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    Search the historical London street directory, pub history site and World War One records of gallantry and casualties by surname, street or pub name; including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This site justs get more interesting.

    Greenwich, Greenwich

    Kent Districts & Kent Lathes| Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Greenwich, Greenwich

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    GREENWICH is a large town and borough, on the south bank of the Thames,  ...

    Public Houses in Greenwich

    Gentry in 1858
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    Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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    Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory

    Abbey, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Lamb lane
    Ablett, John, Railway Tavern, Church fields
    Absolom, Charles, greengrocer, Trafalgar road
    Adams, Cornelius, hairdresser, Trafalgar road
    Adams, James, smith, etc., Blackheath road
    Adams, Mrs. Lydia, shopkeeper, George street, Croom's hill
    Adley, George, draper, Church street
    Adron, Henry, secretary to Greenwich Railway, Bexley place, Greenwich road
    Akland, Joseph C., shipbroker's clerk, Catharine grove
    Allen, James, Royal George, Blisset street
    Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth, glass and china dealer, Greenwich market
    Allen, James, carpenter and undertaker, Burney street
    Allen, John, umbrella maker, Bridge street
    Allen, William, lighterman and coal merchant, Bridge street
    Allen, Mrs. Martha, coffee rooms, Church street
    Allen, Joseph, surveyor of taxes, London street
    Allen, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Brand street
    Allen and Co., stationers, etc., Stookwell street
    Allt, Thomas, merchant, Egerton road
    Almond, Nicholas H., bootmaker, Royal hill
    Allworth, John, apartments, Ashburnham grove
    Allworth, George, builder and undertaker, Hyde place, Royal hill
    Allworth, Charles Henry, upholsterer and undertaker, London street
    Allwright, Edward, broker, South street
    Allwright, George, auctioneer and furniture dealer, Lewisham road
    Anderson, John, painter, Roan street
    Anderson, Thomas, cowkeeper, Roan street
    Andrews, Benjamin, baker & confectioner, Greenwich road
    Apted, Francis, baker, Church street
    Ardley, Mrs Mary, apartments, Croom's hill grove
    Armitage, Joseph H, chemist, Church street
    Arnold, Richard, printer, Circus street, Royal hill
    Arnold, Miss Jane, stationer, Blackheath hill
    Arnold, Robert, silk throwster, Silk Mills, Lewisham
    Ashburn, William, ginger beer maker, Woolwich road
    Ashby, Joseph, orange merchant, Greenwich market
    Ashton, Charles, hatter, Church street
    Atkinson, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, George street, Croom's hill
    Atkinson, Mrs. Elizabeth, coffee house, Blackheath road
    Atterbury, Edward, hairdresser, Blackheath hill
    Attwell, William, apartments, Upper George street
    Auckland, Thomas, Custom House officer, Union place, Greenwich road
    Badge, William, boot and shoe maker, Blackheath hill
    Badger, Charles Robert, architect, Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
    Bailey, William, china and earthenware dealer, Turnpin lane, Greenwich market
    Baker, Mrs. Frances, fruiterer, Greenwich road
    Baldwin, George, herbalist, Greenwich road
    Baldwin, Mr., greengrocer, East lane
    Baldy, Reuben, boot and shoe maker, Royal hill
    Ballinger, James Joseph, Yorkshire Grey. Blackheath hill
    Baptil, W., carpenter, Cold Bath street
    Barber, Charles William, tea and Italian warehouse, Church street
    Barber, John, London city missionary, Ashburnham road
    Barker, Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker, Prior street
    Barnes, Henry, tobacconist, Blackheath hill
    Barnes, William, boarding and day school, Blackheath road
    Barnett, Frederick, Ordnance Arms, Lewisham road
    Barr, John, silversmith and jeweller, Nelson street
    Barrett, Mrs. Mary, haberdasher, Greenwich road
    Bartlett, Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, Trafalgar road
    Barton, James, banker's clerk, Egerton road
    Barwis, George, solicitor, Catharine grove
    Base, Joseph, mariner, Brand street
    Basing, William, earthenware dealer, Royal hill
    Baskett, John, gardener, Prior street
    Bates, Edward, baker, Bath street
    Bath, Stephen, bricklayer, George street
    Baxter, Mrs. Fanny, upholstress, Skelton street
    Beach, William, apartments, Guilford road
    Beale, Joshua T., ironfounder, East Greenwich
    Beaumont, William, linen draper, Trafalgar road
    Beaver, Mrs. Sarah A., boot and shoe maker, Greenwich market
    Beaver, John W., bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, Nelson street
    Beaver, Samuel, shopkeeper, Bridge street
    Bedford, Mrs Charlotte, apartments, Goss place, Greenwich road
    Beere, John, dairyman, Church street
    Bekenn, Miss Mary Eliza, apartments, Royal hill
    Bell, Thomas, baker, Church street
    Bell, G. M., secretary in Australian Bank, Croom's hill
    Bell, Nicholas James, boot and shoe maker, Bridge street
    Bell, Alfred C., zinc worker and gas fitter,
    Mount Pleasant place, Lewisham road
    Bell, John Z., artist, West Grove House, Blackheath point
    Bell, John, B.A., teacher, Burney street
    Belton, William, coffee house, Silver street
    Belton, William, Barley Mow, Green lane
    Belville, Mrs. Henry, establishment for young ladies, Croom's hill
    Bennett, Charles, tailor, Greenwich road; agent to the Times Life and Fire Office
    Bennett, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Brand street
    Bennett, Richard Henry, marine store dealer, Thames street
    Bennett, George W., watch and clock manufacturer, silversmith, jeweller, etc., Stockwell street, Greenwich, and near the railway station, Blackheath
    Bennett, Moses, baker, Blackheath hill
    Bentall, William, general dealer, Church fields
    Berry, Henry, academy, Park place
    Berryman, John, apartments, Guilford road
    Berryman, Miss Jane, teacher of music, and day school for young ladies, Guilford road
    Berryman, Edward George, engraver, Holwell place, Blackheath road
    Bethell, John, timber works, East Greenwich
    Bethwin, Henry, currier and leather seller, Turnpin lane, Greenwich market
    Bethwin, the Misses, preparatory school, Mordenstone hill
    Bevan, William Jordan, gas fitter, Prior street
    Biddle, James, baker, Blackheath road
    Bidgood, William Fisher, merchant's clerk, Circus street, Royal hill
    Billington, Mrs. Charlotte, undertaker, Straight's mouth
    Billington, John William, sen., undertaker, Church fields
    Bilton, William, the Victoria, Thames street
    Bishop, John, solicitor, Burney street, and Blackfriars, London
    Bishop, Richard, broker, Turnpin lane
    Bishop, Mrs, Elizabeth P., preparatory school for young gentlemen, Bexley place, London street
    Blackbourn, William, fishmonger, Church street
    Blackburn, Nathaniel, fishmonger, Dunsford's passage, Greenwich market
    Blackheath and Greenwich Ladies' College, Thornton House, near the Terminus; ladies principals, Mrs. Rexford and Mrs. Brown
    Blackmur, William B., cheesemonger, Church street
    Blacknell, Edward, baker, Orange place, Greenwich road
    Blair, Robert S., grocer, Trafalgar road
    Blake, Thomas, baker, Lewisham road, Lewisham
    Blondon, Mrs. Ann, fishmonger, Stockwell street
    Bloss, Edward, police sergeant, Ashburnham grove
    Blosse, Charles A., tobacconist and stationer, Greenwich road
    Blow, William, baker and postmaster, Trafalgar road
    Boardman, Joseph, tailor, London street
    Bond, Abraham, tailor and outfitter, Clarance street
    Bond, Mrs. Harriet, beer retailer, Park place
    Bond, William, tailor, Old Woolwich road
    Bone, Samuel, upholsterer, Prospect place, Greenwich road
    Bone, Mrs. Ann, grocer, Pelton road, East Greenwich
    Bone, Mrs., milliner and dress maker, Orchard hill
    Bone, Samuel, paper hanger and blind maker, Greenwich road
    Bookham, Thomas, wheelwright, Trafalgar road
    Bottomley, Miss Charlotte, shopkeeper, Trinity street
    Boulton, James, victualling clerk to the Royal Hospital, Burney street
    Bower, Joshua, accountant and notary, Valentine terrace, Blackheath road
    Bowles, Henry, basket maker, Greenwich market
    Box, George, apartments, Upper George street
    Boyles, James, boot and shoe maker, Blisset street
    Bradley, Richard H., surgeon, Trafalgar road
    Brandon, Joseph, tobacconist, Romney terrace, King William street
    Brannan, Mrs. Margaret, beer house, Norway street
    Bransby, Russell, agent to the General Life and Fire Assurance Company, 1, Catharine place, Blackheath road
    Breanski, L. De, French and German master at the Greenwich Preparatory School, and French master at the Literary
    Institution, Greenwich, Circus Lodge, Royal hill
    Brewerton, Benjamin, umbrella maker and toy dealer, Royal hill
    Brewerton, Samuel, news agent, Royal hill
    Briggs and Son, dyers, George street, Croom's hill, and Bayswater, London
    Bristed, John, chemist, medical hall, Nelson street
    Bristow, Henry B., merchant, Langdale place, Greenwich road
    Bristow, Alfred Rhodes and William, solicitors, commissioners to administer oaths in Chancery, London street
    Bromley, Paul H., carpenter, Trafalgar road
    Bromley, William G. S., smith and ironmonger, Nelson street
    Brooke, Charles, carpenter and upholsterer, Queen's place, Blackheath road
    Brook, Thomas, grocer, Blackheath hill
    Brookes, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Bridge street
    Brookes, Philip John, the Royal Briton, Thames street
    Brown, Benjamin, coffee house, Silver street
    Brown, Samuel, grocer, Lewisham road
    Brown, Mrs. Eliza, tobacconist, Greenwich road
    Brown, John, news agent and dealer in tobacco, Union street
    Brown, Timothy, cork manufacturer, Lewisham road
    Browne, William, shopkeeper, Bridge street
    Browne, Robert Palmer, architect and surveyor, Royal place
    Browning, William S., translator of languages, Camden place, South street
    Bryan, Charles, grocer, Thornton row
    Buckland, Thomas, grocer, Blisset street
    Buckley, John, pork butcher, Church street
    Budding, Henry, engineer, Ashburnham road
    Burnstead, Edward J. B., tobacconist, King street
    Burch, Mrs. Mary, apartments, Brand street
    Burcham, Charles, second-hand clothes dealer, Skelton street
    Burchett, Mrs. Mary, Three Tuns, London street
    Burgess, John James, greengrocer, Blackheath hill
    Burt, Mrs. Elizabeth, stationer and toy dealer, South street
    Burtell, John, ironmonger, Trafalgar road
    Burtt, Francis William, tailor, Royal hill
    Bush, James L., milliner, Turnpin lane, Greenwich market
    Bush, Samuel, baker, Roan street
    Buttle, Edwin J., furniture dealer, Greenwich road
    Buttle, Edwin, furniture broker and appraiser, London street
    Button, Mrs. Louisa R., day school, Ashburnham road
    Cabban, Thomas, linen draper, Stockwell street
    Oallean, Miss Maria, milliner and straw bonnet maker, Royal hill
    Callenne, Henry B., photographic artist, London street
    Callone, John, shopkeeper, Straight's mouth
    Canham, William, oilman, Trafalgar road
    Cape, William, grocer and cheesemonger, Church street
    Capern, Francis, hairdresser and tobacconist, Church street
    Carey, Mrs. Evenden, second-hand clothes dealer, Church fields
    Carley, Edwin, hatter, Greenwich market
    Carman, James; engineer, Heath cottages, South street
    Carman, Charles, coal and potato dealer, Lewisham road
    Carpenter and Son, boot makers, London street
    Carpenter, James, plumber, Ashburnham grove
    Carpenter, Mrs., stationer, Trafalgar road
    Carpenter, Andrew, grocer and cheesemonger, London street
    Carter, John, timber merchant, Burney street
    Carter, Henry C., builder, Catharine grove
    Carter, Miss Eliza, dress maker, Ashburnham grove
    Carter, Silas, draper, Guilford road
    Carter and Houston, stay and belt makers, Stockwell street
    Carter, Edward, pawnbroker, Bear lane
    Carter, George, lighterman, Pelham road, East Greenwich
    Carthwaite, Robert George, fishmonger, Royal hill
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