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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Cantan, Thomas, tailor, Kingsley road
Carrick, Henry, Unicorn, Earl street
Carter, William, beer house, Week street
Case, John, solicitor, clerk to the Borough Magistrates, high bailiff to the Maidstone County Court, perpetual Commissioner, High street
Cave and Rook, wholesale druggists and dispensing chemists, 38, High street
Chambers, Joseph, bricklayer, Market street
Chambers, George, builder, Wyatt street
Champion, Miss M. A., day and boarding school for young ladies, County road
Chaplin, Miss Eliza, coal merchant, Pudding lane
Chapman, George, baker, Wheeler street
Charlton, Benjamin, fishmonger, Sandling road
Charlton, Charles, baker, High street
Cheeseman, Thomas, Haunch of Venison Inn and Commercial House, High street
Childs, Charles, Little Star, Woollett street
Chitten, Mrs. Caroline, shopkeeper, King street
Chittenden, William, beer house and shopkeeper, Union street
Chittenden, John, jobbing smith, St. Faith's street
Chittenden, George, upholsterer, Mill street
Chittenden, Mrs. Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Brewer street
Churms, Mrs Ann, the Phoenix, Sandling road
Clarke, William, hairdresser, St Faith's street
Clark, John, Spread Eagle, Brewer street
Clayton, Thomas, linen and woollen draper, King street
Cleaver, John, tailor, Union street
Clifford, Robert, blacksmith, Union street
Clifford, Thomas, Duke of Marlborough Inn, Union street
Clifford, James and Richard, tope and twine spinners, sackcloth, sack, hop bag, mat and matting manufacturers, brush and turnery warehouse, Bank street
Clinton, John, horse breaker and Britannia Inn, George street
Clout, Stephen, tea dealer, Sandling road
Cobb, William, builder, Marsham street
Cobb, William, builder, Marsham street
Cocks, William, bookbinder, printer, and bookseller, Bank street
Cooke, Charles James, printer, publisher, and proprietor of the Maidstone and Kentish Journal, published every Saturday, Middle row, High street
Cooke, Thomas, baker, Havock lane
Cooke, Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, King street
Cook, William, tea and coffee dealer, Wyatt street
Collard, Charles, Globe Inn, Knightrider street
Cole, John, shopkeeper, Fair Meadow
Colebrook, Frederick, butcher, Pudding lane
Colling, William, ironmonger, Gabriel's hill
Collins, Frederick, photographic artist and news agent, Union street
Collis, Mrs. Mary, builder, Stone street
Coomber, Robert, cooper, hardwareman, and stationer, Week street and Union street
Coomber, Charles, smith and toy warehouse, Earl street
Constable, William, butcher, Union street
Cooper, James, tailor, Sandling road
Copper, George, broker and metal merchant, Week street
Coppin, William, Silver Trumpet beer house, Sandling road
Copleston, Thomas, plumber, glazier, and painter, Union street
Copleston, John, baker, Earl street
Corke, H. N., draper, 80 & 81, Bank st.
Corke, Mrs. Hannah, draper, High street
Corke, Leighton H., clothing store, West Borough, London road
Cornfoxd, Arthur, linen draper and hosier, Stone street
Couchrnan, William, engraver and printer, St. Faith's green
Coulter, James, greengrocer, Stone street
Court, Thomas, painter, Wyatt street
Court, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Week street
Cox, William, surgeon, Kingsley road
Cox, Samuel, chemist, Week street
Cornell, George, tailor, King street
Craddock, George, smith, Upper Stone street
Craft, William, cook and confectioner, High street
Craig, William, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Camden street
Crisfield, Henry, baker, Marsham street
Orispe, John, upholsterer and paperhanger, Wyatt street
Crispe, William H., butcher, High street
Cross, Robert, earthenware dealer, Fant fields
Crowhurst, William, boot and shoe maker, Wheeler street
Crowther, Richard, beer house and shopkeeper, Bedford row
Crundwell, James, painter, Alma place, Kingsley road
Crundwell, James, plumber, glazier, and painter, Upper Stone street
Crute, Charles, hairdresser, 4, Middle row, High street
Cruttenden, John, tobacconist, Week street
Cruttenden, George, beer house, Market street
Cruttendon, John, plumber, glazier, painter, and paper hanger, Week street
Cullum, John, solicitors' clerk, Church street
Cullum, John, accountant and house agent, Mote road
Curtis, Henry, harness maker, Royal Oak yard, King street
Cutbush, F. W. and H. R,., printers, proprietors, and publishers of the South Eastern Gazette, Week street
Dale, Robert, chimney sweeper, Rose yard
Dann, George, butcher, Sandling road
Dann, Benjamin, general dealer, Week street
Dann, William, watchmaker, Week street
Dane, Isaac, Russian Bear beer house, County road
Danells, John, boot and shoe maker, Mill street
Dawes, Josiah W., nursery and seedsman, King street
Dawson, John, leather seller, Week street
Davis, William, boot and shoe maker, Romney place
Davis, John H., carver and gilder, King street
Davis, George, plumber, glazier, painter, and paper hanger, Week street, workshop, Earl street
Davis, James, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Davis, Georghe, pork butcher, Week street
Day, Misses Elizabeth and Sarah, corn chandlers, High street
Day, William, corn dealer and seedsman, Week street
Day, Mary Ann, milliner and dress maker, St Faith's street
Day and Son, upholsterers, valuers, and furnitire dealers, High street
Day, William, sen, auctioneer, High street
Dear and Burkitt, butchers, Week street
Delo, Mrs. Mary Ann, bird cage, chair, and brush maker, Bank street
Dence, Joseph, beer house, St. Peter's street
Dickson, Michael, coffee house, Mill street
Diprose, William, cutler, Pudding lane
Doe, Richard, dining and coffee rooms, High street
Doe, Thomas, butcher, High street
Doe, Stephen, butcher, Brewer street
Dolden, William, boot and shoe maker, Sandling road
Dolman, J. A., chimney sweeper, Hart street, West Borough
Down, Miss Susan, shopkeeper, Camden street
Down, John, miller, corn factor, and coal merchant, Upper Stone street
Down, Francis, Prince of Wales, West Borough, London road
Dray, Edward, tea dealer and tobacconist, Market buildings
Dray, James, dealer in marine stores, Carey street
Drewett, Samuel, hat and cap manufacturer, Sandling road
Drewry, Charles, boot and shoe maker, George street
Driver, Charles, hairdresser, Mill street
Driver, John, hairdresser, King street
Dunk, Robert, King's Head Inn, West Borough
Dunmill, William B., saddler, Gabriel's hill
Durrani, John, tailor, woollen draper, and shirt maker, High street
Durrell, John, fruiterer, Sandling road
Durtnal, Stephen, butcher, Week street
Edmett, George, woollen draper and clothier, High street
Edmett, Thomas, solicitor, Week street
Elgar, George, builder, Albert street
Elliott, James, spring & axletree maker, Market building, h 2, Church street
Elliott, George, tailor, Portland place
Ellis, Mrs. Mary Ann, OddFellows' Arms beer house, Mill street
Ellis and Son, wholesale furnishing saddlers ironmonger, Gabriel's hill
Ellis, Charles, grocer, Pudding lane
Elkington, John Croft, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Elmore, Miss Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, King street
Elmore, John, carpenter and builder, 57, King street
Elms, Charles, confectioner, High street
Elvy, Thomas, painter, Marsham street
Elphee, Edward, tailor, Peel street, Thornhill
Epps, Joseph, Prince Albert, Sandling road
Epps, Read, salesman, Fant fields
Epps, William James, nursery seed merchant and grower, Nursery, the Bower, and adjoining All Saints' church, seed establishment, High street
Epps, John Thomas, Pelican beer house, King street
Epps, Charles, horse and carriage proprietor, Mitre Hotel yard
Eyernden, George, carpenter and joiner, Union street
Evenden, Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, Earl street

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