Traders at Deptford St Nicholas, Greenwich, Lewisham

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Deptford Public Houses

DEPTFORD [St Nicholas and St Paul] is a suburb of the Metropolis, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and hundred of Blackheath; it is partly in
Kent and partly in Surrey, and has derived its principal importance from
being a naval station of the Port of London, and the seat of a large dockyard.

TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)
A - E , E - M , M - T, T - Y

Adams, William, news vendor, New Cross
Adams, Henry, Rag merchant, Clarence place, Broadway
Addis, Joseph, tool maker, Church street
Addison, Nathaniel, greengrocer, Wellington street
Alford, William, merchant tailor, High street
Alwin, John William, blacking manufacturer, New King street
Allen, John, shoemaker, Broadway
Allen, Thomas, tailor, Pomeroy street
Allen, George, stove manufacturer, Broadway
Allen, William J., general dealer, Stowage
Alley, Thomas, china warehouse, High street
Allwright, Edward, furniture dealer, New Cross road
Amery, John, shoemaker, Church street
Amery, Henry, boot and shoe maker, New King street
Amos, George, greengrocer, Wellington st.
Anderson, William boot maker, Crossfield lane
Anderson, William, undertaker, Evelyn street
Anderton, George, butcher, Montague place
Andrews, William, William the Fourth, Wellington street
Andrews, John, compositor, Evelyn street
Andrews, Mrs., tobacco pipe maker, Nelson street, New Town
Ansdell, Miss, teacher of the pianoforte, Park terrace, New Cross
Archer, James, brewer, Pomeroy street
Armltage, William G., auctioneer, Florence terrace, New Cross road
Armitage, James, tax collector, Florence terrace, New Cross, road
Armstead, William, pork butcher, Wellington street
Arnold, George, linen draper, High street
Arter, Omer, general dealer, Church street
Arthur, Dr. James, surgeon, Pleasant row, High street
Ashford, John, builder, High street
Ashford, Francis, chemist, High street
Ashman, Thomas, stay manufacturer, High street
Atkins, John, chemist and post-office, High street
Atkins, Mrs. M. A., shoemaker, High street
Atkins, John, surgeon, Lewisham road
Atkins and Andrews, solicitors, Church street
Attwood, Mrs., baker, Evelyn street
Avann and Coomber, market gardeners, Common lane
Aylward, John, linen draper, Monmouth place, New Cross road
Bacon, John, horse dealer, New Cross gate
Bagshaw, Henry, zinc worker, New Cross road
Baker, Edward, potato salesman, Deptford bridge
Baker, Robert, hairdresser, Nelson street, New Town
Baker, Edward, tobacconist, Church street
Baker, George, hairdresser, Old King street
Balls, George, chemist and druggist, Hamilton place, High street
Barber, Robert, rasin distillery, Rotherhithe
Barber, E. F., Dover Castle, and wine and spirit merchant, Broadway
Barlow, R., and Son, tailors, Evelyn street
Barnard, Thomas V., manager of the Deptford Gas Company, Counter hill
Barnard, William, joiner, Hyde street
Barnes, Robert, greengrocer, Pomeroy street
Barnes, James, Lord Nelson, Dock street
Barnes, M., Two Brewers, Griffin street
Barnett, Bridges, beer retailer, New King street
Barrett, Richard, cabinet maker, Lucas street
Barton, Samuel, Royal George, Tanner's hill
Barton, William, Royal Standard, Tanner's hill
Barwick, William, ironmonger, Evelyn street
Batch, James, timber merchant, New Cross road
Batchelor, William, carpenter, Pleasant row, High street
Bates, Richard, general dealer, Clarence place, Broadway
Batten, William, general dealer, Mason street, New Cross
Batten, Isaac and James, wholesale grocers, &c., High street
Bayley, Edward, tin plate worker, King street, New Town
Bayley and Newman, cheesemongers, Broadway
Bayley, Thomas, Star and Garter, New Cross road
Baxter, William, hairdresser, Wellington street
Beard, John, undertaker, Wellington street
Beck, Newton, joiner, Hamilton street
Beck, A., shoemaker, Evelyn street
Beckett, John, Victoria, Pomeroy street
Beckett, Frederick, bricklayer, Hale's street,
Beer, Isaac, cheesemonger, Broadway
Bell, William, confectioner, High street
Bennett, William, furniture dealer, Wellington street
Bennett, William, carpenter, Nelson street
Bennett, George F., hairdresser, Clarence place, Broadway
Bennett, William, jun., furniture dealer, High street
Bentley, Robert, carpenter, Baildon place, New Cross, Horrock's row, New Cross
Berry, Thomas, cheesemonger, High street
Berry, Mrs. M., tobacconist, Evelyn street
Belts, Mr., Black Horse, Evelyn street
Sevan and Company, outfitters, High street
Billington, William, undertaker, High street
Blackburn, Henry C., chemist, Montague place, Peckham lane
Blackshaw, Mrs., King's Arms, Church street
Blakely, George, general dealer, Pomeroy street
Bobin, George J., shoemaker, Hyde street
Boorne, William, printer, Lewisham road
Barthwiek, George, hatter, Broadway
Bonstead, Jane, shoemaker, Evelyn street
Bowditeh, John, coffee house, Old King street
Bowditch, Thomas, corn dealer, New King street
Bowles, George, timber merchant, Lower road
Bowley, Charles, stationer, Clarence place, Broadway
Brain, Richard, leather cutter, High street
Bratt, George, New Cross Inn, New Cross
Bray, G. and J., wheelwrights, Evelyn street
Bridges, Thomas, gas fitter, etc., High street
Brisband, James, baker, Church street
Bristow, Charles, baker, Tanner's hill
Broad, Jonas, bricklayer, Hughes' fields
Bromley, Matthew, Kings Arms, Old King street
Bromley, Mr., the Feathers, Deptford Bridge
Brooker, Jonathan, corn dealer, Deptford Bridge
Brookers, William, shoemaker, Deptford Bridge
Brooks, John, butcher, Evelyn street
Brooks, William, grocer, Deptford green
Brown, Miss Elizabeth, fancy repository, High street
Brown, John, type founder, High street
Brown, Edward, Montague Arms, Peckham lane
Brown, William, market gardener, Cold Blow lane
Brown, William G., timber merchant, Evelyn street
Browning, John, harness maker, Evelyn street
Bruce, Dr. William, surgeon, H.M. dockyard
Bryan, Francis, market gardener, Loving Edward's lane
Bucknole, Edward, plumber, etc., Blackheath road
Buckwell, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Budding, Mrs., Red Lion, Old King street
Budgeon, Mr., butcher, High street
Bull, William, coffee house, Deptford
Bull, Alfred, oil and colourman, Broadway
Bull, George, linen draper, High street
Bunnett, Henry, general dealer, Ravensbourne street
Burford, Alfred, Telegraph, Evelyn street
Burgess, James, baker, Lewisham road
Burnby, Joseph, china, glass, and earthenware dealer, High street
Burnby, Joseph, jun., china and glass warehouse, 1, Camperdown place, New Cross road, General Agency Enquiry and Fire and Life Office
Burnett, Joseph, and Co., engineers, iron and brass founders, patentees of revolving iron shutters, metallic sashes, and oars (self-acting), New Cross road
Burrell, James, Prince of Wales, Tanner's hill
Burridge, Alfred, funeral economist, High street
Burridge, George, tailor, High street
Burrough, Miss, professor of music, Brunswick Cottages, Lewisham road
Burroughs, Samuel, gas fitter, Edward street
Bush, William, stewar, Florence road
Butcher, Eobert, flour factor, Elizabeth place, High street
Byfield, Thomas, grocer, New King street
Buzzacot, Alexander, smith, etc., Evelyn street
Callow, Miss, ladies' school, 6, Florence terrace
Cantrell, Daniel, dairyman, Old King street
Carr, George, cheesemonger, Evelyn place
Cartwright, John, outfitter, Broadway
Casey, Dennis, beer retailer, Prince place
Cavell, John, smith, Deptford green
Cavell, Mrs. L., greengrocer, Evelyn place
Cavner, Henry, lath render, Hale's place
Chadwick, C. A., corn dealer, Church street
Chalcraft, John, ironmonger, Wellington street
Challis, Miss, milliner, New King street
Chamberlain, William, plumber, etc., Peckham lane
Chamberlain, James, greengrocer, New King street
Chambers, Mr., baker, Tanner's hill
Chapman, Frederick, returning officer, Florence terrace
Chappell, John, cabinet maker, High street
Chasmare, William, general dealer, Lucas street
Chatfield, Mr., master shipwright, Dockyard
Cheeseman, John, tailor, Wellington street
Cherrill, John, wheelwright, Hamilton street
Chittle, Samuel, asphalte manufacturer, Bridge place
Child, Mr., baker, Deptford bridge
Churchill, Thomas, confectioner, Wellington street
Claringbold, William, baker, Evelyn street
Clark, Charles, coffee house, New Cross road
Cleland, Peter, undertaker, Kender street
Clements, John T., butcher, Broadway
Clemmison, John, carver, etc., High street
Clemmison, S. N., builder, etc., New town
Clifford, William, grocer, Evelyn street
Clothier, Edward, baker, Evelyn place
Clymer, George, carpenter, Kender street
Clymer, George, builder, St. James" place
Cocks, William H., broker, Church street
Cockle, Henry, solicitor, High street
Cockle, James, & Son, oilmen, High street
Cockle, Charles D., timber merchant, Church street
Cockshott, George, printer, High street
Cole, Jesse, butcher, Church street
Cole, William, shoemaker, High street
Coleman, William, beer retailer, Ravensbourne street
Collins, Michael, newsvendor, Hales street
Collins, John, shoemaker, High street
Collins, George, baker, High street
Colson, William, general dealer, New town
Connor, Joseph B., hairdresser, Evelyn street
Constable, William, grocer, New Cross road
Cook, Thomas, tailor, New Cross gate
Cook, William, grocer, etc., New King street
Cook, William, boot maker, Broadway
Cook, Alfred, butcher, Deptford bridge
Cook, George, solicitor, Counter hill
Cook, Charles, Fountain, Broadway
Cooper, John, Royal Oak, High street
Cooper, Thomas, shoemaker, New Cross road
Cornish, Charles, fishmonger, New Cross road
Court, John, grocer, Church street
Couzens, George, shoemaker, Church street
Cowell, James, tailor, Wellington street
Cowthard, George, general dealer, Deptford green
Cow, Peter B., India-rubber manufacturer, Lewisham road
Cowell, John, stationer, New Cross road
Cowell, Charles, tailor, Church street
Cox, Henry, preparatory school, Kender street
Cox, John, tobacconist, High street
Cracknell, Mrs. H., baker, Broadway
Craske, Charles, baker, Church street
Crew, Henry, greengrocer, Pomeroy street
Crossley, Henry, currier, Church street
Crosswell, John, pianoforte maker and organ builder, New Cross road
Crow, Cornelius, general dealer, New row
Crow, William, linen draper, New King street
Crowhurst, Mr., builder, &o., New Cross road
Cullum, Austin, Tiger Cat, New row
Curtis, Samuel, tailor, butcher row
Dalgety, Mr., engineer, Wilson street
Dalizel, James, coppersmith, Edward stree
Dance, Henry, firewood dealer, Midway place
Dance, William, grocer, Lower road
Dandridge, Arthur, engraver and printer. High street
Dandridge, J., marine store dealer, Church street
Dandridge, Absalom, marine store dealer, Broadway
Daughty, William, chair maker, Prince street
Davaney, James, marine store dealer, Church street
Davie, Thomas, coppersmith, Hamilton street
Davis, J. (Earl of Chatham), Hughes fields
Davis, _, grocer, High street
Davis, John, beer retailer, Merritt's place
Davis, Thomas, Golden Cross, King street
Davis, Thomas, engineer, Hale's street
Davis, William, tailor, Friendly street
Davis and Moore, gardeners, Pomeroy street
Deadman, J., general dealer, Tanner's hill
Dean, J., baker, Grove street
Dearling, James, coach proprietor, Kender street
Denham, Miss, school, Brunswick place
Denham, James, corn dealer, Wellington street
Dennett, John, bricklayer, Pomeroy street
Denny, William, stay maker, Evelyn street
Diokson, Alexander, linen draper, High street
Dilley, C. G, engraver, Mornington road
Disberry, J., general dealer, Frances street
Douglas, William, grocer, Pomeroy street
Dovenor, John W., grocer, etc., High street
Downing, Dr. Edward, surgeon, Evelyn street
Drury, Michael, surgeon, New Cross road
Duggan, Thomas, tailor, Kender street
Duvall, Benjamin, cheesemonger, Broadway
Dye, R. N., printer, Albert street
Dyer, Thomas, surgeon, Lansdown place
Dykes, and Co., marine engine manufacturers, Butcher row
Dyball, John, timber merchant, Old King street
Earner, John, academy, Evelyn street
East, John, dairyman, Park place
Eddy, James, smith, Edward street
Edwards, George, grocer, Kender street
Edwards, G., shoemaker, New Cross
Edwards, W., City Arms, High street
Edwards, William, grocer, New King street
Elkington, Jacob, chemist, Broadway
Elliott, Edwin, confectioner, &c., Broadway
Elliott, P., grocer, Evelyn street
Ellis, W., undertaker, Evelyn street
Ellis, Henry, baker, Church street
Ellis, George, beer retailer, Wellington street - United Friends
Elsden, John, grocer, Prince street
England, George, engineer, Pomeroy street
English, William, general dealer, Evelyn street
Entecott, Thomas, bricklayer, Stowage
Etherington, Edward, farrier, Mason street
Evans, Mrs. W., ladies' school, Evelyn st.
Eve, R. W., surgeon and chemist, High street and Church street
Everest, Edward, butcher, New Cross road
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