clothier, Beach street
Austen, Edward, grocer, etc., Lower street
Baker, Andrew William James, library and news room, fancy repository, Beach street
Baker, John, builder, Upper Walmer
Baker, Harriet, greengrocer, Beach street
Baker, James Neville, plumber, painter, etc., King street
Barber, James, pilot, Duke street
Barnes, Thomas, Royal Standard Inn, Lower Walmer
Barnes, George, grocer and cheesemonger, Cambridge Arms beer shop, Lower Walmer
Barnes, Harriet, greengrocer, Lower street
Barrett, William, pilot, 19, Princess street
Bates, James, coach proprietor, South Eastern Railway Office, Lower street
Bax, William, Wellington Arms beer house, Cottage row
Bax, John, stone mason, Queen street
Bax, Henry Richard, boot and shoemaker, Lower street
Bayley, John, grocer and cheesemonger. Lower street
Bayly, Josiah, grocer and cheesemonger, Beach street
Bayly, James, grocer and cheesemonger, Queen's street
Bayley, Benjamin, grocer and cheesemonger. Lower street
Bayly, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, Middle street
Beal, Broekman, fly proprietor, Upper Walmer
Bird, Alexander, India Arms Inn, Beach street
Bish, Henry, grocer, Middle street
Boakes, Richard, King's Arms Inn, Beach street
Boakes, William George, painter and paper hanger, Broad street
Bowbyes, Thomas, greengrocer, Middle street
Bowles, James William, pilot, Water street
Bradman, George, Walmer Castle Inn, Lower street
Breton, Francis James, Royal Hotel, Beach street
Bridges, John, beer retailer, Broad street
Bristow, Stephen, boat builder, Middle street
Bristow, William Petitt, carpenter and blockmaker, Beach street
Brittenden, William, baker, Beach street
Brooksby, Edward Charles, baker, Beach street
Brothers, John, boot and shoemaker, Middle street
Brothers, William, pork butcher, 152 Lower street
Brown, Matthew sen., fishmonger, Beach street
Brown, Isaac Griffiths, butcher, Scarlet Cat Inn, Beach street
Browning, James Matthew, grocer and cheesemonger, Lower street
Burgess, james, coachbuilder, 37 Lower street
Burton and hayman, builders etc, West street
Burton, Adam, pilot, Union row
Bushell, Thomas, miller and corn factor, Griffin street
Bushell, Valentine, harness maker, Lower street
Butler, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, Queen's street
Capon, Jonathan, Sir Sydney Smith's Inn, Beach street
Carlton, Henry, George and Dragon Inn, Upper Walmer
Carter, George R, surgeon & accoucheur, Lower street
Castle, Mr. R., auctioneer and appraiser, Lower street
Castle, William Edward, tailor, Beach street
Castle, Thomas James, boot and shoemaker, Lower street
Castle, Thomas, Bull Inn, Lower street
Cavell, Thomas Bastes, deputy registrar of births and deaths, Wellington place
Cavell, Stephen, plumber, painter, etc., Lower street
Cavell, Mrs., baker and confectioner, Queen's street
Cavell, Charles, fishmonger, Lower street
Cayley, Thomas, baker, Lower Walmer
Chandler, Stephen Pilcher, tailor and outfitter, Lower street
Chandler, Thomas, bootmaker, Middle street
Chapman, Frederick, boot and shoemaker, Upper Walmer
Chittenden, James, builder, etc., Alfred square
Chitty, George, miller, Wellington house
Christian and Company, furnishing ironmongers, stamp office, Beach street
Christian, Benjamin Fisher, furnishing and general ironmonger, Lower street, agent for the Unity Fire and Life Assurance Company; register office for servants
Clarabut, John B., chemist and druggist, Lower street
Clarabut, Daniel, draper, etc., Lower street
Clarke, Thomas Joseph, navy and military tailor, Broad street
Cook, William, builder, Lower Walmer
Collard, William Redsall, pilot, Farrier street
Coleman, Benjamin Edmund, grocer, etc., Middle street
Coleman, Israel, grocer, etc., parish clerk, Upper Walmer
Collins, Richard Husband, Roxburgh beer shop, Middle street
Collyer, William, coal merchant, Duke street
Cork, Mrs. Sarah, Royal Exchange Hotel, Beach street
Cornwell, Edward, draper, etc., Lower street
Cornwell, Vincent, boot and shoemaker, 174, Lower street
Coveney, Richard, Custom House officer, Park street
Crambrook, M. and H., milliners and straw bonnet makers, Lower street
Cubit, Mrs., milliner and straw bonnet maker, 167, Lower street
Cullen, Robert Foord, general ironmonger, Lower street
Danby, Mrs., baker, Duke street
Darby, Henry, Providence Inn, King street
Davis, Charles, carpenter and wheelwright, Upper Deal
Davy and Son, surgeons, Upper Walmer
Dawes, Edward, Queen's Head Inn, Lower Walmer
Dean, David, grocer, etc., Lower street
Demeresq, John, collector of customs, Lower street
Denne, Charles, Crown Inn and Commercial House, Beach street
Denne, William and George Henry, builders, Lower street
Denne, Thomas Wyborn, tailor, King street
Denne, William, farmer, Upper Walmer
Denne, William and George, builders, Upper Walmer
Denne, David, grocer and cheesemonger, Upper Deal
Denne, David, sen., farmer, Upper Deal
Desormeaux, Thomas, hair dresser, Middle street
Deneson, John, circulating library, printer, and stationer, Lower street
Dixon, John Robert, grocer, etc., Middle street
Dixon, Lieut. Benjamin, Royal Marines, 33, Prospect place
Douglass, Daniel, bootmaker, and greengrocer, Lower street
Drew, Edward, solicitor, Middle street, agent to the Royal Assurance Fire and Life Office
Drincqbier, Adolphe, foreign fruit merchant, Lower street
Dunn, John, tailor, etc., Upper Walmer
Dunn, Mrs., coffee and eating house, Lower street
Dunn, Edward Thomas, upholsterer, Middle street
Dunn, upholsterer, etc., Lower street
Dyason, William, saddler and harness maker, Lower street
Eastes, Benjamin Richard, baker, grocer, etc., Gravel Walk, Deal, agent to the General Fire Office, People's Provident Life Office, British National Accident Society; Secretary to the Unitarian Loan Society
Eastes, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 33, Lower street
Eastes, John, builder, etc., S3, Lower street
Eastes, Silvester, bricklayer, 38, Prospect place
Eastman, John, gunsmith, Middle street
Edgar, William, tailor, hatter, and outfitter, Lower street
Edmans, John, turner, paper hanger, and general dealer, Beach street
Elgar, John, rope maker, marine store dealer, Middle street
Ewell, William, tailor and outfitter, Lower street
Fagg, Stephen, grocer and cheesemonger, South street
Fells, William, tailor and woollen draper, Beach street
Finnis, Philip John, Albion beer shop, Beach street
Finnis, John Belsey, Dane John beer shop, Beach street
Finnis, William Henry, Five Bells Inn, Middle street
Finnis, Robert, pilot, Water street
Finnis, Philip, sail maker, Farrier street
Fisher, Thomas Simmons, upholsterer, etc., Bath chairs for hire, Prospect place
Fitall, Samuel Wickers, North Star' Inn, Beach street
Fitoh, Elizabeth Jane, grocer and cheesemonger, Beach street
Flicker, Thomas, umbrella maker, Middle street
Folwell, Thomas, silversmith and jeweller, watch and clock maker, Lower street
Forth, George, Antwerp Inn, Beach street
Franklin, William Henry, draper and hatter, photographer, Lower street
Friend, Richard, greengrocer, town crier, Middle street
Friend, Mrs., fancy shop, Middle street
Friend, Stephen, pilot, Water street
Friend, William Belcey, baker and confectioner, 203, Lower street
Friend, Emma and Jane, fancy repository; Lower street
Friend, Thomas, plumber, painter, etc., Upper Walmer
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