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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Faucett, George, town crier and billet master, summoning officer for the borough of Maidstone, Middle row, High street
Fardon, Thomas, chemist, Stone street
Farmer, Thomas C., waiter, Marsham street
Fauchon, James, hop grower and farmer, Jews' road
Feakins, James, the Plough, Upper Stone street
Fearn, John, shopkeeper, Marsham street
Featherstone, William, beer retailer, Upper Stone street
Fenner, William, Three Compasses, Week street
Field, Michael, Artichokes, Ashford road
Tilley, Charles, hair cutter and tobacconist, branch post-office, Stone street
Finch, William, Morning Star, Boxley road
Finch, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper and branch post-office, London road
Finnis, Thomas, brickmaker, Wheeler street, h Boxley
Flinn, M. A. E. and S., pawnbrokers and silversmiths, King street
Flint, Thomas, corn and coal merchant, Bridge Wharf
Ford, George W., marine store dealer, Knightrider street
Ford, James, smith, Union street
Foord, Robert, plumber, King street
Forrest, John, New Bricklayers' Arms beer house, Sandling road
Fortrum, the Misses, confectioners, Sandling road
Fortnam, George, fruiterer, King street
Fortnam, the Misses, dress and mantle makers, King street
Foster, Henry James, chemist, High street
Fowler, Thomas, shopkeeper, Earl street
Footell, Joseph, auctioneer and estate agent, Stone street ,
Fraser, James A., surgeon, Buckland terrace, London road
Freeborn, Charles, Bridge Tavern, High street
Freed, Thomas, beer house, Week street
Freeman, Thomas, turner and fruiterer, Sandling road
Freeman, Miss Frances, shopkeeper and day school, Union street
Freeman, Mrs. Mary, Queen's Head Inn, High street
French, George, lodging house, Pudding lane
French, Edward, surgeon, Stone street
French, Stephen, pianoforte repository, King street
French, Mrs. Susannah, and William A., watch and clock makers, King street
French, Stephen, pianoforte tuner, Fant fields
Frill, James Robert, grocer and cheesemonger, High street
Frost, Joseph, brazier, Upper Stone street
Frost, Frederick, day school, Union street
Frost, George, Turk's Head, Rose yard, High street
Frond, Charles, market gardener, Wheeler street
Fry, Frederick, surgeon, High street
Fuller, John, Town Arms, Stone street
Fulljames, B., grocer, High street
Furminger, Mrs. Harriet, Albion, King street
Gambrier, William, boot and shoe maker, Sandling road
Gamon, Edward W. F., greengrocer, Hart street, West Borough
Gandy, George, painter, Mill street
Gandy, William, cook and confectioner, Week street
Gardner, Daniel, shopkeeper, Havock lane
Garrett and Cross, Medway Iron Works
Gascoine, Samuel, tea dealer, King street
Gascoine, Miss Louisa, milliner and dress maker, Bower place
Gascoine, George, coal dealer, Wyatt street
Gegan, James, carver and gilder, Bank street
George, Miss Mary Ann, preparatory school, Marsham street
Gibson, James, professor of music, Marsham street
Giles, John Scott, stationer and news agent, Mill street
Gilbert, Charles, glass and china dealer. Week street
Gilbert, Charles, glass and china dealer, 73, Week street, and 2 and 3, Union street
Gilbert, H. and F. G., manufacturers of ropes, lines, twines, netting, etc., Gabriel's hill, rope ground, Mote road
Gilliam, William, farmer, Portland place
Godling, Samuel Reader, clerk to the Guardians of the Hollingbourn Union, and superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, Stone street
Goodenough, Mrs. Blanche, milliner and dressmaker, Perry fields
Goodwin, Samuel, builder, Boxley road
Goodwin, John, builder, Melbourne House, Canning street
Goodwin, Thomas, organ builder and pianoforte tuner, Marsham street
Goodwin, Mrs. Sarah, straw and tuscan hat manufacturer, Middle row, High street
Gorham, William, plasterer, Bower cottage
Gorham, William, boot and shoe maker, Knightrider street
Gower, George, Holly Bush Tavern, Perryfield place
Grant, Thomas, distiller and wine merchant, Hart street, West Borough
Gray, Charles, bricklayer and plasterer, Union street
Green, John, paper mould maker, Peel street, Thornhill
Green, Stephen, turner, Upper Stone street
Green, Mrs. Mary, milliner and dressmaker, Brunswick street
Green, John, paper maker, Victoria place, Upper Union street
Greenaway, Robert, butcher, Perryfield terrace
Griffin, John Robert, boot maker, Bank street
Grigsbey, Stephen, furnishing ironmonger, Stone street
Grigsby, Elizabeth, White Horse beer house, Wyatt street
Grundy, John, bookseller, stationer, and printer, Bank street, agent to the Norwich Union Insurance Society, and to the Art Union, London
Hadlow, William, butcher, Union street
Haffenden, John, gardener and seedsman, Union street
Haffenden, Thomas, confectioner, Gabriel's hill
Haffenden, William John, grocer, Union street
Hair, Quintin, surgeon dentist, 108, Week street
Hall, John, dyer and straw hat manufacturer, Wheeler street
Hammond, Charles, grocer, Fant fields
Hammond, William, straw hat manufacturer and milliner, Bank street
Hardy, Luke, shopkeeper, Astley street
Hargrave, William R, merchants' book keeper, Portland place
Harris, George, boot and shoe maker, Mill street
Harris, John, tailor, Mill street
Harris, Walter, accountant, Fant fields
Harris, Philip, Railway Bell, Hart street, West Borough
Harris, Charles, shoemaker and greengrocer, Pudding lane
Harrison, James, town surveyor, Boxley road
Harrison, George, coal and timber merchant, Pybus Wharf, h Harrietsham .
Harrison, Joseph, solicitors' clerk, Brewer street
Harrison, John James, hairdresser and fancy repository, King street
Harrold, Edward, surgeon, Marsham street
Hart, William R., tobacconist, King street
Hyles, James, plumber, painter, glazier, paper hanger, and house decorator, window glass, lead, and colour merchant, Earl street
Haynes and Son, furnishing ironmongers, Week street
Haywood, John Jarrett Thomas, butcher, Middle row, High street
Hazell, Robert, family and dispensing chemist, High street
Headford, William, hatter and clothier, King street
Hearnden, John, leather seller, Gabriel's hill
Hearnden, Thomas, Maid of the Mill, Watery lane
Heathorn, Miss Mary, lime burner, County road, h Brewer street
Hedges, John, watch maker, Union street
Henty, Mrs. Frances, and Burn, Miss Adelaide, milliners and dressmakers, Fair Meadow
Hewitt, Phineas, warehouseman, Marsham street
Hewlett, Ebenezer, plain and ornamental plasterer, Portland place
Hickmott and Son, bakers, King street
Higgins, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker, Wheeler street
Highstead, Henry, the Jolly Sailor beer house, High street
Hills, Francis, Rose Inn, Mote Road
Hills, Thomas, Carpenters' Arms, Mote road
Hills, Mrs. Ann, Nag's Head, Week street
Hills, Robert, plumber and glazier, Week street
Hills, Joseph, baker, Stone street
Hills and Baker, brewers, Stone street
Hills, Miss Ann, straw bonnet maker and day school, Bower place
Hills, Walter, plumber, glazier, and painter, Stone street
Hills, William B., rate collector and secretary to the Gas Company, St. Peter's st.
Hill, Thomas, Monk's Head, Stone street
Hills, Richard, tailor and shopkeeper, Pudding Lane
Hillyard, George Wright, governor of County Gaol
Hiscock, Mrs. Harriet S., draper and milliner, Week street
Hoar, Edward, solicitor, King street
Hoar, John, basket maker, Union street
Hoar, William, surgeon, the College
Hobbs, W., wholesale stationer, 118, Stone street
Hodge, Edward, broker, St. Faith's street
Hodges, Mrs. Jane, First and Last, Bower place
Hodges, Thomas Edwin, baker, Sandling road
Hodgson, Albert, Bower Inn, Tunbridge road
Hooker, George, currier and leather seller, Middle row, High street
Hollands, Miss Frances, shopkeeper, Mote yard
Holloway, John, Bricklayers' Arms, Wheeler street
Holloway, William B., grocer, Sandling road
Holloway, Richard, shopkeeper, Stone street
Holloway, William, bricklayer, Brewer street
Holden, Mrs. Mary Ann, pawnbroker, Week street
Holliday, John M., chemist, Sandling road
Holness, William, baker, Pudding lane
Holmes, George, baker, Woollett street
Honey, Maxfield, grocer, Week street
Horton, Miss Mercy, milliner and dress maker, Peel street, Thornhill
How, Charles, carrier, Earl street
Hudson, William, gardener, Knightrider street
Hughes, Joseph, paper mould manufacturer, Knightrider street, h Upper Stone street
Hunt, Mrs. Saberia, register office for servants, and pastry cook, agent for Assam Tea, Week street
Hunt, Edward, farmer, Boxley road
Hunt, William, County Arms, Woollet street
Hulbard, George, jun., draper, Week street
Hulburd, George, hatter, Week street
Hurn, George, beer retailer, Albert street
Hurnden, Robert, coffee house, Upper Stone street
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