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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Isaacs, John S., Bell Hotel, Week street
Isaac, John Shelton, saddler, 88, High Street
Ives, Edward, shopkeeper, Union street
Jacobs, J., dealer, Week street
Jackson, William, wholesale confectioner and foreign fruiterer, High street
James, Mrs Elizabeth, shopkeeper, George street
Jarratt, James, boot and shoe maker, Bower place
Jarrett, Frederick, tobacconist, Week street
Jarrett, Alfred, butcher, High street
Jarrett, Thomas, salesman, West Borough
Jarvis, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, Union street
Jeffery, William, Dog and Bear, King street
Jeffery, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, Portland place
Jennings, John, currier and leather seller, Stone street
Jennings, Charles, organist All Saints' Church, the College
Jessel, Michael A., general furnishing warehouse, High street
Johnson, William, yeoman, Wyatt street
Jones, Stephen, Flower Pot beer house, Sandling road
Jones, George, boot and shoemaker, Sandling road
Jones, Henry, French polisher, upholsterer, and clothes dealer, Mill street
Jones, Miss Sarah E., day and boarding school, Bridge terrace
Josten, Jonathan P., wholesale stationer, Earl street
Joy and Hoar, surgeons, Gabriel's hill
Joy, Henry Winkles, surgeon, near County Gaol
Judges, Stephen, fishmonger, High street
Jukes, William, Kent Arms tavern, Medway street
Jury, George, tailor and undertaker, Gabriel's hill
Jury, Stephen, tailor, Sandling road
Jury, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Bull Inn and Commercial House, Gabriel's hill
Kemp, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, Brunswick street
Kemp, Joseph, shopkeeper, Union street
Kemp, John, greengrocer, Union street
Kemp and Co., tailors, drapers, milliners, etc., Kent House, High street. Agents to the National Provident Life, and Accidental Death and Compensation for Injury Insurance Companies
Kennard, John, Jolly Waterman, Earl street
Kennard, Edward C., baker, Bank street
Kennett, George, butcher, King street
Kennett, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Jeffery street
Kettle, Nathaniel, shoemaker, King street
King, William, cook and confectioner, coffee and dining rooms, 4 and 5, Middle row, High street
King, John, patten and clog manufacturer, china and glass dealer, Gabriel's hill
King and Hughes, solicitors, Mill lane
Kingman, William, Eagle Tavern, Jews' road.
Kirk, Robert, tailor and shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Kirk, John, chemist, Gabriel's hill
Kite, Felix, boot and shoe maker, St. Faith's street
Knight, Thomas B., coal dealer, Wheeler street
Knight, George, baker, Sandling road
Knight, James, tobacconist and greengrocer, Week street
Knight, John, hairdresser, Fair Meadow
Knight, Charles, brush maker and warehouseman, Stone street
Knott, John, draper, Week street
Knowles, Edward, lemonade, soda water, and ginger beer manufacturer, King street
Ladbrook, Daniel, watchmaker, King street
Laing, M., saddler, Gabriel's hill
Laker, John, jun., attorney and solicitor, Week street
Laker, George, plumber, glazier, & painter, Union street
Larking, John, and William George, general carriers, and omnibus proprietors and contractors, Pudding lane
Lampard, Stephen, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Lampard, Thomas, baker, Week street
Laplain, Charles, stationer and printseller, etc., High street
Large, Richard, blacksmith, Knightrider street
Larking, Charles, fishmonger, High street
Laurence and Hodsoll, wholesale grocers and provision merchants, High street, h Branch, Stone street
Lee, Henry John, confectioner, Week street
Leech, Joseph, sawyer, Rose cottages, Fant fields
Leney, George, surgeon, Brewer street
Lepine, Stephen, Queen Anne, Queen Anne's road
Letchford, Thomas, shopkeeper, Wheeler street
Lingham, J., hay and straw dealer, County road
Lingham, Henry, furniture dealer, Upper Stone street
Loader, James, Duke of Cambridge, Sandling road
Lockyer, George H., grainer, Union street
Loader, John, coach builder, Fair Meadow
Logan, John, baker, High street
Logan, James, coffee and dining rooms, and stationer, High street
Lomas, John, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Lomas, Alfred, tailor and earthenware dealer, Sandling road
London and County Bank, C. Parker; Esq. ,Manager
Loveland, John, leather cutter, Marsham street
Lower, Henry, boot and shoe maker, Earl street
Lucas, John William, shopkeeper and branch post-office, Tunbridge road
Luckhurst, Richard, boot and shoe maker, Wyatt street
Lunnon, W, tobacco pipe manufacturer, Wharf lane
Lurcock, John, bookseller and news agent, Earl street
Mackay, John, shopkeeper, Carey street
Maidman, Robert, butcher, and branch post-office, King street
Mannering, John, Waterman's Arms, Pudding lane
Manwaring, Richard, postmaster, Earl st.
Marchant and Son, drapers and outfitters, Gabriel's hill
Marchant, Alfred, outfitter, High street
Mares, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Union street
Marriott, Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
Marsh, John, bootmaker, 29 and 93, High street
Martin, John, watchmaker, High street
Martin, James William, assistant clerk to County Gaol
Morton, John, upholsterer, decorator, etc., High street
Martin, John, mahogany, timber, and deal merchant, St. Faith's st. & Havock lane
Martin, William, Forester's Arms, Knightrider street
Martin, Horace, grocer, King street
Martin, Horatio J., mason, King street
Martin and Sons, brewers, Havock lane
Martin, Mrs. Susannah, tea dealer, Boxley road terrace
Marton, William, sawyer, Wellington yard, Market street
Maskell, John, baker, St. Peter's street
Maskell, Henry, tax collector and agent to the Guardian Life and Fire Office, Suffolk place, Tovil road
Mason, Charles, British Queen beer house, Square hill, Ashford road
Mason, Mrs. Sarah, Royal Standard, King street
Masters, Henry, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Masters and Son, nursery and seedsmen, Fant fields, Maidstone, and Exotic Nursery, Canterbury
Masters, William, shopkeeper, Marsham street
Masters and Son, haymen, corn and coal merchants, Albion wharf, West Borough
Masters, Matthew, collector of poor rates, King street
Masters, William, butcher, Stone street
Masters, Charles, farmer, Marsham street
Masters, W. Miller, brewer and maltster, Earl street, h Earl street
Mather, William M., chemist, Week street
Maynard, Joseph, shoemaker and musician, Knightrider street
McMicking, Gilbert, draper, Brewer street
MeNille, William, draper and tea dealer, County road
Mead, Henry, baker, King street
Meadea, James, wire worker and winnowing machine maker, Union street
Meades, James, wire worker, Union street
Mecoy, Charles R., Royal Oak, Hart street, West Borough
Merrall, Miss Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker, King street
Merrall, John, coach builder, wheelwright, and smith, Upper Stone street
Mercer, James, Hope Tavern beer house, Sandling road
Mercer, Randall, and Mercer, bankers, Bank street
Mercer, William, hairdresser, Mill street
Merrony, George, corn and coal merchant, King street
Merrony, George, Rising Sun, and coal merchant, Marsham street
Middlemas, —, fishmonger, Stone street
Mills, John, market gardener and beer seller, Boxley road
Mills, William, egg merchant, Wheeler street
Mills, Edmond, chemist, Wheeler street
Mills, Richard, shopkeeper, George street
Miller, John, plumber, glazier, painter, and branch post-office, Sandling road
Miller, William, tailor and undertaker, Havock lane
Miller, Alfred, grocer, Union street
Millin, Henry, appraiser, County road
Millen, George, carpenter and builder, Carey street
Mitchell, George B., shopkeeper, Peel street, Thornhill
Misson, Robert, blacksmith, coal merchant, and marine store dealer, Bower lane
Monckton and Son, solicitors, King street
Montgomery, James V., shopkeeper, Union street
Moore, John, smith and engineer, Market street, house, Union street
Moore, John, smith, Union street
Moore, Thomas, Fox, West Borough, London road
Moore, Mrs. Mary Ann, milliner and dressmaker, Kingsley road
Moore, Charles F., bookseller and stationer, Week street
Morfill, William, music warehouse, 109 Week street
Morton, John Henry, wholesale and retaile grocer, Week street
Moseley, George, cooper, and dealer in brushes, boxes etc, Gabriel's hill
Munn, David, manufacturer of patent corrugated galvanized iron, building pipes, etc., Upper Stone street
Munn, James, painter, Victoria place, Upper Stone street
Munn, Thomas, clock maker and whitesmith, Stone street
Munn, Valentine, accountant, Sion place, Kingsley road
Munn, A. and Son, plumbers, etc., 94, Upper Stone street
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