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Greenwich, Greenwich

Kent Districts & Kent Lathes| Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Greenwich, Greenwich

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GREENWICH is a large town and borough, on the south bank of the Thames,  ...

Public Houses in Greenwich

Gentry in 1858
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Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory

Carthar, Charles Joseph, solicitor, coroner for Kent, secretary and solicitor to the Royal Kent Dispensary, Thornton row
Cattarns, Richard, solicitor, Thornton row, office, Mark lane, London
Cawthorn, John, news agent, Church street
Cawthorne, P., tailor, East street
Challis, William, plumber, Church street
Challis and Son, oilmen, Church street
Chamberlin, Charles, butcher, Church street
Chandler, Dennis, Two Brewers, Church street
Chapman, Frederick W., solicitor's clerk, Egerton road
Chapman, Miss Ann, milliner, Turnpin lane, Greenwich market
Cheeseman, William Henry, coffee house, painter and paper hanger, Greenwich market
Cheeseman, William Henry, paper hanger, Little George street
Cherry, Ebenezer, hosier, glove and shirt maker, London street
Cherry, Mrs., Berlip and fancy repository, haberdasher, etc.,  London street
Chillcott, Mrs. Phoebe, milliner, Stockwell street
Church, John and Henry, boot and shoe manufacturers, Nelson street
Clark, Frederick, draper, Nelson street
Clarke, Robert Whitmore, surgeon, R.N., Laurel place, South street
Clause, Mrs. Ann Maria, cheesemonger, Stockwell street
Clayton, Charles, carpenter, Greenwich road
Clifford, Abraham, news agent and bookseller, London street
Clock, Jacob, pork butcher, Church street
Clubb, Thomas Stace, Duke of Kent, Royal hill row
Coast, John Edward, carman, Field's yard, Billingsgate street
Cobbett and Co., general house furnishers and carpet manufacturers, Deptford bridge
Colbey, Edmund, grocer, etc., Greenwich road
Cookie, Henry F., oil and Italian warehouse, Blackheath hill
Codling, Thomas, fishmonger, Greenwich market
Coldridge, Charles, shopkeeper, Morden street
Cole, Robert, Fox, Union street
Cole, William, bootmaker, shop, Birchin lane, London, h Brand street
Coleman, Henry, smith, Guilford road
Coles, Child, and Co., coke burners and brickmakers, East Greenwich
Collard, Edmund Clement, apartments, Upper George street
Collier, William, fruit pie house, Church street
Colling, Mrs. Lucy, apartments, Royal hill
Collin, John, turner, London street
Collins, John, wood dealer, Bath street
Collis, James, butcher, Trafalgar road
Collis, Mrs. Jane, butcher, Greenwich market
Colsell, John, milliner, London street
Coltman, Robert Jackson, shoemaker, Royal hill
Comfort, Gilbert, boot maker, Lewisham road, Blackheath hill
Connon, Charles Walker, schoolmaster to Greenwich hospital, Circus street, Royal hill
Constable, Mrs. Sophia, apartments, Upper George street
Cook, Henry, merchant's clerk, Croom's hill
Cook, Edward, shopkeeper, Blisset street
Cook, Mr. and Mrs., professors of music and singing, Hyde vale
Cook, David Richard, Olive Branch, Orchard hill
Cook, John, White Swan Inn, Greenwich road
Cooney, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Billingsgate street
Cooper, Alfred, stationer, Trafalgar road
Cooper, George A., linen draper, Trafalgar road
Cooper, Abraham, shopkeeper, Cold Bath street
Cooper, John, furnishing broker, Bridge street
Cooper, James, coffee and dining rooms, White Bait House, Silver street
Coppen, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Goss place, Greenwich road
Corbett, J., boat builder, Wood wharf
Corder, Frederick John, maltster, Hope wharf, Greenwich road, and at Blackheath, h Egerton road
Corston, Charles, bootmaker, North terrace, Woolwich road
Cottrell, Alfred, tailor, etc., Commercial place, Lewisham road
Cottrell, William, saddler, Clarence street
Couchman, _, auctioneer, etc., Blackheath hill, Lewisham
Couldery, Edmund, Penn House establishment for young gentlemen, Lewisham road
Couldery, William Andrew, butcher, Pearson street
Couldery, Frederick, butcher, Blackheath hill
Couldery, William, butcher, Blackheath hill
Coulson, Alfred, greengrocer, Church street
Coulson, Stephen, fishmonger, Deptford bridge
Coulter, John, boot and shoe maker, Horse ferry road
Court, De la, Mrs., ladies' school, Morden grove, Lewisham road
Coussens, John, tobacconist, Bear lane
Cowling, Mrs., dressmaker, George street, Croom's hill
Cownden, Charles William, shipwright, East Greenwich
Cowell, George, dyer, Church street
Cox, James, builder, etc., Brand street
Cox, Robert, clerk to South Eastern Railway Company, Ashburnham grove
Coyfe, Thomas, confectioner, Deptford bridge
Crane, John William, marine store dealer, Blackheath hill
Crane, Charles, parish clerk, and agent to London Assurance Fire and Life Office, Burney street
Crathern, George F., linen draper, Trafalgar road
Craven, Richard, apartments, Upper George street
Crawford, Matthew, confectioner, Nelson street
Creaton, Miss Mary Ann, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Holwell place, Blackheath road
Crew, William, baker, Union street
Crew, Mrs. Susan, apartments, Ashburnham grove
Crockford, William Henry .printer, Blackheath road
Crocker, Lewis T., jeweller, silversmith, and cutler, Nelson street
Croft, David, North Pole, Greenwich road
Crombie, George D., London City missionary, Maidenstone hill
Croney, Joseph, baker, Bridge street
Cronk, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Church passage
Cross, James Burton, Duke of York, Lewisham road
Cross, John, day school, Blue stile, Greenwich road
Crossley, Thomas, pawnbroker, Blackheath hill
Crow, James, fishmonger and poulterer, Turnpin lane
Crowder, Daniel, glass and china dealer, Greenwich market
Cubitt, Thomas, Red Lion, Greenwich road
Cucksey, Miss Mary Ann, day school for young ladies, Wellington terrace, Greenwich road
Culmore, John, marine store dealer, Straight's mouth
Culpin, Thomas, engineer and machinist, Royal hill
Currans, James, linen and woollen draper, Goss plape, Greenwich road
Cummin, John Henry, carpenter and joiner, Greenwich road
Dadd, Isaac George, tobacconist, Greenwich road
Danby, John William, umbrella maker, Blackheath road
Dannatt, George, cheesemonger, Nelson street
David, Valentine, saddler and harness maker, Deptford bridge
Davies, John, corn dealer, Trafalgar road
Davis, Thomas, furrier and photographic artist, Royal hill
Davis, Mrs. Ellen, infant day school, George street, Croom's hill
Davis, Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Davison, Septimus, solicitor, Croom's hill
Dawson, George, baker and shopkeeper, Royal hill road
Day, George, chemist, Blackheath hill
Day, John, shopkeeper, Ravensbourne street
Day, Mrs. Emily Rebecca, shopkeeper, Greenwich road
Deal, Joseph, coal merchant, St. Mary's place, Greenwich road
Deal, Edward, general dealer, Queen's place, Blackheath road
Death, John Joseph, baker, Orchard hill
Deer, Charles, the Earl Grey, Straight's mouth
Deer, John R., boot and shoe manufacturer and tobacconist, Nelson street
Delatouche, Charles, tailor, Bridge street
Dell, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Straight's mouth
Delmar, Charles and Edward; wine and brandy merchants, Stockwell street, and at Phoenix place, Blackheath
Derry, Thomas and Charles, linen drapers, Blackheath road
Derry, Charles, draper, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Dinsey, Mrs. Ann, lace cleaner, etc., Blackheath hill
Ditton, John, butcher, Trafalgar road
Dixie, Mrs. Hannah, apartments, Ashburnham road
Dixie, Edward, horse letter, Grove street, South street
Dixon, David, hairdresser, Blackheath hill
Dixon, Henry, banker's clerk to the Bank of England, Circus street, Royal hill
Dobbs, George, gun maker, Blackheath hill
Dockerill, Mrs. Sarah, day school, Ashburnham grove
Dodds, John, boot and shoemaker, Skelton street
Dodge, George, London City missionary, Ashburnham road
Dolman and Sons, glass and picture frame manufacturers, Nelson street
Donovan, Thomas, cooper, Rose place, Bell street
Donovan, Joseph, tailor, Blackheath road
Dorrington, James Robert, leather seller, Straight's mouth
Dorrington, William, beer house, Royal hill
Doubtflre, William, pipe maker, Grove street, South street
Doull, Alexander, civil engineer, Morden terrace, Lewisham road
Doust, Thomas George, Ship and Sailor, Church street
Dowding, Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, Royal place
Downing and Creed, surgeons, Trafalgar road
Dowsett, John, gardener, Maidenstone hill
Dowson, John, auctioneer, upholsterer, & house agent, London street
Dowson, John, Portland Family and Commercial Hotel, London street
Drew and Co., boot and shoe warehouse, Blackheath road
Driver, James, confectioner, Blackheath hill
Driver, William, grocer, Royal hill
Dudley, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers, George street, Croom's hill .
Duma'yne, the Misses Mary and Ann, milliners, Stockwell street
Dummer, William, French dyer, Deptford bridge
Dummock, Henry W., fruiterer and greengrocer, Royal hill
Dupere, Mrs. Elizabeth A., poulterer, Stockwell street
Durham, Charles J., Man in the Moon, Bear lane
Durrant, Francis, collector of rates, Croom's hill grove
Dutton, Daniel, tailor, Blisset street
Dyball and Son, cork manufacturers, Deptford bridge
Dymott, John, boot and shoe maker, Cold Bath street
Eager, Edward, coffee house, Church street
Eagleston, William, cowkeeper, Royal place
Earle, James, baker, Blisset street
Eastmur, Miss, day school, Greenwich road
Eastmure, Samuel V, custom house officer, Winston place, Blackheath road
Eccles, Miss Deborah, shopkeeper, Lewisham road
Edwards, John, painter, Circus street, Royal hill
Edwards, John, fruiterer, Trafalgar road
Edwards, Edmund, gas fitter and furnishing ironmonger, Church street
Egerton, Mrs. Sarah, day school, Lewisham road
Eldred, Daniel, carpenter, Lewisham road, Blackheath hill
Eldridge, William, painter, South street
Eldridge, John, cow keeper, Straight's mouth
Ellenden, George R., hairdresser, &c., Stockwell street
Elliott, John D., chemist, Orchard place
Ellis, John, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Ellis, William, assistant at Royal Observatory, Croom's hill grove
Ellis, Jonathan and Henry, fly and job masters, Railway station yard, Greenwich road
Ellis, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Blackheath hill
Elmore, 'William G., compositor, Brand street
Elstone, Thomas, Hope and Anchor, Norman road
Evans, George, carver and gilder, Royal hill row
Everest, Mrs Sarah, butcher, Blackheath hill
Everest, Robert, blacksmith, East Greenwich
Faggs, William, fishmonger, Royal hill
Fainton, Joseph, beer retailer, Trafalgar road
Fairbairn, Angus, professor of singing, Guilford road
Fairman, William, ship joiner, Upper George street
Fairnington, Miss Mary, apartments, Royal place
Faithful, George, fishmonger, Blackheath hill
Fallar, Edward, apartments, Wellington terrace, Greenwich road
Farley, Mrs. Elizabeth, ladies' day school, Trafalgar road
Farmer, John and Son, inspector of weights and measures, Straight's mouth
Farmer, John Wells, broker and appraiser, Straight's mouth
Fenn, John, watchmaker, Church street
Fenton, Frederick, artist, Brand street
Fenton, Mr., greengrocer, East street
Field, Mrs. Jane, baker, Circus row, Royal hill
Field, Edward, cooper, Union wharf, East Greenwich
Field, Mrs. Susannah, apartments, Royal place
Figg, Jesse, cabinet maker, George street

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