Gentry in Maidstone, Maidstone, Maidstone

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Maidstone, Maidstone, Maidstone

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Gentry in 1858 by surname

Adams, Mrs. Emily, Ashford road
Addison, Dr. William, Ashford road
Allen, Thomas William, Esq., Bower terrace, Tunbridge road
Allen, Miss Charlotte, Ashford road
Alkin, Mrs. Frances R,, Bower terrace, Tunbridge road
Allnutt, Henry, Esq., Bower terrace, Tunbridge road
Allwork, Mr. Thomas, 47, Brewer street
Archer, Miss Maria/Knightrider street
Argles, Henry, Esq., Ashford road
Arkcoll, IsaatyEsq., Bower place
Arkcoll, Charles, Esq., Rocky hill
Arkcoll, John,' Esq., Bower terrace, Tunbridge road
Baily, Mr. William, London road
Baldis, Colonel Charles, Sommerfield House, London road
Baldwin, Mr. W., Quay House, Boughton, Chelsea
Balston, R. E. P., Esq., Thornhill
Balston, Thomas, Esq., Ladd's Court, Chart Sutton
Balston, William, Esq., Springfield
Balston, Rev. Edward, Boxley Abbey
Barrow, the Misses, Albion place, King street
Barton, Mr. James, Fant fields
Baverstock, James H., Esq., Fant fields
Beadle, Mr. John, Ashford road
Beale, William, Esq., King street
Beale, Richard F. W., Esq., King street
Bentliff, Miss Caroline, Dover place, Church street
Bentliff, Mr. James, Marsham street
Best,.the Misses, Ashford road
Bootes, Mr. Alfred E.W.,Knightrider street
Bouch, Mrs. Mary, Len villa, Ashford road
Brandreth, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, Brewer street
Brenehley, Miss Mary, Albion place, King street
Brenchley, John, Esq., Gore court, Otham
Brook, Mrs. Anne A., Craven place, Fant fields
Brothers, Mr. James, Middle row, High street
Brown, Mr. George, Marsham street
Browning, Mrs. Elizabeth, Boxley road terrace
Bryant, Mr. Thomas, Marsham street
Bryant, Mr. Samuel, St. Faith's street
Burr, the Misses, Albion place, King street
Busby, Mr. James, Dover place, Church street
Buttanshaw, Rev.. Francis, Bower House, Tunbridge load
Carr, Rev. T., curate of All Saints' church
Carman, Mr. Robert, Brewer street
Clulow, Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan minister
Cobb, Mr. William, jun., Fant place
Cogger, Mrs. Thomasin, Marsham street
Cooke, Mrs. Mary "Hannah, Kingsley road
Cooper, Robert, Esq., London road
Cross, Mr. Charles, Rockstone, London road
Dadds, William Esq.,Temple House, Boxley road
Davey, Rev. George, incumbent of St Peter's, Fant fields
Day, Miss Emily, Fant fields .
Dobney, Bev. Henry H,, Baptist minister, Marsham street
Dungate, Mrs. Elizabeth, Earl street
Edmed, the Misses, Surrey Cottage, Bower place
Eldred, Mr. Charles, Mote road
Ellis, Mr. Charles, Rocky Hill terrace
Evenden, Mr. James, 87, High street
Few, Mr. William, Albion place, King street
Fielding, George H., Esq., Bower House, Tunbridge road
Flint, Mr. Thomas, the Bower
Foofd, Mr. John Richard, Marsham street
Fowler, Reginald, Esq., Maryland House, Sittingbourne road
Francis,. George,-Esq., Rocky hill
Franklyn, Thomas, Esq., Cobtree House
Frost,'Mrs. B. W., Kingsley'road
Gandy, Mr. Edward, Boxley road
Garrett, Mr. Balls, 4, Canterbury villas
Glover, Rev. Henry, curate of Trinity church, Trinity Parsonage
Glover, Rev. Bichard, incumbent of Trinity
church, Trinity Parsonage, King street
Godden, Henry, Esq., justice of peace, Stone House, Stone street
Gordon, Mr. James, Fant fields
Gorham, Mrs. Sarah, Earl street
Gouge, George, Esq., Walton place, Fant fields
Grant, Mr. Thomas, Shirley House, West Borough
Green, Mr. John, Mill street
Green, the Misses, Ashford road
Grey, Miss Sarah, Romney place
Gurney, Mr. John, Week street
Harrison,. Mrs. Hannah, Brewer street
Haynes, Mr.'.William, Clarendon place
Haynes, Mr. William, jun., Week street
Hayyood, Mrs. Elizabeth A., Albion place, King street .
Hazell, Mr. Stephe.n Link, Mill street
Heron, Mrs. Catherine, Fant fields
Hills, Walton, Esq., Clarendon place, King street . . .
Hills, Mr. Alfred, Fant fields
Hoadly, John Charles, Esq., Grove House, Week street
Hoar, Edward, Esq., King street
Hodges, Mr. Samuel S., Clarendon place, King street
Hodsell, Mr. James H., Loose Court
Hodson, Miss Henrietta, Marsham street
Hollams, -Mrs. Ann, Sommerfield terrace, London road
Holdsworth, Rev. T.
Holley, Mr. Benjamin, Victoria place, Upper Union street
Hooper, Mrs. Margaret, Marsham street
Home, Mrs. Maria J., King street
Hosmar, the Misses, Rocky hill
Hughes, Mrs. Sarah, Bower lodge
Hunt, Mrs. Elizabeth, Marsham street
Hunt, Mr. Edward, 2, Bower terrace
Hunter, Mrs. 'Amelia H., Bower place
Hyde, Thomas.'Esq., Manor House, Tunbridge road
Jarratt, Thomas, Esq., Wilton place, Fant fields
Johnson, Mr. Thomas, Kingsley road
Johnson, Mr. William, Sommerfield terrace, London road
Keith, Rev. W., curate of All Saints' church
Kierman, Mr. John, Violet Cottage, Fant fields
King, Rev. Watson, chaplain to County gaol
King, Knowles, Esq., Sommerfield terrace
King, Knowles, Esq, London road
Knight, Mrs. -Ann, .Marsham street
Laker, Mr. John, Boxley road terrace
Lawrance, Mr. William, Sommerfield terrace, London road
Lewis, Henry, Tunbridge road
Lloyd, Mrs. J. K., Springfield
Luck, Rev. Charles, Rocky Hill terrace
Maclellan, Bev. Bobert E. B., Unitarian, Fant place
Marchant, Mr. Joseph, Bower place
Mares, Miss Ann, Rocky hill
Marshall, Captain, Orchard Villa
Marshall, Mr. Henry, Portland place
Martin, the Misses, Marsham street
Martin, Mr. William Henry, Bedford place
Mason, Mr. Edward, Craven place, Fant fields
Masters, William, Esq., Romney place
Matthew, Rev. Isaac C., Suffolk place, Tovil road
Maylam, Mrs. Celia, Albion place, King street
Menzies, Mr. James, Fant fields
Mercy, John, Esq., Rocky Hill terrace
Miller, Miss Mary, Park place, Ashford road
Mitchell, Mrs. Harriet, Albion place, King street
Monokton, John, Esq., King street
Monokton, Mr. John B., King street
Morfill, Mr. Albert, Fant fields
Morgan, Charles, Esq., Earl street
Munk, Mrs., Albion^place, King street
O'Brien, Mrs. Helen, Bower place
O'Callaghan, Charles, Esq., Week street
Old, Mr. John H., Brunswick Villa, Kingsley road
Orford, Mrs Mary Ann, Brunswick House, Brunswick street
Packham, Mrs Sarah, Sussex place, Tunbridge road
Paine, Mr. George, 87, High street
Parton, Mr. Joseph K., Mill street
Parton, Mr. Joseph K., Mill House
Peale, John, Esq., Knightrider street
Pearee, Mr. William, Wheeler street
Pearson, Mr. James, Union street
Pell, Mr. George, Ashford road
Peppercorn, Miss Sarah, 2, Sommerfield terrace
Peppercorn, Mr. Charles, Myrtle Cottage, Fant fields
Pine, Mrs. and Miss, Earl street
Pine, Mr. Frederick, West Tree Villa, Borough
Pine, Mr. Thomas, Ashford road
Piper, Mr. William, Myrtle Cottage, Fant fields
Piper, Mrs. Elizabeth, Brewer street
Plane, Mrs. Elizabeth, Clarendon place, King street
Plomley, Mr. William, Earl street
Plomley, Dr. Francis, Clarendon place, King street
Plomley, Mr. John Croft, Earl street
Poole, Miss Charlotte, Albion place, King street
Poolly, Mr. Thomas, Boxley road
Post, Mr. Edward, King street
Potts, Thomas,.Esq., Ashford road
Pound, Mr. John, Union street
Prentice, Mr., Earl street
Prentice, Miss Rose, Bridge terrace
Raggett, Mr. Job R., West Tree Villa, Tunbridge road
Randall, Mrs. Elizabeth, Albion place, King street
Randall, Mr. William, Brewer street
Ransome, Mrs. Harriet, Wyatt street
Redout, Miss, Ashford road
Rimbault, Rev. Stephen F., Bower place
Robinson, Captain John, Sommerfield terrace, London road
Robinson, Mr. Samuel, Ash Cottage, Boxley road
Rook, Mr. James, 38, High street
Roper, Mr. Robert, Rose cottages, Fant fields
Ruck, Mr. George, Fant fields
Ruck, Mr. Joshua, Rose villas, Boxley road
Rugg, Mr. Robert, Fant fields
Ruse, Mrs. Susannah, Albion place, King street
Russell, Miss Catherine B., Marsham street
Saxbey, Mr. John, Rose cottages, Fant fields
Seaton, Mrs. Sarah, London road
Scott, Captain Edward, M.P., the Priory, Knightrider street
Soudamore, Frederick, Esq., Week street
Sharp, Mr. John, Perry fields
Shaw, Major George G., Sommerfield terrace, London road
Shute, Miss Matilda, Knightrider street
Simmons, Thomas, Esq., Water side
Simmonds, Mr. Henry, 2, Park place
Simmonds, Mr. John, Canal House
Simpson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Rocky Hill terrace
Skeer, Mr. Thomas, Marsham street
Slaughter, Mr. William, Earl street
Smith, Mr. Timothy, Kingsley House, Kingsley road
Smythe, Mr. William, Rocky hill
Smythe, the Misses, Stone street
Spence, Mr. George, Rocky hill
Stacey, Edwin, Esq., Stone street
Standing, Mr. Thomas, Marsham street
Starnes, Mr. Richard, Albion place, King street
Steele, William, Esq., the Limes, Boxley road
teinmetz,W.T., Esq., Rock House, Rocky hill
Stephens, Mr. John C., Week street
Steer, Mr. James, Kemuel House, Fant fields
Stewart, Rev. David Dale, M.A., Mote road
Button, Major W. G., Rose villas, Boxley road
Summerfield, Mr. Richard, Boxley road
Swain, Mr. Robert, Union street
Swinley, Captain John, Brewer street
Tanner, Mr. Edward R., Rocky hill
Tanner, Miss Mary V., Knightrider street
Tassell, Mr. Robert, Sommerfield terrace
Tassell, Mr. Thomas, Clarendon place
Tayler, Edward A., Esq., Bower place
Taylor, Mrs. Ann, Albion place, King street
Thomas, Mr. Thomas, Perryfield terrace
Topping, Mrs, Frances E., Albion place, King street
Vale, Mr. William H., 3, Fant place
Vaughan, Mr. William, Acacia place, Fant fields
Vile, Mrs. Ann, Marsham street
Waghorn, Miss-Maiy Jane, Earl street
Walter, Mrs. Mary, Buckland terrace, London road
Walter, Mr. James, Bower place
Waterman, Rev. T. S., Independent minister
Watts, Mr. John,, Fant fields
Watts, Mr. William, Bedford place, Rocky hill
Watts, Mrs., Tunbridge road
Watts, Miss Mary, Ashford road
Weeks, Mr. William, Water side
Wheeler, Mr., TToley place, Boxley road
White, David Stephen, Esq., Tovil
White, Mrs Ann, Trinity House, near Church street
White, Mrs. Martha, Earl street
Wilds, Henry A., Esq., Ashford road
Wildish, Miss Frances, Marsham street
Woollett, John Esq., Week street and 7 Hereford street; Park lane, London
Wright, Mr. Henry, West Borough
Wright, Mr. Charles, Albion place
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