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Greenwich, Greenwich

Kent Districts & Kent Lathes| Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Greenwich, Greenwich

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GREENWICH is a large town and borough, on the south bank of the Thames,  ...

Public Houses in Greenwich

Gentry in 1858
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Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Gentry in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory ( K to  Y )

Keeble, Mrs. Ann, Vansittart terrace, Greenwich road
Kelecrewski, Monsieur, Croom's hill grove
Key, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ashburnham terrace, South street
Kiddell, John, esq., Holwell House, Blackheath road
Kimble and Burke, the Misses, Upper George street
King, Osmer, esq., Royal hill
King, Charles, esq., Ashburnham terrace, South street
Kipps, Miss Charlotte, Cambridge terrace, South street
Kipps, Mr Henry, Cambridge terrace, South street
Kirton, Thomas, esq., Hyde vale
Kitson, Rev. Edward, Park place
Knolleke, Henry, esq., Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Knowlden, Frederick F., esq., Wintoun place, Blackheath road
Knowles, Mrs_. Elizabeth, South street
Knott, Leonidas Baker, esq., Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
Knox, Eev. John H., chaplain to the Hon. Artillery Company, &c., Collegiate school, Morden House, South street
Kynaston, John, esq., Sunderland House
Land, John, Morden grove, Lewisham road
Lang, Charles Edward, esq., Maize hill
Langley, John, esq., Gloucester place
Langley, Charles, esq., Gloucester place
Laing, James, esq., Langdale place, Greenwich road
Lambert, Edward, esq., Camden place, South street
Lane, Charles, esq., Park terrace
Lane, Captain John W., esq., Circus
Lav, Mr. William, Catharine grove
Leach, Robert, esq., Gloucester place
Lear, Charles, esq., Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Leneave, Augustus A., esq., Stubb Cross Lodge, Croom's hill
Lepard, Mrs. Frances, Prior street
Lethbridge, William P., esq., Maize hill
Levermore, Mr. Frederick, Wick Cottage, Woolwich road
Lindsey, Mark, esq., Diamond terrace
Lings, Mr. John, Warren House, Blackheath road
Litten, John, Morden grove, Lewisham road
Lucy, Eev. William, Union place, Blackheath road
Luke, Mr. Richard, Blackheath road
Mackenzie, —, Ashburnham terrace, South street
Main, Eev. Eobert, Park terrace
Major, Mr. Henry, Camden place, South street
Manchee, Mr. Danie|, Burney street
Manning, Thomas, town missionary, Circus street, Royal hill
Mansell, Mr. Willia m, Burney street
Marsden, Thomas, esq., Park terrace
Marshall, Mr. Charles J., Lambton terrace, East Greenwich
Marshall, Mrs. Elizabeth, Circus
Marshall, Mr. William, Burney street
Martin, Charles, esq., Burney street
Mathew, Mrs. Helen, Circus
Mathcws, John, Haddington terrace
Mathews, Mrs., Park terrace
Matters, Mr. George, Devonshire road
Maule, Eev. John, Hamilton terrace, Hyde vale
Maundrell, Robert John, esq., Blisset House, South street
Meacham, Thomas, Circus
M'Dowall, William, Tranquil cottages, Luton place
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth, Maidenstone hill
Miller, the Misses, Brand street
Moline, Eobert, esq., Nelson street
Morgan, William, esq., Circus
Morris, Captain JohnWilliam, Crane street, East Greenwich
Morris, Mrs. Eleanor, Albion street
Motley, Anthony, esq., Blackheath hill
Muokle, Mrs. Sophia, Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Mumford, Samuel P., Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Munk, William G., esq., George street, Croom's hill
Neale, Mrs. Jane, Harlington place, South street
Newcomb, Mrs. Caroline J., Morden grove, Lewisham road
Newman, Mr, Anthony K., Clarence street
Newman, Mr. William, Martin's terrace, Greenwich road
Nicholls, Henry John, esq., Queen Elizabeth road, Greenwich road
Nichols, Mrs. N. R., Prior street
Nicol, Henry, esq., Croom's hill
Norris, Rev. John, Croom's hill
North, Rev. Isaac W., incumbent of Trinity Church, Blackheath hill, Lewisham
North, Richard, D.D., Croom's hill
Oakley, James R., Morden grove, Lewisham road
Ogilvie, Mrs., Maize hill
Ogston, George H., Egerton road
Oliver, Joseph, esq., Gloucester place
Oliver, George, esq., 1, Kent place, Blackheath hill, Lewisham
Oreilly, Lieutenant John, E.N., Brand St.
Page, Henry, esq., Church street
Palin, John B., Royal place
Palin, Mrs. Ann S., Eoyal place
Palmer, Mrs. Harriet, Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
Parnell, Mr. William, Woodhouse Grove cottages, Albion street
Parrott, Charles Henry, esq., Circus
Parry, Mrs. Harriet, Croom's hill
Parsons, Eobert William, Hyde vale
Patten, Mrs. Ann, Woodhouse Grove cottages, Albion street
Patteson, Mrs. Fanny, Blackheath road
Pead, Thomas, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Pearoe, Mr. Francis, Union place, Blackheath road
Pearson, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, Croom's hill grove
Peck, Mr Charles, Wellington terrace, Greenwich road
Peckham, Mrs., Camden place, South street
Pengelley, Captain, R.N., Hyde vale
Penn, Mr. William, Cold Bath row, Blackheath road
Pepper, Mr. Joseph, Circus street, Royal hill
Peppercorn, John, esq., Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
Phillips, Mr. Samuel, Bexley place, Greenwich road
Pickernell, Captain Peter G., R.N., Hyde vale
Pickernell, Frederick Charles, esq., Hamilton terrace, Hyde vale
Pierce, Mr., Union place, East Greenwich
Pike, Mr. James, Vanbrugh Cottage, Maize hill
Pontifex, John, esq., Croom's hill
Pratt, Mr. James, Camden Cottage, Blackheath road
Pratt, Mr. Samuel, Wood wharf
Presoott, Mr. James, Catharine grove
Pretty, Mr. Benjamin, Cold Bath row, Blackheath road
Prior, Mr. Harry Allen, Union place, Blackheath road
Purvis, Mrs. Sarah, Royal hill
Rakes, Mr. John William, Burney street
Randell, the Misses, Wellington grove, Croom's hill

Raymond, Alfred, esq., Hyde vale
Richardson, William, Vansittart terrace, Greenwich road
Ritcher, Mrs. Sarah, Diamond terrace
Ritchie, Joseph H., esq., Diamond terrace
Ritchie, Alfred, esq., Diamond terrace
Ritchie, Archibald T., esq., Croom's hill
Ritchie, Mrs. Charlotte, Collier's buildings, Blackheath hill, Lewisham
Rivers, Horatio E., esq., Burney street
Roberts, Mrs. Elizabeth, Thornton row
Roberts, Mrs. Hannah, Upper George street
Roberts, Mrs. Elizabeth, Albion terrace, Lewisham road
Robinson, Mrs. Septimus, Rose Villa, South street
Ross, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ashburnham villas, Ashburnham road
Rounce, Mrs. Mary Ann, Circus street, Royal hill
Rouse, John, Morden Grove, Lewisham road
Routh, Captain Edward, esq., Hyde vale
Sach, Henry, esq., Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Sadgrove, William II., csq., Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
Sanders, Mrs. Rosettas
Sanders, Captain John, R.N., Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
Savory, Mrs. Rebecca, Ashburnham terrace, South street
Saxby, Robert, Lieutenant Royal Marines, Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Scott, George Gordon, esq., Hamilton terrace, Hyde vale
Scudamore, Frank, esq., Maize hill
Secker, Captain, Deacon terrace, Pelham road, East Greenwich
Sedgwick, Frederick W., Hyde rale
Selby, James, Maidenstone terrace, Maidstone hill
Selons, Thomas David, esq., Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Seymour, John Leader, 1, Ravensbourne terrace, Lady Well, Lewisham
Shaft, Mr. George, Ashburnham Grove
Shalles, Edwin, 9, Wellington terrace, Greenwich road
Sheen, William, Ashburnham grove
Shephard, Charles M., 7, Amersham terrace, New Cross road
Shipman, Mrs. Elizabeth, Holwell place, Blackheath road
Sidney, Edgar, Hyde vate
Simmons, Mrs. Elizabeth, Prior street
Simonds, Mr. Charters, South street
Sisley, Mr. Charles, Vansittart terrace, Greenwich road
Skaife, Thomas, esq., Vanbrugh House, Vanbrugh fields
Skaife, Frank, Morden Grove, Lewisham road
Skinner, Mrs. W. H., Brand Street
Smallbone, William J., Morden Grove, Lewisham road
Smallwood, Thomas, Little George street
Smiles, Samuel, esq., Hyde vale
Smith, Mr. William, Blue stile, Greenwich road
Smith, Charles A., esq., Croom's hill
Smith, Mrs., Blackheath road
Smith, William, 3, Romney terrace
Smith, Captain Timothy, esq., Circus
Smith, Mr. Thomas, Burney street
Smith, James Thomas, Sun cottages, New cross road
Stamp, Mr. William, Union wharf, East Greenwich
Stevens, John, esq., 22, Upper George street
Stevenson, Mrs., Vanbrugh fields
Stokes, Mr, Joseph, Royal place
Stokes, John, esq., Gloucester place
Stow,-John, esq., Croom's hill
Strangways, Mrs., Vanbrugh fields
Sweetman, Samuel B., esq., Crowley's wharf, East Greenwich
Tanner, Mr. Edward, Devonshire road
Taylor, Mr Francis, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Templeton, Mr John, Morden grove, Lewisham road
Tester, Mr. Paul, Prior street
Tetley, Mrs., Maize hill
Teulon, Mr. Samuel, Union place, Blackheath road
Thomas, Mrs. Mary, Prior street
Thorp, Mrs. A., Hamilton terrace, Hyde vale
Tierney, Miss, Park Lodge
Torr, George, esq., Maitland House, Greenwich road
Townsend, John, M.P., 14, Nelson street
Triscott, Henry, esq., Bainford Cottage, Blackheath road
Trollope, Mr. Henry, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Tucker, Jervis, esq., Croom's hill
Tustin, Jesse John, esq., Woodland terrace, Trafalgar road
Tyler, Mr. William, Woolwich road
Vasey, Archibald, esq., Longstone terrace, East Greenwich
Vaughan, Mr. John B., Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Wakeline, James, George street, Croom's hill
Wale, Mr. James David, Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Walton, Mr. John C., Nelson street
Warhara, Mrs. Elizabeth, London street
Warren, Edward Charles, Hyde vale
Welch, Mrs. Frances, Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Wells, Mrs. Sarah, Guilford road
Wennyas, Captain Douglas, Lambton terrace, East Greenwich
Wertheimer, John, esq., Hyde vale
Wheatley, Mrs. Mary, Circus row, Royal hill
Wheatley, Mrs. Mary, Bexley place, Greenwich road
Wheatley, Thomas, esq., Queen Elizabeth row, Greenwich road
Whelpdale, Andrew, Morclen grove, Lewisham road
Whitehouse, Wildman, esq., electrician to the A. T. C. office, Bexley place, Greenwich road
Whiteway, Mr. William, Lambton terrace, East Greenwich
Wigzell, Mr. Eustace, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Wilkins, Rev, Joseph, Baptist, Croome's hill grove
Williams, Samuel, esq., Greenwich road
Wingfleld, Mr. John, London street
Winn, Mr. Charles, Ashburnham terrace, South street
Winter, Charles, esq., Circus
Wood, General Henry John, Croom's hill
Woodriffe, Mrs. Sarah, Bexley place, Greenwich road
Woolmer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Greenwich road
Young, Mr. Frederick, Haddington terrace
Young, Mrs., Circus

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