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Greenwich, Greenwich

Kent Districts & Kent Lathes| Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Greenwich, Greenwich

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

GREENWICH is a large town and borough, on the south bank of the Thames,  ...

Public Houses in Greenwich

Gentry in 1858
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Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory

Filbrook, William John, engineer, Ashburnham grove
Finch, William, orange merchant, Goss place, Greenwich road
Fisher, Francis, painter, Lewisham road
Fisher, Simon, smack owner, Union wharf, East Greenwich
Fisher, William, gardener, Green lane
Fisher, William, ship owner, Bishop's buildings, Thames street
Fitton, John, commercial traveller, Brand street
Flashman, William, letter-press printer, 7, Queen's place, Blackheath road, office of the Blackheath Directory, etc.
Fletcher, Samuel, ham and tongue dealer, Royal hill, Greenwich, and 130, High street, Borough
Flide, Thomas, tinman and brazier, Trafalgar road
Floyd, Mr., baker, East street
Ford, John, merchant's clerk, Ashburnham road
Ford, Mr. T. M., apartments, Brand street
Forrest, Hugh, clerk to General Steam Company, Ashburnham road
Fortescue, John, glass and china dealer, Turnpin lane
Fountain, Richard, baker, Clarence street
Fountain, Robert B., Italian warehouse, Church street
Fountain, Mrs. Mary Ann, paper hanging warehouse, London street
Fountain, Robert B., ship chandler, etc., Church street and Trafalgar road
Fox, John, corn dealer, Blackheath hill
Francis, William, stay maker, Greenwich road
Francis, Griffith, grocer, Church street
Freeman, Jonathan, engineer and millwright, Guilford road
French, Mrs. Mary Ann, shoemaker, Trafalgar road
French, Joseph, shopkeeper, Billingsgate street
Freshwater, John, fishmonger, Church street
Frill, John, gas collector, Ashburnham grove
Fry and Co., oilman, Church street
Fulker, John, grocer, Queen's place, Blackheath road
Fuller, Benjamin, baker, Bear lane
Fuljames, Thomas, Horse Shoe Inn, and general smith, Deptford bridge
Furner, William, tailor, Royal hill
Furness, Frederick, builder, East Greenwich
Gaffer, Robert, fishmonger, Church street
Gale, Richard, apartments, George street, Croom's hill
Garlick, Nicholas, bricklayer and news agent, Church street
Garner, John, butcher, Maidenstone hill
Garrett, George, butcher, Church street
Garrett, William, coal merchant, Church street, h South street
Gately, Stephen G., carpenter, joiner, and tobacco dealer, Church street
Gatfield, the Misses, milliners, Grove Cottage, South street
Gatley, William, butcher, Lewisham road
Gatti and Co., Chocolate manufacturers, Silver street
Gasden, John, dealer in marine stores, Royal hill row
Gay, David, photographic artist, Union place, Blackheath road
Geen, George, tailor and outfitter, Church st.
Genge, Mrs. Mary, baker, East Greenwich
Gibbs, James, tobacconist, Trafalgar road
Gibson, George, brass moulder, Bridge street
Giles, Isaac, fruiterer, Thames street
Giles, _, tailor, South street
Giles and Doutty, stationer and grocer, Stockwell street
Giles, John, boot and shoemaker, Clarence street
Giles, James, Dover Castle, Church street
Gilfillan, Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, Green lane
Gillham, William, boot and shoe maker, Church street
Gillham, Miss Ann, boot and shoe warehouse, Deptford bridge
Girling, _, undertaker, South street
Gladston, William, physician, Vanbrugh fields, Maize hill
Glaisher, Henry, book seller and book binder, London street
Gleaves, Mrs. Maria, milliner and dress maker, Blackheath hill
Clock, Christian, pork butcher, Blackheath hill
Glover, Thomas, cowkeeper, Lewisham road, Blackheath hill
Glover, George, cowkeeper, Blisset street
Good, Mrs. Sarah, apartments, Brand street
Goodhew, Thomas, shopkeeper, York street
Goodwin, Thomas, Union Tavern, East Greenwich
Goodwin, Thomas, A.B., Greenwich proprietary school, Royal hill
Goodwin, Mrs. Eliza, milliner and dressmaker, Upper George street
Goslin, John, tobacconist, Crane street, East Greenwich
Gough, Ebenezer, and Co., sole manufacturers of the patent kamptulican, elastic material for floorcloths, etc., Greenwich road
Gouldthorp, Miss Amelia A., establishment for young ladies, Royal hill
Govan, Robert, baker, Woolwich road
Grainger, Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, Blisset street
Grant, Mrs. Betsy, milliner and dressmaker, Lewisham road
Grant, Samuel, toy dealer, Trafalgar road
Gray, Thomas, coffee house, and photographic artist, Church street
Green, Miss M. E., Berlin fancy repository and registrar office for servants, Blackheath hill
Green, John, Rose and Crown, Croom's hill
Green, Miss Sarah, haberdasher, Bridge street
Greene, William, broker, Bridge street
Greenaway, John, fancy repository, Greenwich road
Greenfield, James, Morden Arms, Brand street
Greengrass, Benjamin, boot and shoemaker, Royal hill
Gridley, Benjamin, engraver, Friendly cottages, Albion street
Grier, James, engineer, Prior street
Griffiths, Edward William, Fubb's Yacht, Brewhouse lane
Griffin, James Henry, hairdresser, Royal hill
Grimwood, Charles, greengrocer, Blackheath hill
room, John, railway station clerk, Lewisham road
Grover, George, wheelwright, Stockwell street
Gurney, John, boot and shoe maker, Lewisham road
Guy, William, shopkeeper, Church passage
Hackfath, Violet, draper, Guildford road
Hadfield, Mrs. Frances, straw bonnet maker, St. Mary's place, Greenwich road
Hadlow, John, carrier, Church passage
Haines, Frederick C., warehouseman, Ashburnham grove
Halfpenny, William, Salutation Tavern, Garden stairs, Church street
Hallam, James, tailor, Upper George street
Hallam, C., tailor, Burney street
Hamer, John, apartments, Upper George street
Hancock, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, George and Dragon, Blackheath hill
Handfield, Mrs. Julia, day school, Bridge street
Hanks, John, coal dealer, Cold Bath street
Hanscomb, Henry, Fishermen's Arms, Bath street
Harding, Edwin, tailor, Church street
Harding, Richard Henry, boat builder, Horseferry road
Harding, Charles, tallow chandler, London street
Harding, Benjamin, White Horse, Church street
Harding, Henry, baker, Bridge street
Hardwiok, Thomas, smith, &c., Lewisham road
Harman, Mrs. Ann, tripe dresser, Greenwich market
Harriman, Mrs. Susannah, apartments, Circus street, Royal hill
Harrington, William, Duchess of Kent, Blackheath hill
Harris, William J., upholsterer, South street
Harris, John, tailor, Circus row, Royal hill
Harris, Peter, greengrocer, Greenwich market
Harris, James, professor of music, Morden terrace, Lewisham- road
Harrold, Mrs. Mary Ann, ironmonger, London street
Hart, Charles, Trafalgar Tavern, Park row
Hart, Thomas, greengrocer, Green lane
Hart, William P., wharfinger, Railway wharf
Harte, the Misses Charlotte and Ann Maria, ladies' hoarding school, Vanbrugh Castle
Harvey, Miss Harriet, milliner, Royal hill
Harvey, Edward, shopkeeper, Thames street
Hatfield, Henry, plumber and house decorator, agent to the Equitable Fire and People's Provident Life Offices, Blackheath, hill
Hatley, James T, ironmonger, Royal hill
Hawes, Miss Mary B., ladies' school, Orchard hill
Hawker, David W., hairdresser, Skelton street
Hawkes, Jesse, coffee and dining rooms, Park House, Silver street
Hawkes, Hayman Hull, shopkeeper, Cold Bath street
Hawksley, Henry, Telegraph, Maidenstone hill
Hayes, Mrs. Rebecca, tobacconist, Lewisham road
Hearn, R., coal merchant, Greenwich road
Heasler and Sons, tailors, Stockwell street
Heath, Henry John, boot maker, Church street
Hedger, John, tailor, Greenwich road
Hedger, Mr., Bricklayers' Arms, Trafalgar road
Helyer, William Henry, printer and bookseller, London street
Henderson, James, wheelwright, Blue stile
Henn, Mrs. Mary, coffee house, Church street
Henshaw, Laurence, engineer, Blackheath road
Heriot, Thomas, leather seller, Bear lane
Hewitt, Henry, tailor, Prior street
Hilder, James, confectioner, Trafalgar road
Hildyard, Miss Catherine, seminary, Lambton terrace, East Greenwich
Hill, Mrs. Harriet, staymaker, Goss place, Greenwich road
Hill, John, poulterer, Siockwell street
Hill, Charles, surgeon, Camden place, South street
Hill, William, surveyor and builder, Blackheath road
Hillier, Henry, draper, Devonshire road
Hillman, J., gun maker, Bath street
Hillman, George, broker, Dunsford passage
Hills, Frank C., flour mills and chemical works, East Greenwich and Deptford
Hills, John, commercial traveller, Brand street
Hisoock, John, builder, Circus street
Hoare, Henry, hairdresser, Trafalgar road
Hockley, Miss Eleanor, grocer, Maidenstone hill
Hodgkins, James, boot and shoe maker, Bath street
Hodgkin, James, beer retailer, East Greenwich
Holcombe, Charles T., pitch, tar, and gas manufacturer, East Greenwich
Holden, David, furniture broker, East street
Holding, Henry, tailor, London street
Holding, William, builder, Church street
Hollamby, Henry, bricklayer, East Greenwich
Hollingsworth, John, surgeon, London street
Holton, William, shopkeeper, Church fields
Hone, Daniel William, pilot, Crowley's wharf, East Greenwich
Hooker, William, plumber and glazier, London street
Horn, James, stationer, Trafalgar road
Home, Mrs. Elizabeth, tobacconist, Trafalgar road
Horton, William Nevil, stationer, and publisher of West Kent Guardian, Royal hill
Howard, George, chemist and druggist, Royal hill. Post-Office - Letters dispatched from this office, 9.30, 12.25, 1.25,4.30,7.30
Howard, Henry, boot and shoe maker, George street, Croom's hill
Howard, George R., chemist, Park row
How, Paul .tailor, Trafalgar road
Howe, Frederick T., baker, Marlborough street, East Greenwich
Howe, George, clothier, London street
Howe, Frederick, baker, Thames street
Howe, John, surveyor, Brand street
Howell, Mrs. Lydia, G., apartments, South street
Hubble, John, bricklayer, Little George street
Hubble, John James, plumber, painter, &c., Blackheath hill
Huby, Charles, hairdresser, Greenwich road
Hudson, Thomas, carpenter, Nile cottages, Trafalgar road
Hudson, Mrs. Sarah, milliner, Stockwell street
Hudson, William R., baker, Blackheath hill
Hudson, Robert, railway clerk, Blue stile, Greenwich, road
Hudson, Frederick T., spectacle manufacturer, Stockwell street
Huggett, Miss Sarah, ladies' school, Albion street
Hughes, Charles, inspector of sewers, Bridge street
Hughson, Mrs. Emma, milliner, Turnpin lane
Humber, William, civil engineer, Circus
Humphreys, Henry, house and estate agent, agent to Sun Fire and Life Office, London street
Hunt, Benjamin S. F., grocer, Trafalgar road
Huntley, Charles, pilot, Clarence street
Huntley, William Robert, coal merchant, Brewhouse lane
Hutchinson, Robert, baker, Trafalgar road
Hyde, Mrs. Rebecca, bookseller and stationer, Croom's hill
Hyland, Alfred, butcher, Lewisham road

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