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Faversham, Faversham, Canterbury with Swale

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

FAVERSHAM, anciently Fifersham, is a seaport, market, union, and County Court town and borough, of four parishes, Faversham, Ospringe, Davington, and Preston, lying on Faversham creek, adjoining the Swale, and forming several streets near the Watling street, half a mile north of the London and Canterbury road. The town is seven miles S.W: of Whitstable, and east of Sittingboume, nine west of Canterbury, and 47 from London. The population in 1851 was 7,450. The living of Faversham is a vicarage, in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral. The church, dedicated to St. Mary of Charity, is a large ancient building of flints, quoined with Normandy stone, in the shape of a cross. The town has four streets, forming an irregular cross, lighted with gas, and paved. The market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Public Houses in Faversham

TRADERS in Faversham in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname

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OSPRINGE, three quarters.of a mile S.W. of Faversham, part in the borough. The living is a vicarage, in the patronage of St. John's College, Cambridge. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul.

DAVINGTON adjoins on the N.W., on the opposite side of White-hall stream, over Stone bridge. The living is a donative, in the patronage of Thomas Willement Esq. is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen.

PRESTON adjoins Faversham on the south. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The church is dedicated to St. Catherine. Brents Town is a hamlet on the opposite bank of the creek; Ewell is one mile east; Marnade half a mile east; Westwood three-quarters of a mile S.E ; Copton one mile S.E.; Perrycourt quarter of a mile south ; Brogdale three quarters of a mile south ; White Hill one mile south; Bysing Wood one mile west; Sindall one mile west; Judd's Hill half a mile west; Hemstead Fostal two-miles S,W;.; Painters Postal.two miles S.W. ;
Elverland three miles' S.W.; Scooks three miles and a quarter S.W. Stone, one mile and a half west, is a parish with a population of 86. The church is in ruins.

POST OFFICE - John B. Sharp, sen., Postmaster. Money Orders are granted and paid at this Office.

Faversham Church - Rev. Charles Collins, M.A. Vicar; Rev. William Joseph
Randell, B.A., Curate
Ospringe Church - Rev. William Nathaniel Griffin, M.A., Vicar
Preston Church - Rev. James Peto, LL.B., Vicar
Davington Church - Rev. Henry Cosgrave, M. A. Incumbent
Independent Chapel, Partridge lane - Rev. Henry J, Book, Minister
Wesleyan Chapel, Preston street - Ministers various
Baptist Chapel, Gatefield lane - Minsters various
Wesleyan Methodist, Brent's town - Minsters various
Primitive Methodist, the Quays - Minsters various
Latter Day Saints, Brent's town - Minsters various
Bible Christian Chapel, Abbey place - Rev. Thomas Gammon, Minister
Free Grammar School adjoining Church yard - Rev. Sampson Kingsford, Master
Commercial School, Cook's Ditch - George Robinson, Head Master; William Drake, Second Master
Literary and Scientific Institution, Court street - William Maile Secretary
Assembly Booms, Preston Street - Superintendent, James Tassel, Solicitor
Custom House, Court street - Mr. Francis Waring, Collector, and Mr. Edward Snell, Comptroller
Faversham Union at Ogpringe - John Pringer, Master; Mrs. Rebecca Pringer, Matron ;
Chaplain - Rev. J. D. Eyre, M.A ; Clerk - William Maile ; Schoolmaster - Thomas Elvy, Mistress - Jane Wallington ; Infants' - Mary Wise.

Hilton, Rigden, and Hilton, drawn on Prescott and Co., London.
Savings Bank, East street - Mr. H. E. Coulter, Actuary; William Rigden Esq., Treasurer


Baldock, Mr. Thomas West street
Barnes, Mr. Thomas, Preston street
Barnes, Mr. Henry, Abbey street
Bathurst, Mr. Henry, East street
Blunt, Bev. J. H. P., Preston street
Branch, Mrs., Albion terrace
Broad, Mr. George, Albion Terrace
Burton, Mrs., Ospringe
Catt, Miss, Preston street
Collins, Rev. Charles, A.M., Preston street
Cosgrave, Rev. H., Incumbent of Davington
Coulter, John, Esq., Court street
Crow, Mr. Edward, Abbey street
Crow, Mr. Edward, Court street
Davis, Misses, Preston street
Dawson, Rev. John, Preston street
Delo, Mr. Isaac, Abbey street
Dennett, Mr. Thomas, Church lane
Drayson, Mrs., West street
Fairbrass, Mrs., Abbey street
Gammon, Rev. Thomas, Abbey street
Gibbs, Mrs., East street
Gillet, Mr. Thomas, East street
Giraud, Frederick P., Esq., Preston street
Glover, Mr. Thomas, Preston street
Gosselin, General, the Mount
Griffin, Rev. Nathaniel, M.A., Vicarage, Ospringe
Hadlow, Mr. Edwin, East street
Hall, William, Esq., St. Ann's Cross
Head, Mr. Henry, Ospringe
Hilton, Richard Jones, Esq., Preston House
Hilton, Giles, Esq., Preston House
Hilton, Gharle.s Jones, Esq., Court street •
Hilton, Edward, Esq., Court street
Hyde, Frederick Oolville, Esq. Syndale
House, Ospringe
Jones, Mrs. Harriet, Ospringe
Kingsford, Bev. Sampson, M.A. Preston st.
Kingsworth,.Thomas, Esq.,1 Preston street
Leese, Mrs., South House,. Ospringe road
Mears, Mr. William, Ospringe
Monk, Mr. Frederick W., Albion terrace
Montressor, Lady, Ospringe place
Murton, Miss, Preston street
Payn, Mr. John, sen., Abbey street
Payn, Mr. Richard, sen., Court street
Perkins, Mr. Stephen, Preston street
Pettit, Mr. John, Ospringe road
Peto, Rev. James, LL.D., Preston
Pratt, Miss, Court street . ,
Rigden, William, Esq., Court street
Rook, Rev. Henry J., Partridge lane
Rundle, Rev. William J., Preston street
Salmon, Mr. Charles, Preston street
Sharp, Mr. John B., sen., West street
Shepherd, Henry, Esq., sen., Abbey street
Shepherd, Captain John, Preston street
Spong, Mr. Thomas, Albion terrace
Stone, Mr. R. G., Court street
Stone, Mr. Edward, Preston street
White, Mr. Henry, Preston street
Willement, Thomas, Esq., the Priory, Davington
Wilson, George, Esq., Standard road

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