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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

HADLOW is a large village and parish on the main road from Maidstone to Tunbridge station, 10 miles S.E. from Maidstone, and four N.E. from Tunbridge. The population in 1851 was 2,395. The church, dedicated to St Mary, is a neat edifice. The living is a vicarage, in the presentation and incumbency of the Rev. James Isaac Monypenny, M.A. There is a Baptist and also a Wesleyan chapel. Bourn Side is one mile and a half south; Golden Green, one mile S.E.; Dairy Farm, onw mile and a half south; Hartlake Bridge, two miles south on the Medway; Camel's Land, one mile and a half south; Fishall, one mile and a half S.W.; Stair and Pen Bridge, two miles S.W.; Green Trees, two miles S.W.; Finch Green, two miles S.W.; Pottery, one mile and a half N.W.; Stallion's Green, one mile S.W.; Barn Street, one mile S.E.; Starve Crow, two miles west; Lower Gage Green, three miles S.W.

POST-OFFICE. - Josiah Oliver, Receiver. Letters arrive from Tunbridge. Money Orders are granted and paid at this Office.

Public Houses in Hadlow

Bowman, Robert Henry, Esq., Grange
Carnell, the Misses Jane and Emma, New House
Gordon, James Edward, Esq., Hadlow House
Hales. _, Esq.
Holdswovth, Rev. G. H,, Curate, Parsonage
Kibble, Thomas, Esq., Green Trees
Lovejoy, Mr. Charles, Tench
May, Walter Horatio, Esq.
Monypenny, Rev. James Isaac, M.A. Vicar, Vicarage
Vine, George John, Esq.


Agate, Henry, grocer and draper
Baldwin, James, farmer
Barbara, Edward, inland revenue officer
Barnes, Thomas, blacksmith
Barnes, William, tailor
Barton, George, saddle and harness maker
Barton, John, carpenter
Beale, William, carrier and farmers, Close Brewery
Bedford, G., and Burfoot, G., millers
Bennett, James, King's Head
Bishop, Thomas, beer retailer
Bowman, Robert, farmer, Grange
Bradley, John, beer retailer
Brigden, James, shopkeeper
Burfoot, Charles, butcher
Burfoot, Thomas, cooper
Callow, George, baker
Catt, Edward, bailiff farmer
Cheesman, G., builder
Cheesman, W., furniture dealer
Cowley, T., boot and shoe maker
Cox, William, farmer
Croxford, William, boot and shoemaker
Crump, John, bricklayer, Gold Hill Green
Crundwell, Joseph, watch and clock maker
Dickenson, J., hop factor
Duke, William Richard, farmer
Edward, Sarah, farmer
Eldon, John, Bell, and builder, Gold Hill Green
Everest, William, butcher
Greenaway, Thomas, boot and shoe maker
Grover, Richard, blacksmith and beer retailer
Griffin, Michael, national schoolmaster
Griffin, Mrs., national schoolmistress
Hammond, John, brewer and beer retailer
Harrison, and Taylor, maltsters, brewers,
Hatch, Alfred, assistant overseer
Humphrey, Joseph, boot and shoe maker
Kipping, Charles, farmer
Kipping, William, farmer
Larking, John, farmer
Lawrence, Richard, wheelwright
Leeds, John, builder and grocer
Letchford, Robert, beer retailer
Mankelow, William, brick maker and
Mankelow, William jun., carrier
Maplesden, Charles, farmer
Martin, John, beer retailer
Martin, Isaac, farmer
May, Robert, shopkeeper
Montague, Charles, farmer
Murrell, Reuben, blacksmith
Norton, Edward, boot and shoe maker
Nye, John, farmer
Oliver, Josiah, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, Berlin and fancy repository, and post-office
Osborne, Joseph, academy
Palmer, Thomas, Greyhound
Phillips, William, farmer
Philpot, John, hairdresser, &c.
Richardson, Stephen, beer retailer
Richardson, George, farmer and brickmaker
Richmond, Mrs. Sarah, farmer, Barn Street
Rixon, Thomas, grocer
Saxby, Henry, linendraper.
Seger, George R., grocer and tailor
Sherwood, John, veterinary surgeon
Simmons and Martin, brewers, maltsters, and farmers, Style's Place Brewery
Skinner, Mr., farmer Watson, Henry, butcher, &c.
Smith, Thomas, plumber, &c.
Soper, Henry, plumber and glazier
Steadman, George, miller
Taylor, Edmund, beer retailer
Taylor, George, coach maker
Taylor, Thomas, farmer, Barn Street
Thompson, John, farmer, Bourn Farm
Turner, James, baker
Vine, George John, surgeon
Waller, Mrs., day school
Walter, William, beer retailer
Walters, Stephen, day and boarding school
Warnett, James, blacksmith and beer retailer
Warren, Robert, boot and shoe maker
Waterhouse, James, farmer, Fishall Farm
Waterhouse, Charles, farmer
Waters, Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer
Wells, George, bricklayer
Whiting, Joseph, currier
Wightwick, William, farmer
Winser, Brothers, grocers, drapers, and ironmongers

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