Traders at Deptford St Nicholas, Greenwich, Lewisham

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

DEPTFORD [St Nicholas and St Paul] is a suburb of the Metropolis, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, and hundred of Blackheath; it is partly in
Kent and partly in Surrey, and has derived its principal importance from
being a naval station of the Port of London, and the seat of a large dockyard.

Deptford Public Houses

TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles directory (Surnames)
A - E , E - M , M - T, T - Y

Ury, Archibald, baker, Broadway
Valler James, greengrocer, Wellington street
Vanderkemp, Mrs E., ladies' school, New Cross road
Veness, Thomas J., butcher, High street
Wade, John, tobacconist, Lewisham road
Wade, John, linen draper, High street
Wade, 1, bricklayer, Wellington street
Wadland, John, Sheer Hulk, New King street
Walker, Charles, china dealer, Pomeroy street
Walker, Elisha, cheesemonger and grocer, High street
Wall, George, carpenter, etc., High street and Church street
Warcup, John B., relieving officer, High street
Warcup, William W., stationer and post office, Broadway
Ward, C. S., butcher, Evelyn street
Ward, George, bricklayer, Greek road
Ward, William, corn dealer, High street
Ward, Joseph, King of Prussia, Union street
Ward, William, whip maker, High street
Ward, W., pork butcher, Evelyn street
Warner, G., shipwright, Edwards street
Warriner, James, coach builder, Creek road
Watkins, Samuel, baker, Elizabeth place
Watkins, Thomas, oil and colour merchant, Broadway
Watson, T., timber dealer, New street
Watts, P., baker, Albert street
Watts, William, grocer, Mason street
Watts, William, draper, High street
Webb, Thomas, Flower of Kent, Counterhill
Wegg, Nathaniel, watch and clock maker, New Cross road
Wellbeloved, William, butcher, High street
Wells, Henry, baker, Old King street
Wells, James, watchmaker, Church street
Wenburn, Charles, tailor, New Cross road
Weston, Mrs., grocer, Frances street
Wheelhouse, George, distiller, Deptford bridge
Whiffen, Edward, saddler, Broadway
Whiffen, G., rope maker, Tanner's hill
White, John, Noah's Ark, Evelyn street
White, Mrs., baker, Wellington street
Whittingham, P., marine store dealer, New King street
Whitten, Mrs., midwife, Evelyn street
Whitting, James, plumber, Creek road
Whybrow, George, coal dealer, Albert road
Wiggins, John, academy, Tanner's hill
Williams, William, Bricklayer's Arms, Lewisham road
Willmott, Francis, painter, Church street
Wilson, Isaac, baker, Broadway
Wilson, Henry, butcher, High street
Wilson, William, greengrocer, New Cross
Wilton, G. D., coach painter, &c., High street
Wilton, Henry, gas fitter, High street
Wire, A. D. W., solicitor, Loampit hill
Woledge, Henry, grocer, Evelyn street
Wood, William A., grocer, Mill lane
Woodhead, William, plumber, Old King street
Woolverton, George, estate agent, Florence road
Woollett, Edward, oilman, High street
Worsfold, Richard, greengrocer, Stowage
Worth, Charles, butcher, Church street
Worth, William, butcher, Church street
Wright, Mr., Oxford Arms, Church street
Yapp, Mrs. Elizabeth, tobacconist, Lewisham road
Youens, Charles, dairyman, Horrock's row
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