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Maidstone, Maidstone, Maidstone

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Abbott, John, confectioner, Week street
Acres, Thomas W, boot and shoe maker and dealer in grindery, Week street
Acres, George, currier, Week street
Aldridge, Jonah, Rodney's Head, High street
Alcock, William, lace, hosiery, and baby linen warehouse, Nottingham House, Week street
Allcorn, Henry, plumber, painter, and glazier, East street, Thornhills
Allcorn, Edward, furnishing ironmonger and tin plate worker, Stone street and Watery lane
Allison, William, grocer, Stone street
Allman, J., baker, Union street
Allnutt, Henry, paper manufacturer, Ivy and Lower Tovill Mills
Allwork, Charles, surgeon, King street
Ambrose, William, toy dealer, King street
Amies, Edwin, wire blind roll manufacturer, Chancery lane
Amis, William P, baker, Bank street
Anderson, Joseph, Marquis of Granby, Middle row
Anderson, Mr., plumber, Union street
Appleton, Henry, baker, Sandling road
Argles, Son, and Stonham, wholesale street druggists, pharmaceutical and dispensing chemists, Bank street
Arkcoll, Charles, wholesale grocer and cheesemonger, Stone street, Maidstone, and 25, Eastcheap, London
Ashbee, Thomas, baker, Union street
Ashenden, Mrs. Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Middle row, High street
Ashenden, Edward, boot maker, Middle row, High street
Ashdown, Levi, plumber, glazier, and painter, Stone street
Athews, Mrs. Ann, straw bonnet maker, Stone street
Atkins, Richard H, engineer, St. Faith's street
Augustus, Henry, hairdresser, St. Peter's street
Austen, Ambrose, music seller, copperplate and letter-press printer, bookbinder, etc., Week street
Avery, James, boot and shoe maker, Astley street
Avery, Samuel, greengrocer, Week street
Ayres, William, Odd Fellows' Arms, and naturalist, Waterside
Back, Thomas, foreign and English toy warehouse, wholesale and retail, Week street
Bailing, Joseph, jeweller and watchmaker, High street
Baker, John, gardener, Boxley road
Baker, James, fruiterer and tobacconist, Week street
Baker, William, hairdresser, Market buildings
Baker, John, shopkeeper, King street
Baker, John Bunyard, grocer, Fant fields
Baker, James, carpenter, Union street
Baker, George, draper, Week street, agent to City of Glasgow Life Assurance and Reversionary Company, and Travellers' and Marine Insurance Company
Baker, Charles, cooper, vat, and measure maker, Bank street
Baker, William, shoemaker, Pudding lane
Baker, William, shopkeeper, Earl street
Baker, Thomas, photographic artist, Ordnance place
Baker, Charles, manufacturer of dairy utensils, brushes, and fancy goods, Bank street
Baker, Charles, Bank Street Bazaar, and general furnishing warehouse, 67, Bank street
Baldwin, George, rent collector and house agent, Paradise Cottage
Baldwin, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Stone street
Baldwin, Godden, and Holmes, brewers, Medway brewers
Baldwin, William, surgeon accoucheur, dentist, etc., George street, Stone street
Balsten, Messrs. W. and R., paper manufacturers, Springfield Mill
Barr, Robert, baker, Upper Stone street
Barham, Frederick, surgeon, Stone street
Barker, Stephen, tailor, Week street
Barnes, Henry, Sabre, High street
Barnett, Mrs. Mary Ann, White Hart, White Hart street, West Borough
Barnett, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Hart street, West Borough
Barnett, John, dyer, 14, Union street
Bartholomew, William, carpenter, Brunswick villas, Kingsley road
Bartholomew, Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, George street
Bartlett, Samuel John, watch and clock maker, agent to Liverpool and London Fire and Life Office, Week street
Barton, William, tailor, Wyatt street
Barton, James, baby linen warehouse, Bank street
Batchelor, Mark, cabinet maker, Kinglsey road
Bates, John, carpenter, Wheeler street
Beale, Charles, Waterbury ale house, Week street
Beale, William', solicitor, King street
Beale and Hoar, solicitors, clerks to County Magistrates and Commissioners of Taxes, to Pavement Commissioners and Gas Company, and to Medway Navigation, King street
Beech, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, Kingsley road
Beecher, Henry, tailor, Marsham street
Beeeher, Jesse, wheelwright, Upper Stone street
Bellchambers, William, tailor, Union street
Bellingham, Mrs. A., Berlin wool warehouse, Bank street
Benstead, William H., stone merchant, Ignandon Quarry, London road
Bentlif and. Son, boot makers, wholesale leather sellers and curriers, 89, High street
Benzie, George, pastry cook, confectioner, and egg merchant, King street
Benzie, Robert H,, coal merchant, Union street
Beer, James, tailor, Mill street
Betts, Thomas, butcher, Week street
Biggar, William and John, drapers, tailors, and hatters, Week street, and 82, Milton road, Gravesend
Biggs. Edward, baker, Albert street
Biggs, William, rope and twine manufacturer, Market buildings
Beeching, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Union street
Binskin, Henry, tobacconist, Gabriel's hill
Binskin, William, Temperance Hotel and Commercial Coffee Rooms, Bridge foot, High street 
Birchall, Charles, pipe manufacturer, Earl street
Bird, John, Chequers beer house, St. Faith's green
Bird, Miss Mary, dressmaker, Albion place, King street 
Bishop, Thomas, broker, St. Faith's street
Bishop, George, whip maker, Upper Stone street
Blake, Mrs. Betsy, shopkeeper, Sutton street
Blaxland, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, High street
Blinks, George, miller, and corn and seed dealer, King street
Blinks, Richard, butcher, Middle row, High street
Bliss, .George, eating house, Hart street, West Borough
Bloxham, Walter S., hairdresser, Week street
Blunt, James, greengrocer, King street
Bone, Agar J., surveyor, Earl street
Bonner, Francis, shopkeeper, King street
Bonner, Samuel, baker, Wyatt street
Bonner, Mrs. Martha, straw bonnet maker, Upper Stone street
Bonny, Edward, beer house and shopkeeper, and carpenter, Ashford road
Bonny, James, farmer, Brewer street
Bonny, James, butcher, Gabriel's hill
Boosey, Charles, shopkeeper, Queen Anne road
Borham, Alfred, greengrocer, Mill street
Boorman, John, coach and cart wheelwright, Market street
Boughton, Thomas, Compasses tap, County road
Bow, William, builder and manufacturer of artificial stone, County road
Bow, George Spencer, plasterer, Knightrider street
Bow, Edward, builder, statuary, artificial stone manufacturer, and cement merchant, Knightrider street
Boyce, Robert, Fountain, Week street
Bradford, John, tobacco dealer, Hart street, West Borough
Bradshaw, Watson, builder, 34, King street
Brenchley and Stacey, brewers, Stone street
Brennan, Mrs. Charlotte, milliner, Sandling road
Brett, James, baker, coffee and eating house, Week street
Brewer, Jonah, boot and shoe maker, King street
Brewster, John, Half Moon beer house, Sandling road
Brewster, William, British Queen beer house, Sandling. road
Bridge, John, bricklayer, Holland terrace
Bridgeland, William, Union Flag, Union street
Bridgeland, William, tailor, etc,, Gabriel's hill
Bridgeland, William, tailor and woollen draper, Week street
Briggs,, John Charles, innkeepers' waiter, Union street
Brine, James, bookseller, print and music seller, printer and bookbinder, circulating library and news room, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 10, Week street
Briscoe, Henry, Greyhound beer house, St. Faith's street.
Briscoe, George, marine store dealer, St. Faith's street
Brissenden, Charles, Oak and Ivy, Upper Stone street
Bristow, William, baker, Upper stone street
Bristow, Peter, beer house, St Faith's street
Brock, Miss Jemima, milliner and dressmaker, Earl street
Brook, Richard, shopkeeper, Union street
Brooke, William, builder, King street
Brooks, William, boot and shoe maker, Gabriel's hill
Brooks, George, Good Intent, George street
Brothers, George, accountant, Ashford road
Broughton, William, assistant chemist, Portland place
Brown, Joseph, shopkeeper, Market street
Brown, John G., broker, Market street
Brown and Sons, engine and pump manufacturers, brass founders and turners, Market street
Brown, Frederick, tailor, Wheeler street
Brown, George James, baker, St. Peter's street
Browne, John, boot and shoe maker, Bank street
Brown, Thomas, watch and clock maker, Week street
Brown, John, shoemaker, St. Faith's green
Brown, Joseph, baker, Week street
Brown, Joseph, bookseller and printer, Week street
Brown, Robert J., boot and shoe maker, Mote road
Bryant, John and William, drapers, 106, Week street
Buck, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Carey street
Buck, John, boot and shoe maker, George street
Buckingham, Stephen, tailor, Earl street
Bucklow, Edward, shoemaker, Upper Union street
Bugden, Henry, beer house and undertaker, Paradise row
Bulmer, Martin, architect and surveyor, West Borough, London road
Bunter, George, chemist and dentist, Middle row, High street
Bunyar, Thomas C., shopkeeper, Astley street
Bunyar, John, miller, Stone street
Bunyard, Thomas, hop grower and farmer, Jews' road
Bunyard, Henry, beer house, Wheeler street,
Bunyard and Son, nursery, seedsman, and florist, London road
Burch, William, watch and clock maker, Bank street
Burgess, Thomas, shopkeeper, Brewer street
Burgess, Edward, ironmonger, Week street
Burgess, Thomas, beer retailer, Albert street
Burn, James, boot and shoe maker, and bird stuffer, Havock lane.
Burr, Mrs. Martha, plumber, glazier, and painter, Pudding lane
Burr, William, shopkeeper, King street
Burr, Mrs., Jane, clothier, Week street
Burr, Miss, dressmaker, Peel street, Thornhill
Busbridge, Thomas, bricklayer, Mahala, Kingsley road
Bushnell, James, Market House, Earl street
Bushnell, Joseph, ironmonger and smith, Week street
Bussey, George M., editor of South Eastern Gazette, Forstell House
Button, William, carpenter, Bridge terrace
Buxton, George, tailor, Church street
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