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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Dover is a sea port, cinque port, and borough, distant 88 miles from London by railway, 71 miles by road, 16 S.E. from Canterbury by road, 46 miles east from Maidstone, 21 miles from Ashford, six miles N.E. from Folkstone, and 14 from Hythe. The fine bay and beach of Dover, being so easily accessible from London, renders it a very favourite resort in the season for visitors, for whom it has especial features of interest. The castle stands on a space of 35 acres, and embraces the architectural remains of a succession of periods - British, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman, the history of its earliest portion being lost in antiquity. The fortifications or the heights are objects of much esteem. Dover has many other attractions for the visitor. Its numerous vestiges of former times contain records respecting which history is almost silent, but whose details are very valuable to the antiquarian. A fragment only, in the shape of an old grey ruin, now remains of the once extensive Priory of Dover. St. Mary's Church, Norman in its principal features, has some fine monuments. The Admiralty pier will attract attention. The works still in progress are stupendous of their kind; and the utmost engineering skill has been required to contend against the
fearful sea here to be encountered. At the extremity of the pier a Harbour of Refuge is being constructed. The beautiful character of the country surrounding Dover, with the fine sea views and pretty villages, the old churches and buildings of Saxon and Anglo-Norman origin, make it very attractive for walks and drives. The Water Works deserve a visit, the reservoir being one of the finest in the kingdom; and from that point one of the best views may be obtained of the town, the bay and harbour, the
opposite heights, and the valley leading towards Alkham; the ancient portion of the castle, including the old entrance and drawbridge, being also seen from this spot to the greatest advantage. The population of the borough in 1851 was 22,244 inhabitants. Dover is an incorporated town, and consists of a Mayor, six Aldermen, and 18 Councilors.
It is divided into three wards, Castle Ward, Town Ward and Pier Ward.

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London and County Banking Company, Snargate street. - John Bedingfield Knocker,
National and Provincial Bank of England, Custom House Quay. - Lewis Stride, Esq.,
Manager. Draw on London and Westminster Bank, Lothbury, London.
Savings' Bank, Snargate street. - John Baker, Secretary.
Branch of National Savings' Bank, Town Wall street. - William Jacobs, Manager.

Dover Chronicle and Kent and Sussex Advertiser, published every Friday, in time for post, by T. B. W. Briggs, 2, King street.
Dover Telegraph, published by William Batcheller, Snargate street.

Post-Office, Snargate street. - William Norwood, Post-master.
Custom House, the Quay. - John G. Beresford, Esq., Collector; G. H. Reeve, J, Boyce, Stephen Lancefield, Clerks; John G. Beresford, Esq., Port Officer.
Stamp Office, Snargate street. - William Batehelor, Distributor.
Police Station, Queen street. - John Coram, Superintendent.
Gas Company's Offices, Russell street. - George Fielding, Secretary.
County Court Office, Snargate street Charles Harwood Esq., Judge; Robert William Watson, Esq., Registrar; Thomas Bowling, Bailiff.
The Borough Gaol and House of Correction, Maison Dieu, St. Mary's. - John George
Coulthard, Governor; Mrs. Ann Coulthard, Matron; Rev. F. F. Thompson, Chaplain.
Working Men's Institution, Market street. - G. G. Roberts, G. L, Marsh, Hon. Secretaries.
Dover Hoy Company. - Vessels to and from Custom House Quay, London, every Wednesday and Saturday, W. R. Mowll, Manager.
The British and Submarine Telegraph Company's Office, Clarence place. - Robert London, Clerk in charge.
Wellington Assembly Rooms, Snargate street and Northampton street.
Museum, Market place.
Ordnance Office. - John Gange, Storekeeper and Barrack Master,
Town Hall, Charlton, London road.
Military Hospital, on the Heights.
British Sailors' Home, Blenham square. - John Gilbert, superintendent.
Dover Hospital, supported by voluntary contributions, High street, Charlton. - Samuel Richard Jarrett, Governor; Mrs. Elizabeth Jarrett, Matron; R. C. Sullivan, surgeon.
Almshouses for aged men and women, erected 1824, York street.
Girls' School of Industry, supported by voluntary contributions, Durham hill. - Miss Angelina Smith, Mistress.
Dover Charity School, supported by voluntary contributions, St. James's street. - Joseph Strand, Master; Miss Margaret Milward, Mistress.

St. Mary's Church, Biggin Street. - Rev. John Puckle, Incumbent; Rev; John Cree, Curate ; Rev. S. Wiggin, Curate.
St. James's Church, St. James's street.
Trinity Church, Strond street - Rev. Lewis B. White, Incumbent; Rev. William F. White, Curate.
Christ Church, Folkstone road. - Rev. Charles D. Marston, lucumbenf.
Buckland Church. - Rev. Samuel T. Mosse, Vicar.
St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Charlton. - Rev. John F. Baynham, Rector.
Baptist Chapel, Commercial Quay. - Rev. Henry Potter, Minister.
Salem Baptist Chapel, Biggin street. - Rev. Alexander Pitt, Minister.
Independent Chapel, Russell Street - Rev. Samule Spink, Minister
Zion Chapel, Last Lane - Rev. William Gricksby, Minister
Unitarian Chapel, Adrian Street - Rev. Thomas B. W. Briggs, Minister
Wesleyan Chapel, Snargate street - Rev. Edward Fison, Minister
Wesleyan Chapel, Buckland - Rev. Mathew Grandswick, Superintendent; Rev. James Jarrett, Minister.
St. John's Chapel, Middle row. - Rev. William Yates, Minister
Catholic Chapel, Elizabeth square. - Rev. Joseph Savage, Priest.
Latter Day Saints, Meeting Room, Chapel place.
Jews' Synagogue.
The Dover British School for Boys, Girls, and Infants, Finnis hill, Limekiln street. - George John Roberts, Master; Mrs. Emma Roberts, Mistress; Miss Ann Yearns, Mistress of Infants.
St. James's National School for Boys and Girls, St. James's street. - James Fisher, Master; Mrs Ann Fisher, Mistress.
Trinity School for Boys and Girls, Round Tower street
Charlton Parochial School. - William Adams, Master.
Girls' Ragged School, Adrian street. - Mrs. Sarah Finn, Mistress.
Vernon School, East Cliff,

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