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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

DEPTFORD [St Nicholas and St Paul] is a suburb of the Metropolis, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and hundred of Blackheath; it is partly in
Kent and partly in Surrey, and has derived its principal importance from
being a naval station of the Port of London, and the seat of a large dockyard.

Deptford Public Houses

TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)
A - E , E - M , M - T, T - Y

McDonald, P., general dealer, Grove street
McLeland, J., carpenter, &c., New Cross
Meachin, Thomas, grocer, High street
Merry, Thomas, Navy Arms, New King street
Meyrick, Henry, greengrocer, Pomeroy street
Mickle, James, greengrocer, King street
Millington, William, confectioner, Church street
Mills, Walter collector to the Kent
Water Works, Mill lane
Mills, Walter H., grocer, Pomeroy street
Mills, Robert, hat manufacturer, High street
Mince, George, tobacconist, New Cross road
Mitchell, John, builder, &c., High street
Mitchell, Robert, surgeon, New Cross road
Mitchell, John, bricklayer, New King street
Mizen, James, Pilot, High street
Monson, J., grocer, King street, New town
Morgan, Frederick, surgeon, &c., New King street
Morgan, Joseph, general dealer, Butcher row
Moody, Richard, pork butcher, Wellington street
Moody, William, basket maker, Evelyn street
Moore, H., shoemaker, New Cross road
Moore, Mrs., milliner, Evelyn street
Moore, George, market gardener, Brockley lane
Moore, Henry, general dealer, Hughes' fields
Moorey, E. B., baker, George street
Morgan, G., hairdresser, Evelyn street
Morgan, M., tailor, Tanner's hill
Morison, James, baker, High street
Morrell, Charles, greengrocer, Pomeroy street
Morris, William R., superintendent of the Kent Water Works, Mill lane
Morris, J., artist, Kender street
Morrish, John, sailmaker, Hamilton street
Morttram, Edward, hatter, High street
Moss, Thomas, blind maker, New town
Mudie, Miss, ladies' school, Florence road
Murphy, J., greengrocer, Grove street
Musgrove, Edward J., cheesemonger, High street
Musgrove, S., greengrocer, New King street
Myatt, William, market gardener, Manor farm, Loampit hill
Mysen, Richard, smith, Clarence place
Mynett, William, general dealer, Charles street
Neale, Alfred G., grocer, Broadway
Negus, Mr., baker, Broadway
Nelson, William, tailor, High street
Nelson, John, cheesemonger, Wellington street
Neville, John, printer, Creek road
Newey, Benjamin, grocer, Hamilton place
Newnhatn, William, timber merchant, Wellington street
Nicholls, Samuel, butcher, New Cross
Nobbs, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Noble, William, marine store dealer, Church street
Norton, Stephen, New Cross House, New Cross
Olley, Thomas, Fishing Smack, Old King street
O'Neal, John, china mender, New town
Onion, William, cooper, Evelyn street
Oriel, Edward, tailor, High street
Osbaldiston, George, academy, New Cross road
Oxton, James, coal dealer, Ravensbourne street
Packer, S., basket maker, New Cross
Packer, E. F., grocer, New Cross
Page, William, grocer, Old King street
Pain, James, bootmaker, New Cross road
Paine, Benjamin, oil and colourman, Church street
Paine, Daniel, stationer, &c., High street
Palmer, W. H., carman, King street, New town
Palmer, S. K., baker, New Cross
Palmer, William, wood and coal dealer, Kender street
Parker, John, grocer, Wellington street
Parker, Alfred, builder, New Cross road
Parker, S. B., color manufacturer, Florence road
Parks, Edward, butcher, Wellington street
Parks, William, Griffin, New row
Parks, E., butcher, New King street
Parry and Co., soap makers, Broadway
Parry, Henry, solicitor, New Cross road
Parry, Richard, clothier, Wellington street
Parsons, Samuel, broker, Church street
Parsons, Thomas, general dealer, Griffin street
Pascoe, C. W., builder, Evelyn street
Patte, Joseph, general salesman, High street
Pavey, James, shoemaker, High street
Pearce, Frederick, cheesemonger, High st.
Pearce, Mrs., clothier, High street
Peddell, John, solicitor, Counter hill
Pegg, James, plumber, Monmouth place
Peirse, C. M., day school, George street
Pembroke, William, butcher, High street
Pembroke, John H., butcher, High street
Pepler, A., carpenter, Kender street
Percival, F., fruiterer, Deptford bridge
Phillips, Thomas M., collector of poor rates, Old Kent road
Phillips, William, tobacconist, Broadway
Phoanix, John, baker, New Cross
Pinching, William, grocer, Wellington street
Plumpton, Mrs., stay maker, High street
Pollard, John, news agent, Broadway
Polley, John, dairyman, High street
Pollyblank, Nicholas, cheesemonger, Wellington street
Poor, James, general dealer, Griffin street
Pope, John, Five Bells, New Cross
Porritt, Isaac, bookseller, printer* &c., High street
Porter, John, White Swan, High street
Potter J., greengrocer, New king street
Pratt, Mrs M., general dealer, Griffin street
Price, A. F., surgeon, Blade's place, High street
Price, James, baker, Evelyn street
Price, J., greengrocer, Broadway
Prickett, Thomas, butcher, Pomeroy street
Pritchard, James, tailor, Florence road
Punris, 3., milliner, High street
Pursey, Samuel J., carpenter, Evelyn street
Eaiman, Thomas H., tobacconist, etc., Deptford bridge
Rarety, Mr., cheesemonger, High street
Read, John, baker, Church street
Read, Samuel, china and glass dealer, Broadway
Rainford, Miss Alice, milliner, New Cross road
Reader, William O., coppersmith, Evelyn street
Reddish, Charles, currier, Evelyn street
Redman, Frederick, bricklayer, Pleasant row
Redman, John, bricklayer, Church street
Rees, David, surgeon, New Cross
Reeson, Thomas, coal dealer, Old King street
Reeve, Samuel, tailor, &c., High street
Reeves, Robert William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Renny, Thomas 0., hairdresser, Broadway
Reynold, T., greengrocer, Mill lane
Reynold, George, shoemaker, Lucas street
Rhodes, William, chair caner, Church street
Rice, Griffiths, and Co., colour works, Deptford green "
Roberts, Benjamin, leather seller Wellington street
Rockliffe, W. A., baker, New King street
Roff, Mrs., Bull and Butcher, Old King street
Roff, J., shoemaker, Griffin street
Rooney, J., shoemaker, Garden row
Roper, John, plumber, Wellington street
Ross, Robert, shoemaker, Ravensbourne street
Rouswell, Augustus, umbrella maker, Wellington street
Ruddenklan, J. G., baker, Evelyn street
Rule, George, draper, High street
Russel, James, academy, Evelyn street
Rutter, J., Ship Defiance, Grove street
Ryan, Daniel J., chemist, High street
Ryder. Mr., Kent dispensary, Greenwich road
Sabine, R., writer on glass, High street
Sanders, William, beer retailer, Kender street - Old Foresters Arms
Sanders, Mrs., grocer, New King street
Sandford, Isaac, shoemaker, Wellington street
Sandford, Charles, boot maker, Broadway
Sandom, William, solicitor, Slade's place
Sandy, Thomas, rate collector, Pomeroy street
Sargeant, S., tailor, Evelyn street
Sannby, Thomas, hosier, High street
Say, Edward, bricklayer, New Cross
Scales, Robert, the Mansion House, Evelyn street
Scott, William, jun., stationer, Evelyn street
Scott, Thomas, tobacconist, High street
Scott, G., shipwright, Edward street
Scott, John, baker, Laurie Grove
Scott, J., shoemaker, Friendly street
Scudamore, George R., deputy registrar of births and deaths, New Town
Seabrook, Edmund S., the Fishing Smack, Stowage
Seabrook, Charles, Lads of the Village, New King street
Searle, T. W., builder, Evelyn street
Seaton, John, professor of dancing, Old Kent road
Selmes, William, butcher, Wellington st.
Semple, G. W., hairdresser, High street
Semple, Mrs. E., stay maker, High street
Sharp, Henry, tallow chandler, High street
Sharp, Joseph, pawnbroker, Broadway
Sheppard, Samuel, market gardener, Mill Farm, Mill lane
Sheppard, H., market gardener, Lower road
Shole, Simeon, watch maker, Church street
Shorto, Edward, watch maker, High street
Shove, George, corn merchant, Broadway
Simmons, N. F., surgeon, New Cross
Simmons, James, turner, Evelyn street
Simpson, A., saddle and harness maker, New Cross
Simpson, George, coffee house, New Cross
Skinner, F. G., grocer, Wellington street
Skudder, Job, coach and cart wheelwright and smith, Evelyn street
Skudder, Richard, coach and cart wheelwright, Evelyn street
Slater, Edwin, plumber, painter, and glazier, High street
Slater, R., plumber and glazier, Church street
Sloman, William, shoemaker, Wellington street
Slous, J. G., grocer, Horrock's row
Smith, George Henry, Red Cow, Old King street
Smith, J,, shoemaker, Wellington street
Smith, John, hairdresser, Old King street
Smith, Joseph A., Earl of Romney, Deptford green
Smith, William G, secretary to the People's Co-operative Benefit Building Societies, New Cross road
Smith, William, shoemaker, Church street
Smith, 3. O., grocer, Peckham lane
Smith, William, general dealer, Tanner's hill
Smith, Shepherd, and Adams, coal and coke merchants, Sun wharf, Church street
Smith, W. H., coal merchant, Slade's row
Smith, George, bricklayer, Crossfield lane
Smith and Withers, coal merchants, Crown wharf, Creek road
Smith, _, haberdasher, Pomeroy street
Smith, William, dining rooms, New King street
Smith, James, builder, Douglas street
Smith, John, sen., builder, Evelyn street
Smith, John, jun., undertaker, Evelyn street
Smith, James, builder, New Cross road
Smith, Elisha, grocer, High street
Smith, B., butcher, Tanner's hill
Smith, John, shoemaker, Evelyn street
Smith, Miss, milliner, King street
Smith, James T., coal merchant, &c., New Cross road
Soloman, Joseph, oil and colourman, Broadway
Somerville, Henry, clothier, Deptford bridge
Spence, John, White Hart, Grove street
Spence and Co., linen drapers, High street
Spencer, the Misses, New Cross road
Spradbury, William, Lads of the Village, Charles street
Standon, James, marine store dealer, Pomeroy street
Stapleton, George, clothier, New Cross road
Stapleton, William, fancy repository, High street
State, D., hairdresser, Bale's street
Steed, William, coal dealer, Tanner's hill
Steel, Alexander, market gardener, Henry street
Stephens, James, bootmaker, Church street
Stephenson, John M., grocer, Broadway
Stevens, G. 3?., carman, &c., Broadway
Stevens, James, Duke of York, Evelyn street
Stevens, William, tailor, Church street
Steward, J. P., baker, Church street
Steward, Thomas E., timber merchant, Church street
Stichbury, James, White Hart, Deptford green
Stidolph, W., professor of writing, &c., New Cross road
Stidolph, Mrs., preparatory school, New Cross road
Stoneham, Mrs. E., grocer, Church street
Stratton, Mrs., Red Cow, High street
Street, W. H., builder, Creek road
Strickland, Charles, clothier, Church street
Stubbings, George, greengrocer, Ravensbourne street
Sullivan, Richard, jeweller, Church street
Sutton, John, oil and colourman, Evelyn street
Tarling, John, millwright, Deptford bridge
Tassell, Thomas, chemist, &c., High street
Taylor, Caleb, surgeon, High street
Taylor, Frederick, butcher, Evelyn street
Taylor, George, academy, Church street
Taylor, George, linen draper, Peckham lane
Taylor, Joseph, bricklayer, High street
Tehbutt, Joseph, linen draper, High street
Tedder, Thomas, general dealer, Old King street
Temple, George, hairdresser, High street
Temple, Heniy, grocer, Evelyn street
Terry, James, professor of music, Lewisham road
Thomas, Charlotte, Marquis of Granby, New Cross
Thompson, ]?. W., wholesale grocer, Broaday
Thompson, John, grocer, Deptford bridge
Thompson, J. J., tailor, Lewisham road
Thorhurn, Mrs, Clara S., stationer, High street
Thornell, John, tailor, Evelyn street
Thornton, Thomas, baker, Church street
Thorogood, Henry, cheesemonger, Deptford bridge
Tibbs, Peter, carpenter, High street
Tibbs, Miss Elizabeth, milliner, High street
Tighe, Mrs. S., pawnbroker, Broadway
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