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    Gentry in Deptford St Nicholas & St Paul, Greenwich, Lewisham

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    DEPTFORD [St Nicholas and St Paul] is a suburb of the Metropolis, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and hundred of Blackheath; it is partly in
    Kent and partly in Surrey, and has derived its principal importance from
    being a naval station of the Port of London, and the seat of a large dockyard.

    TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)
    A - E , E - M , M - T, T - Y

    Gentry in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)

    Albert, Mr. John, Albert terrace, New Cross road
    Allan, Miss, Florence road
    Allen, John, esq., St. John's villas, Lewisham road
    Amsden, Mr. F. W., Florence road
    Ansdell, Mr. George, New Cross road
    Armitage, Mr. William, Laurie terrace, New Cross road road
    Arnaud, J. M., esq., Wickham terrace, Lewisham road
    Ash, Mr. George, Florence road
    Ashton, Mrs. Isabella, Amersham park
    Atkins, John, esq., Counter hill terrace, Lewisham road
    Atkinson, C. J., esq., Harvey terrace, New Cross road
    Austen, Captain H. T.
    Avann, Mr. John, Brockley lane, Lewisham
    Backhouse, Mr. John, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Baker, Captain John, Evelyn street
    Barnard, T.V., esq, Kilmarnock cottages, Lewisham road
    Barnes, J esq., Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Barney, James, esq., Surrey cottages, Lewisham road
    Barry, Alfred, esq., Wickham terrace, Lewisham road
    Basdon, Mr. Edward, Florence road
    Batch, Mr. William, Florence road
    Bathe, Mrs., Florence road
    Bell, Mrs. Susan, Cambridge place
    Bellamy, Mr. H., Florence road
    Bendixen, Carl, Amersham park
    Bennett, Mrs., Amersham terrace, New Cross road
    Birch, Mr. John, Toor's terrace
    Blacketer, Mr. Joseph, Oak Cottage, Amersham park
    Blythe, Colin, esq., Brookley cottages, Lewisham road
    Boorne, Mr. W., Victoria cottages, Lewisham road
    Brent, S., esq., Counter hill terrace, Lewisham road
    Brookman, Isaac, esq., Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Brown, Mr. Charles, Catharine place, Lewisham road
    Brown, Mr. John, Florence road
    Bryan, Mrs., Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Bryant, Edwin, esq., Brunswick place, Lewisham road
    Bucknall, B. C., esq., Loampithill
    Burton, Mrs. Ann, Amersham park
    Bush, Mr. William, Florence road
    Buswell, Mr. John, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Butcher, Mr. William, Langley cottages, Lewisham road
    Candler, Thomas, esq., Loampit hill
    Carpenter, Mr. John, Florence road
    Carr, John, esq., Ashdown villas, Lewisham road
    Chambers, Rev. T., D.D., New Cross
    Close, Rev. J. W., Florence road
    Clark, Mr. R., Brunswick cottages, Lewisham road
    Cocks, Mr. Samuel, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Cornish, H. F., esq., Counter hill terrace, Lewisham road
    Corody, Mr. Joseph, Florence road
    Cow, JP. B., esq., Tamar Villa, Lewisham road
    Crane, Mr. Frederick, Surrey cottages, Lewisham road
    Crossley, Alexander, esq,, Lewisham road
    Crossley, Mr. James, Florence road
    Dalgety, Mr. Alexander, Florence road
    Davis, Mr. Thomas, Victoria cottages, Lewisham road
    Davidge, James, esq., Counter hill
    Davis, Mrs., Florence road
    Dawson, J., esq., Rokeby terrace, Lewisham road
    Deacon, Mrs. Edward, Florence road
    De Clifford, Mr. George, Florence road
    De La Rue, _, Florence road
    Dell, Mrs., James, Surrey cottages, Lewisham road
    Dennant, F., esq., Lewisham road
    Dermer, Thomas, esq., Loampit hill
    Dodgson, Mr. John, Florence road
    Eames, Alfred, esq., New Cross road
    East, Samuel, esq., High street
    Edmonds, Richard, esq., New Cross
    Edwards, John, esq., Rokeby terrace Lewisham road
    Ellis, Charles, esq., Counter hill
    Ellis, Edward, esq., Counter hill
    Emmens, William, esq., Lewisham road
    Finch, Rev. Benjamin S., M.A., Rector of St. Paul's, Cross field lane
    Foster, Thomas, esq., Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Francis, Frederick, esq., Brunswick place, Loampit hill
    Freshwater, John, esq., Lewisham road
    Frith, Richard, M.D., Counter hill Villa
    Fry, J. K., esq., Lewisham road
    Gale, Mrs., Florence road
    Gardiner, Samuel, jun., esq., Loampit hill
    Garrett, Jabez, esq., Durham Cottage, Lewisham road
    Gascoigne, Rev. Michael, Amersham park
    Goodburn, Captain Thomas, Evelyn street
    Goodson, Mr. M. G., Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Gossage, Mr. George, Florence road
    Grant, Mrs. Jane, Florence terrace, New Cross road
    Granville, Rev. A., St. James's place, Old Kent road
    Green, Captain William John, Evelyn street
    Grieves, Mr. Thomas, Brunswick place, Lewisham road
    Gunn, Dr. William, H.M. victualling yard
    Haggitt, R. D., esq., Florence road
    Hall, Mr. Andrew, Florence road
    Hall, Noble, esq., Gloucester Villa, Lewisham road ,
    Hannum, Mr. Charles, Florence road
    Hanks, William, esq,, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Harker, Miss Mary, Florence road
    Harris, Mr. H. W., Florence road

    Hicks, E. S., esq., Rupert Villa, Lewisham road
    Hodgson, William, esq., Brunswick place, Loampit hill
    Hogg, William, esq., Clarke's terrace, Lewisham road
    Holmes, Mr Samuel, Florence road
    Holtum, Captain A, R.N., Cambridge terrace, Lewisham road
    Hooper, Bartlett, esq., Lewisham road
    Hughes, Mr. Frederick A., Florence road
    Hutchings, Mr. J. C., Florence road
    Hyatt, Mr. Caleh, Florence road
    Inglis, Mr., Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Ivens, W. H., esq., Counter hill
    Jeffery, William, esq., Sydney cottages, Lewisham road
    Jeffries, James, Lieut. R.M., Florence road
    Jones, Captain John, Old Kent road
    Jordan, John, esq., Counter hill
    Kaye, James, esq., Florence road
    Kersey, Mr. Robert, Florence road
    King, Mrs., Lewisham road
    Kingsford, William, esq., Amersham park
    Lawrence, Mr. Randall, Florence road
    Laughton, James, esq., Lewisham road
    Laws, Mr. John, Forence road
    Lewes, S. S., esq., Brunswick Cottage, Lewisham road
    Lewes, Mrs. Frances, Brunswick Cottage, Lewisham road
    Lloyd, Captain William, Kender street
    Lucking, Mr. William, Cambridge place, Lewisham road
    Macnamara, Mrs. Frances, Lewisham road
    McLean, Miss R. J., Brunswick place, Loampit hill
    Magrath, W. J., esq., Rokeby road
    Main, Mrs., Cambridge place, Lewisham road
    Marshall, Mr. James, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Marshall, Mr. Joseph, Florence road
    Marshall, W., esq., Lewisham road
    Marshall, _, esq., Amersham villas, Counter hill
    Martin, Mrs., Florence road
    Martin, J., esq., Hurst Villa, Lewisham road
    Masters, G. W., esq., Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Matthews, Mr. William, Florence road
    Mitchell, Mr. George, Clarke's terrace, Lewisham road
    Money, Rev. 0. F, S., M.A, St, John's Parsonage, Loampit hill
    Monk, Mr. Charles, Victoria cottages, Lewisham road
    Morgan, John, esq., Kingsley Villa, Lewisham road
    Morris, Mr. John, Florence road
    Morrison, Mr. William, Florence road
    Morrison, Mrs., Mount Pleasant terrace, Lewisham road
    Moses, Mr., Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Mottley, Anthony, esq., Lewisham road
    Mumford, Peter, esq., Wickham terrace, Lewisham road
    Neeld, Mr. J. G., Mount Pleasant terrace, Lewisham road
    Nelson, Mr. James, Florence road
    Newton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Florence road
    Norfolk, Thomas, esq., Deptford bridge
    Olley, John, esq., Tyrwhitt terrace, Counter hill
    Omer, Mrs. Charlotte, Florence road
    Orren, Mrs., Cambridge place, Lewisham road
    Osmond, John, esq., Lewisham road
    Parker, Mr. Samuel, Florence road
    Parkins, Rev. James, Old Kent road
    Pellew, Mrs., Woodland villas, Lewisham road
    Pembrooke, Miss, Florence road
    Pembroke, Mr. W. B., Florence road
    Pittoek, Mr. John, Florence road
    Press, Thomas R., esq., Sydney cottages, Lewisham road
    Preston, Mr. George, Cambridge place, Lewisham road
    Priestley, Mrs. Sarah, Florence road
    Proudfoot, Mr, Thomas, Florence road
    Pulling, Rev. John, independent Minister, New Cross road
    Rabbeth, Mr. John, Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Rainford, Mr. Edward, Florence road
    Ratcliffe, Mr. H. W., Florence road
    Read, Mr. Edward, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Read, Alfred W., esq., Counter hill terrace, Lewisham road
    Richardson, Capt. William, Florence road
    Riddington,Edward, esq., Amersham villas, Lewisham road
    Ritherdon, Robert, esq., Wickham terrace, Lewisham road
    Robinson, Mr. John, Florence road
    Royle, Charles F., esq., Florence road
    Rudhall, John, esq., Counter hill
    Russell, George, esq., Brunswick place, Lewisham road
    Russell, Mr. William E., Florence road
    Saekett, Miss, Counter hill terrace, Lewisham road
    Sage, Mr. Stephen, Florence road
    Salandri, Mr., Florence road
    Scaife, A. W., esq., Derwent Villa, Lewisham road
    Selby, George, esq., Counter hill
    Shepherd, Mr. John, Cambridge place, Lewisham road
    Shepherd, Alexander, esq., Sydney cottages, Lewisham road
    Sheppard, Samuel, esq., Florence road
    Sheppard, Thomas, esq., Hope Cottage, Rokeby road
    Sketchley, Rev. Alexander, D.Di, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Church street
    Smallbones esq., Roslin Cottage, Counterhill
    Smeaton, Mr John, Rokeby terrace, Lewisham road
    Smith, William H., Slade's terrace, High street
    Smith Kirkman esq., Surrey cottages, Lewisham road
    Smith, J. B. esq., Rokeby terrace, Lewisham road
    Smith, L., esq., Rokeby terrace, Lewisham road
    Stevens Thomas esq., Victoria cottages, Lewisham road
    Stone, Henry, esq., Florence road
    Stringer, Miss, Counter hill terrace
    Stuart, Mr. Benjamin, Catharine place, Lewisham road
    Taylor, Mr. H. P., Brunswick cottages, Lewisham road
    Taylor, Mr. Hugh, Florence road
    Thompson, Charles, esq., Amersham villas, Lewisham road
    Thompson, Mr. John, Florence road
    Thorburn, William, esq., Tyrwhitt terrace, Counter hill
    Thwaites, John, esq., Meaburn Villa, Lewisham road
    Tibbett, James, esq., Sydney cottages, Lewisham. road
    Tolley, William, esq., Tyrwhitt terrace, Counter hill
    Toms, Mr. John, Surrey cottages, Lewisham road
    Toole, J. L., esq., Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Tudhope, James, esq., Florence road
    Turner, Mr. Charles, Florence road
    Wade, Mr. Edward, Florence road
    Wade, Mrs., Florence road
    Walker, Mr. Josiah, Langley Cottage, Lewisham road
    Wallis, Mrs., Clarke's terrace, Lewisham road
    Ward, Mr. Matthew, Brunswick cottages, Lewisham road
    Wardale, George Henry, esq., Brockley lane,Lewisham road
    Warner, Mr. Frederick, Brunswick place, Loampit hill
    Waters, Mr. David, Florence road
    Watson, Mr. James, Florence road
    Watts, Johnj esq., Alvah Villa, Lewisham road
    Watts, Mr. William,.Florence road
    Weld, Captain Daniel, R.N., Kent terrace, New Cross road
    Wenborn, Mr. James, Victoria Cottage, Lewisham road
    Westmore, Mr. William, Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Wheelhouse, George, esq., Deptford bridge
    Whiffen, Mr. John, Brockley lane, Lewisham road
    Wilkinson, Mrs., St. John's villas, Lewisham road
    Wilks, Mrs., Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Winsor, Mr. William, Florence road
    Wire, Alderman, Stone House, Loampit hill
    Witherden, Mrs., Rydal Villa, Lewisham road
    Witherley, Mrs., Florence road
    Withers, Henry W., esq., Evelyn street, Lower road
    Woolverton, Mr. Henry, Florence road
    Wyatt, _, Rokeby road, Lewisham road
    Young, John, esq., Tyrwhitt terrace, Counter hill
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