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Deptford Public Houses

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

DEPTFORD [St Nicholas and St Paul] is a suburb of the Metropolis, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and hundred of Blackheath; it is partly in
Kent and partly in Surrey, and has derived its principal importance from
being a naval station of the Port of London, and the seat of a large dockyard.

TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)
A - E , E - M , M - T, T - Y

Farmer, Miss J., milliner, High street
Farrow, J., dining rooms, Church, street
Fauchon, Robert, collector of taxes, Church street
Featherstone, G., gas fitter, Lewisham road
Feggetter, Thomas, clothier, Wellington street
Ffinch, Matthew S., wine merchant, New King street
Fielding, G. A., shoemaker, Victory street
Finch, Joshua, greengrocer, Church street
Flemming, John M., tailor High street
Fletcher, George, wood and coal dealer, Prince street
Floyd, G. T., baker, Church street
Foot, William, builder, Creek road
Ford, R., general dealer, Hughes' fields
Ford, Thomas, Crown and Anchor, St. James' place
Foster, W. B., grocer, Old Kent road
Fowler, Samuel, boot and shoe maker, Evelyn street
Fowler, Henry, tailor, Victoria road
Fox, Leonard, baker, High street
Francis, Charles, greengrocer, Old King street
Franks, Aaron, marine store dealer, Evelyn . street
Franks, William, butcher, Wellington street
Franks, John, marine store dealer, Tanner's hill
Franks, Peter, plumber, High street
Freshwater, Mrs., greengrocer, High street
Friend, Miss Maria, fancy toy and stationery repository, Camperdown place, New Cross road
Frost, C. H., beer retailer, Pomeroy street - Carlton Arms
Frond, Philip, Windmill, Lower road
Fulcher, William, Trinity Arms, Church street
Gallon, Robert, artist, Victoria road
Gardiner, Samuel, grocer, Broadway
Gaston, Henry, carman, Tanner's hill
Gawler, William, tailor, Evelyn street
Gear, Samuel, painter, New Cross road
George, Mrs., Brown Bear, High street
Gibbins, Edward R., cooper, Evelyn street
Gibbins, Mr., haberdasher, Deptford bridge
Gibson, William, fishmonger, Evelyn street
Giddins, William, Crystal Palace, Tanner's hill
Gitsham, M., general dealer, Ravensbourne street
Glock, Charles, pork butcher, Broadway
Glock, J. J., pork butcher, Church street
Glock, John, beer retailer, Church street
Glover, George, corn dealer, Old Kent road.
Glover, George, cow keeper, Waterloo place
Glover, William, baker, Mason street
Goldfinch, Phillis, stationer, High street
Goldfinch, G. V., linen draper, High street
Goldsmith, George, corn dealer, Wellington street
Good, Augustus, gardener, Lewisham road
Goodwin, Henry, linen draper, High street
Grace, Edward, artist, Lower road
Gray, William, zinc worker, &c., New King street
Green, John, greengrocer, Old King street
Green, R. R., butcher, Wellington street
Greener, Richard, fishmonger. New King street
Gregory, Henry, market gardener, Mill lane
Grimmett, William, builder, Church street
Grimwood, Charles, potato merchant, New King street
Grist, B., tobacconist, New King street
Grubb, William, bookseller and stationer, New Cross road
Gruby, John, grocer, New Cross road
Hales, James, boot and shoe maker, Deptford bridge
Halfhide, Mrs., greengrocer, Evelyn street
Hall, William, zinc worker, Hughes' fields
Hall, F. A., Royal Albert, New Cross road
Hall, Edward, stonemason, New Cross road
Halsey, J. W., grocer, &c., Broadway
Hambretsch, Mr., pork butcher, High street
Hamilton, John, tailor, New Cross road
Hammersley, Alfred, general dealer, Grove street
Harcourt, E., grocer, Georae street
Harding, John, surveyor, High street
Harley, John, builder, Frances street
Harman, George, shoemaker, High street
Harris, Charles, builder, New Cross
Harris, J., pawnbroker, Hamilton place
Hart, N., grocer, Creek road
Hasley, James, cow keeper, George street
Hatfull, Robert, chemist, High street
Hatfull, Robert, surgeon, Union street
Hatfull, William, gas fitter, Pleasant row
Hawes, Joseph, grocer, Broadway
Hawke, W., market gardener, Loampit hill
Hawkins, J., shoemaker, Albert street
Hay, William, Lord Duncan, and wine and spirit merchant, Broadway
Haycraft, Josiah, ironmonger, Broadway
Hearn, Richard, grocer, Tanner's hill
Reath, George, shoemaker, Hyde street
Hedge, Henry, dealer in marine stores, High street
Heil, Jacob, baker, High street
Henson, Thomas, news agent, Clarence place
Hepburn, John, hat manufacturer, High street
Hester, John, Walter Arms, Addey street
Hewitt, James, naval architect, New Cross road
Hickey, Mrs., stay maker, High street
Higham, William B., linen draper, Broadway
Hill, William, steam boiler works, Deptford green
Hill, Joseph,  grocer, Lewisham road
Hill, George, coppersmith, Hamilton street
Hills, John, and Son, soap makers, tallow
chandlers, and melters, High street
Hills, F. C., chemical manufacturer, Creek street
Hobbs, Samuel, statuary and mason, New Cross road
Hodder, C. T., shoemaker, Laurie grove
Hodgkin, Joseph, chemist, New Cross
Hoggan, William, physician, Amersham road
Hogg, William, master of the Royal Naval school, Lewisham road
Holderness, Robert, turner, Church street
Holland, William distiller, Deptford bridge
Holloway, William G., butcher, Broadway
Holloway, James, tobacconist, Old Kent road
Holman, Thomas, greengrocer, Tanner's hill
Holmes, Samuel, grocer, &c., Evelyn street
Holmes, James F., Prince Regent, High street
Homewood, William, farrier, Church street
Hood, Frank R., ironfounder, Union street
Hooker, John, plumber, glazier, and paper hanger, New Cross road
Hoole, Mrs., butcher High street
Hope, David, surgeon, Lewisham road
Horsman, Godfrey, ice bonder, Canal row
Hovey, John William, general dealer, Grove street
Howard, John, general dealer, Hyde street
Howard, J., Woodman, Midway place
Howe, C., fishmonger, Wellington street
How, Joseph, undertaker, Tanners hill
Howarth, Jabez, draper, High street
Hewlett, Charles, Carpenter's Arms, Frances street
Hubble, B,, jun., builder, High street
Hubble, William, bricklayer, Caroline place
Hubble, Henry, builder, New Town
Hudson, William, carpenter, &c., Frances street
Huggett, Stephen M., Three Compasses, Church street
Huggett, Joseph, King's Head, Church street
Hughes, Richard, cheesemonger, High street
Hughes, David, pattern maker, High street
Hughes James, confectioner, Sic., Wellington street
Hughesdon, Andrew, timber merchant, Czar street
Hughesdon, William, timber merchant, Prince street
Hughesdon, J., coal dealer, New row
Humphries, T., fire-wood merchant, Evelyn street
Humphries, D., Globe, Evelyn street
Hunt, T. J., Fox, King street, New Town
Hunt, E. B., hosier, Deptford bridge
Hurle, R., whip maker, Horroek's row
Hyman, William, clothier, Old King street
Innell, Mrs., coffee house, New Cross road
Innons, T. P., coal merchant, Lewisham road
Ireland, George, Fleece, Mill lane
Ironman, John, hairdresser, Evelyn street
Jackson, A. K., corn dealer, Evelyn street
Jackson, Mr., corn dealer, Broadway
Jaflray, John, wire worker, High street
James, Mrs. Mary, Crown and Sceptre, New town
Jeavons, George, brazier, New town
Jefford, George, builder, Florence road
Jenkins, James, builder, Lewisham road
Jenkins, Mr., grocer, Evelyn street
Jessop, Charles, baker, High street
Johnson, Mrs., baker, Lower road
Johnson, Frederick, firewood dealer, Copperas lane
Jones, George, grocer, High street
Jones, William, grocer, etc, Broadway
Jones, Alfred, surgeon, &c., Deptford bridge
Jones, Richard, shoemaker, Church street
Jones, Morris, greengrocer, New Cross
Jones, Edward, potato dealer, Giffln street
Jones, Mrs. E., general dealer, Evelyn st.
Judd, P., spring maker, Regent street
Keddell, Frederick, solicitor, New Cross road
Keen, Henry, bricklayer, Evelyn street
Kemp, Mrs. C., ladies' school, New town
Kennard and Co., drapers and silk mercers, Broadway
Knapp, William, coal dealer, Stowage
Knott, L. B., builder and undertaker, Creek road
Kent, Mrs., Mitre Tavern, Broadway
Kerridge, F. A., cheesemonger, Hamilton place
Kersey, R. T., boot and shoe maker, High street
Kibble and Co., grocers, &c., Broadway
Kidner, Job, butcher, High street
KillicU, R., boot and shoemaker, Broadway
King, James, academy, Union street
King, Charles, architect and house agent, Amersham road
King, John, builder, Pomeroy street
King, Mrs. Mary, day school, New Cross road
King, Augustus, tobacconist, High street
Kinsford, Mrs., baker, Lewisham road
Kingsley, John, tobacconist, Church street
Kingsnorth, James, fishmonger, Pleasant row
Kitching, R., tobacconist, Evelyn street
Knight, William, boot maker, Church street
Latham, J., confectioner, High street
Late, John, grocer, Grove street road
Lacy, Richard, Hale's Arms, Hale's street
Lanison, Henry, linen draper, High street
Lambert, Edward, brewer, Broadway
Lancaster, J, market gardener, Edward street
Lander, Samuel, shoemaker, Wellington street
Lash, T., wheelwright, Tanner's hill
Lauder, Frances, hairdresser, High street
Lawrence, Mrs., hairdresser, Broadway
Laws, John B., patent manure factory, Copperas lane
Leaning, Miss E., milliner, Elizabeth place
Lee, Mrs. Eliza, milliner and haberdasher, High street
Lee, J., shoemaker, Old Kent road
Lee, James, general dealer, Evelyn street
Leigh, William, surgeon, High street
Leighton, R., carpenter, Hamilton street
Lester, Joseph, builder and undertaker, High street
Lewis, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Evelyn street
Liddiard, Joseph, architect, etc., New Cross road
Lill, B,., cheesemonger, &c., Broadway
Lines, Mrs., baker, New town
Little, E., grocer, New Cross
Littlewood, Mrs., broker, Evelyn street
Lloyd, Henry, chemist, Evelyn street
Lock, A., tailor, New King street
Lookyer, George, chemist, &c., Wellington street
Logan, Richard, beer retailer, Prince street
Long, &., greengrocer, &c., High street
Longinoto, John, toy dealer, Broadway and High street
Lucas, Miss, milliner, Albert street
Lowance, Frances, hairdresser and stationer, High street
Luckhurst, William, Amersham Arms, New Cross road
Luckraft, the Misses, ladies' school, Evelyn street
Lumsden, Richard, beer retailer, Peckham lane
Lush, Hugh, academy, Union street
Lyons, F. L., stationer, Wellington street
Machin, Thomas, grocer, High street
Mackney, Daniel, millwright, New town
Malalieu, P. M., superintendent of police, New Cross
Maddox, Henry, commercial agent, High street
Malin, E. B., Queen Charlotte, Church street
Mallett, C., general dealer, Church street
Maltby, C. F., surveyor, Pleasant row
Maltby, Mrs., ladies' school, Pleasant row
Malton, George, shoemaker, New town
Manktelow, Joseph, greengrocer, High street
Marchant, Thomas, registrar of births and deaths, and manager of the Savings' Bank, High street
Marchant, James, milkman, New town
Marner, Miss, ladies' school, New town
Martin, James, cow keeper, George street
Martyr, James, surveyor, Douglas street
Maslin, Robert, greengrocer, Broadway
Mason, William, market gardener, Lower road
Masters, E. N., shoemaker, Hamilton street
Mather, Thomas, Robin Hood and Little John, Church street
Matson, C. E., coach proprietor, Church street
Mather, J., fancy repository, New Cross road
Matthews, Jonathan, tailor, etc., Old King street
Matthews, Henry, tailor and outfitter, High street
Matthews, H., furniture dealer, Elizabeth place
Matthews, William, greengrocer, New road
Matthews, —, tailor, Evelyn street
Maxworthy, Mrs. Matilda, corn dealer, High street
Maybank, E. J., boot maker, Church street
Mayo, John, tobacconist, Deptford bridge
McCall, Thomas, shoemaker, Broadway
McClellan, S. H., watchmaker, Broadway

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