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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Traders in 1858 Melville's Directory by surname

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Packer and Brown, drapers and silk mercers, Albion House, Lower street
Pain, Luke, fishmonger, Middle street
Pain, Thomas Henry, cooper, etc., King street
Pain, Thomas, manufacturer of oil skin cloths, Beach street
Pain, Edmund, manufacturer of oil skin cloths, Beach street
Pain, Luke Martin, baker, Broad street
Palfrey, Mrs., draper, etc., Lower street
Palmer, George, pilot, Beach street
Parker, Thomas, butcher, Lower street
Parker, Mary Elizabeth, Deal Castle Inn,
Prospect place, Parker, David, butcher, Lower street
Parker, Stephen Edward, grocer, etc., Upper Deal
Parsons, Henry Samuel, baker, Water street
Parsons, Richard, butcher, Lower street
Parsons, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, Lower Walmer
Paul, Thomas William, pilot, Water lane
Peake, James, chemist and druggist, Lower Walmer
Pegden, Vincent, watchmaker, Beach street
Petley, Robert, Clarence House academy, Lower street
Phillips, George, baker and confectioner, Lower Walmer
Philpot, William Denne, Fountain Inn, Beach street
Philpott, George, Pelican beer shop, Beach street
Pordige, Robert, pilot, 5, Princess street
Pott, John, cabinet maker, Beach street
Pott, William, pilot, Middle street
Prior, E. and A., coal merchants, Railway station, Upper Deal road
Pritchard, Stephen, Eagle Inn, Queen's street
Pritchard, Simon, grocer and cheesemonger, Beach street
Pritchard, Samuel, coal merchant, Broad street
Pritchard, Edward Jackson, Clarendon House academy, Lower street
Ralph, Harrison, coal merchant, Lower Walmer, agent to Norwich Fire and Life Office
Ralph, Thomas, pilot, Beach street, agent to Unity Fire and Life Office
Ralph, John, blacksmith, Middle street
Ralph, George, pilot, Middle street
Ramell, Robert Redman, grocer/Middle street
Ramell, John Petitt, grocer and cheesemonger, Lower street
Ramell, William Henry, plumber, painter, and photographer, West street
Ramell, Nathaniel, plumber, painter, etc, Lower street
Rayner, Elizabeth, the Drum Inn, Upper Walmer
Reader, Mr Thomas, farmer, Upper Deal
Redman, James Munday, Rose and Crown beer shop, and general dealer, Beach stret
Redman, Robert, Windsor Castle Inn, Lower street
Redman, Richard, tailor, Lower street
Redman, Mrs., greengrocer, Beach street
Reynolds, Robert Marsh, coal merchant, Beach street
Reynolds, Henry Duncan, ship agent,
Beach street, County Fire Office
Reynolds, John, Duke of Wellington Inn, Water street
Ricketts and Woodward, nursery and seedsmen, Prospect place
Rioketts, James, Deal Nursery, Upper Deal road
Riley, William Samuel, grocer and beer seller, Middle street
Roberts, Richard William, Fox beer shop, Beach street
Roberts, James Cuthbert, Hope Inn, Middle street
Rogers, Samuel, builder, Queen's street
Rogers, Richard, grocer and cheesemonger, Wellesley Arms Inn, Lower Walmer
Rose, Edward Thomas, draper and outfitter, Lower Walmer
Rubie, George Crowhurst, grocer and cheesemonger, Lower street
Sandcraft, George, plumber, painter, etc., Upper Walmer
Scarlet, John, greengrocer, Beach street
Seamer, Esther, grocer, etc., Middle street
Selth, Christopher, furnishing and general ironmonger, Lower street
Selth, £achariah Thomas, baker, Middle st.
Selth, Valentine, Dover Castle beer shop, Middle street
Sharp, Robert, bathing rooms, Lower Walmer
Shipley, Henry, Alma Inn, West street
Simmons, John, plumber and painter, Lower Walmer
Simmons, John, boot and shoe maker, Lower street
Sladden, Henry, relieving officer, Wellington place
'Smith, Edward, bootmaker, Middle street
Smith, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Union row
Smith, Thomas, general dealer, Queen's st.
Smith, Robert Daw, baker, Lower street
Smith, George Charles, baker, Griffin street
Smith, Walter J., Black Horse Inn, Lower street
Smith, Elizabeth, grocer, etc., Upper Walmer
Sneller, Onesiphorus, Napier Tavern, Beach street
Solomon, Samuel, upholsterer and paperhanger, 202, Lower street
Solomon, Bmanuel, glass and china dealer, and general furniture warehouse, 116 and 188, Lower street
Solomon, Sarah, greengrocer and fruiterer, Beach street
Solly, Henry Charles, plumber and painter,
South street, agent to National and Mercantile Assurance Society
Solly, Stephen John, tea dealer and tobacconist, Lower street
Soup Kitchen, Brewer street, Thomas Stubberfield, secretary
Spain, Robert, upholsterer, etc., Beach street
Spears, Michael, greengrocer, Middle street
Spicer, Henry, pork butcher, Princess street
Squire, Arthur, surgeon, Wellington place
Steed, Thomas Allen, grocer, etc., Middle street
 Stokes, Mrs., confectioner, Middle street
Stubberfield, Thomas, draper, etc., Lower street
Stubberfleld, Thomas, grocer and earthenware dealer, Middle street
Sutton and Co., drapers, Lower street
Tassell, Robert Francis, corn factor and seedsman, Lower street
Terry, William Redsull, butcher, Lower street
Terry, William, jun., butcher, Beach street
Thompson, Edmund and Son, brewers and maltsters, Upper Walmer
Thompson, John Richard, baker, Middle street
Thompson, Benjamin, grocer and cheesemonger, Middle street
Thompson, Samuel, grocer, Middle street
Thompson, Richard, greengrocer, Beach street
Thompson, Thomas, plumber and painter, Middle street
Thompson, Henry and Samuel, blacksmiths, Lower street
Thornton, Job, pilot, Farrier's street
Thorp, William, fancy repository, Broad street
Trap, Jane, confectioner and greengrocer, Lower street
Trott, Thomas, Port Arms, Beach street
Trott, Mrs., confectioner, Beach street
Tuck, Robert, general dealer, Middle street
Turner, James, tailor, See., Middle street
Turner, George, Tally-ho beer house, Middle street
Usher, Mary, Royal George Inn, Lower street
Vennall, James, watch and clock maker, Lower street
Verrier, William Pittock, Magnet Inn, Upper Deal
Verrier, Richard, Bowling Green Inn, Upper Deal
Vile, Jacob, hot and cold baths, Brach street
Wakeham, John, grocer and cheesemonger. Lower street
Walker, Joseph, baker, Upper Walmer
Ward, Thomas, Swan Inn, Queen's street
Watt and Cutfleld, surgeons, Lower street
Waters, George, baker, Upper Walmer .
Watford William, grocer, &c., Alfred square
Webb, George, Bricklayers' Arms Inn, Lower Walmer
Wellard, William .Edward, hairdresser and perfumer, Beach street, agent to London Union Assurance Company
Wellard, William, True Briton Inn, Lower Walmer
Wellden, George, grocer and cheesemonger, Lower street
Wellden, Thomas, tailor and outfitter, Lower street
Wellden, William and John Hudson, silversmiths and clothiers, Middle street
Wells, Mrs., milliner, &c., Lower street
Wellspring, Mrs., ladies' seminary, Middle street
West, William, butcher, Lower Walmer
West, Henry, tailor and woollen draper, Lower street
West, Thomas Frederick, chemist and druggist, Lower street
West, Henry, Yarmouth Packet Inn, Beach street
West, Charles, plumber, painter, and glazier, Beach street
Weston, William Edward, boot and shoe maker, Lower Waltham
Weston, Charles, hoot and shoe maker, 168, Lower street
White, Henry, Rose Inn, Lower street
White, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Union row
White, Thomas, butcher, Upper Walmer
White, Stephen Header, tailor, Upper Deal
Whittall, Joseph, Fleur-de-lis Inn, Union row
Williams, William, baker, Middle street
Williams, William, fishmonger and poulterer, Beach street
Williams, Mrs., greengrocer, Beach street
Williams, William, boot and shoe maker, Lower street
Willey, James, greengrocer, 124, Beach street
Wilkins, Susannah, stay manufacturer, North street .
Wise, James, postmaster, Coppin street
Wise, James and Son, builders, &c., Middle street
Wise, John, grocer, Lower Walmer
Wood, Benjamin Gardener, grocer, etc., Lower Walmer
Wood, Henry Thomas, Rising Sun Inn, Lower Walmer
Woodcock, John, furnishing ironmonger, Queen's street
Woodcock, Richard, furnishing ironmonger, Upper WalmerWoodcock, John, baker, Prospect place
Woodruff and Son, butchers, Lower street
Woodruff, John, hatter, Lower street
Woodruff, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Lower street
Woodruff, Aynott Chitty, collector of rates, St. George's place
Wootton, Charles, superintendent of Dock Yard, Dock Yard House, end of Middle street
Wyborn, Robert, farmer and Five Ringers' beer shop, Upper Deal
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