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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in 1858 Melville's Directory by surname
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Garanii, Edwin Francis, stationer and circulating library, Beach street
Gibbs, Robert, Liverpool Arms Inn, Upper Deal
Gibbs, William, horse farrier, Upper Deal
Gibbons, William Swift and Richard, builders, Lower street, Residence, No. 8, New street
Gifford, Charlotte, greengrocer, Lower Walmer
Gillman, Charles Brown, pilot, Water street
Gihnn'n', John Davis, pilot, North street
Goldup, Thomas, grocer, Duke street
Golcfsacfc, Daniel, pilot, 6, Princess street
Gosley, James Mourhouse, pilot, 87, Middle street
Gosley, William, pilot, 102, Beach street
Graveney, Thomas, pilot, Park street
Halford, John, brazier and tinman, King street
Hammond, Richard, Saracen's Head Inn, Alfred square
Hammond and Co., merchants and agents for shipping, Beach street
Hare, Thomas, greengrocer, Middle street
Harrison, William, professor of music, Lower street
Harrison, Ralph, coal merchant, Lower street 
Harrison, Ralph, farmer, Upper Deal
Harvery, Robert, Sun Inn, Brewer street
Hayman, Joseph, Deal Hoy Inn, Duke street
Hayward, Thomas, printer, stationer, and envelope maker, bookseller and binder, Lower street
Hayward, Edward, printer, stationer, and fancy repository, Lower street
Hayward, John Minter, hair cutter and perfumer, Beach street
Hayward, William Thomas, builder, Water street
Hayward, George, grocer, etc., Water street
Hayward, Henry William, pianoforte tuner, Upper Deal
Hayward, Isaac & Henry, Prospect House, boat builders, Prospect place
Hayward, Mrs., butcher, Broad street
Hayward, Taply, dyer, 41 and 42, Lower street
Hight and Son, brewers, 8, Golden street
Hill and Son, brewers and maltsters, Lower street
Hills, John, Railway Inn, Queen's street
Hill, Mrs., greengrocer, Middle street
Hill, Miss, draper and milliner, Lower street
Hinds, Stephen, grocer and cheesemonger,
Lower Walmer, agent to London Indisputable Life Office
Hinds, George, plumber, painter, and beer seller, Middle street
Hinds, William George, butcher, Queen's street
Hinds, William, butcher, Lower Walmer
Hinds, Henry, pilot, Park street
Hinds, Charles Clayson, pilot, Middle street
Hobday, Miss, establishment for young ladies, Golden street
Hodges, James, corn dealer and seedsman, Lower street
Hookham, Mark Thomas, builder, Lower Walmer
Holbrook, William, pilot, Silver street
Holmes, James, pilot, Duke street
Holthum, John Stephen, builder, Upper Walmer
Hoyle, Henry, greengrocer and dairyman, Lower street
Huckstepp, William, baker, Middle street
Hudson, Charles, general dealer, Lower street
Hulke, Benjamin, solicitor and notary, town clerk, and clerk of peace, Lower street
Hulke, William, surgeon, Lower street
Hunter, Miss, ladies' seminary, Middle street
Husband, Nicholas Pearce, chemist and druggist, tobacconist, Broad street
Hutchens, Charles, tailor, etc., Farriers street
Hutchings, James, builder, Queen's street
Jarvis, George Thomas, Prince of Wales Inn, Middle street
Jarvis, Elizabeth, Deal Lugger Inn, Beach street
Jones, Edward, chemist and druggist, Lower street
Jones, Mrs., milliner and straw bonnet maker, Lower street
Jones, William, pilot, Duke street
Jull, Thomas, pilot, Water street
Kemball, Joseph B., draper, etc., Lower street
Kennet, John, stationer and fancy repository, Lower street
Kent, Frederick, Royal Oak Inn, billiard rooms, Middle street
Kervin, John, boot and shoe maker, Lower street
Kidner, Thomas, New Inn and Commercial House, Lower street
King, James Jordan, hairdresser, perfumer, and tobacconist, fancy repository, Beach street
Kingsford, William, baker and weaver, Middle street
Kingsford, Alfred, dairyman, Middle street
Kingsmill and West, auctioneers and appraisers, Beach street
Kisien, Samuel, draper, etc., 121, Lower street
Knight, Sarah, greengrocer, Lower street
Knight, James, South Foreland Inn, Beach street
Knight, Sarah, greengrocer, Lower street
Lambert, William, boot and shoe maker, Duke street
Langley, Morris, upholsterer and paper hanger, Lower street, agent to Liverpool and London Fire and Life Office.
Langley, John, hair dresser and toy warehouse, Lower street
Lass, William, confectioner, etc., 176, Lower street
Leach, Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, Lower street
Leggett, Francis S., Ship and Castle Inn, Lower street
Leeson, Mr. John, surgeon, Beach street
Lockyer, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, Beach street
Long, Edward Frederick, boot and shoe maker, Lower street
Long, George and Son, boot and shoe makers, Lower street
Long, Robert, boot and shoemaker, Upper Walmer
Long, William, boot and shoe maker, Upper Deal
Longley, Edward, Adelaide Inn, Upper Walmer
Lownds, Robert Ramell, tailor, Queen's Arms Inn, Lower street
Lownds, George, tailor, Park street
Mackie, Robert, Horse and Farrier Inn, Farrier street
Mackie, William, pilot, Water street
Mackins, James, Stag Inn, Lower Walmer
Mantle Mrs., greengrocer, Lower street
Marsh, Misses, drawing and educational establishment, Cottage row
Marsh, John, boot and shoe maker, Silver street
Marsh, H. W. C., wine merchant, Beach street
Marsh, Thomas, blacksmith, Beach street
Marsh, William Bailey, baker, beach street
Marsh, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Lower Walmer
Marsh, Henry, Lord Nelson Inn, Lower Walmar
Marsh, Charles, carpenter etc., Upper Walmer
Marsh, James, Admiral Keppel Inn, Upper Deal
Mason, George, surgeon, Broad street
Martin, James Conolly, Middle street, Sun Fire and Life Office
Martin, Obadiah, baker, Lower Walmer
Maxwell, James, miller, Lower Walmer
Mercer and Edwards, solicitors, clerks to Deal Gas Company, Queen's street. Mr. Mercer, coroner, clerk to Justices, clerk to County Justices of Cinque Ports, clerk and treasurer to Commissioners of Pavements, registrar of Court of Salvage Commissioners, clerk and solicitor to Water Works Company.
Mercer, Thomas, surgeon, Prospect place
McDiarmid, John Buckwell, chemist and druggist, Lower street
Moat, George, King's Head Inn
Moat, Thomas, blacksmith, Upper Deal
Morse, Edward George, surgeon and chemist, Beach street
Moor, George William, pilot, Water street
Mount, Thomas, blacksmith, Middle street
Mowle, Riohard, pilot, Union row
Mowle, Thomas Ralph, pilot, Middle st.
Mummery, William R., feather merchant and dealer in grindery, Lower street,
agent to Phoenix Fire and Life Office
Mummery, William, boot and shoe maker, Upper Deal
Myhill, William Popkiss, confectioner and tea dealer, Lower street
Myhill, George, baker, King street
Nethersole and Son, wine and spirit merchants, Lower street
Newing, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Queen's street
Newing, Ann, greengrocer, Lower street
Newton, James, pilot, Water lane
Noble, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, King street
Norris, Thomas Dixon, pilot, Park street
Norris, James, pilot, Princess street
Norris, James Henry, draper, etc., Lower street
Norris, George, Sun Inn, George street
Norris, Stephen, pilot, Water street
Norris, Adams, West, and Co., merchants and ship agents, Beach street
Nott, Captain, Lloyd's Shipping Office, Beach street
Olive, Mr. William Henry, Master of Royal Navy
Orrick, Sarah, White Horse Inn, Queen's street
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