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Maidstone, Maidstone, Maidstone

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Nash, Edward, wheelwright, Jewry street
Nash, Alfred, paymaster R.N., Fant fields
Newham, James William, clerk to County Gaol
Newing, Edward, hairdresser, Middle row, High street
Newman, John, Fortune of War, Upper Stone street
Newport, Thomas, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Nicholson, Richard, printer, Brewer street
Norman, Mrs. Ann, upholstress, Mill st.
Nurse, Charles, plane & tool manufacturer, Mill street
Nye, Charles, toll-gate keeper, London rd.
Nye, George, cabinet maker and auctioneer, Gabriel's hill, agent to the Atlas Life and Fire
Oakley, Tom, saddler and harness maker, High street
Obee, Thomas, beer retailer, Upper Stone street
O'Callagan, Charles, knight of the Legion of Honour, late staff assistant-surgeon serving in the Crimea, assistant-surgeon to the Kent County Ophthalmic Hospital, Week street
Offrey, George, hop grower, Dover place, Church street
Oliver, William, currier, Week street
Oliver, James, butcher, High street
Oliver, George, coffee and beer house, Gabriel's hill
Ongley, Mrs. Celia, Sun Inn, Middle row, High street
Orford, Edward J., furnishing and general ironmonger, Week street
Orford, Miss Jane, stay maker, Market buildings
Orton, Henry, fishmonger, Upper Stone street
Ostler, Charles, bookbinder, Church street, h Melville road
Ottaway, Edward Steele, Three Tuns Inn, King street
Ottaway, Robert William, billiard room, Week street
Otley, John, surgeon, Stone street
Oxley, David, butcher, Bower place
Packham, Richard J., surgeon, Albion place, King street
Packham, Orlando, patent slide spring truss and elastic stocking manufacturer, King street
Paine, Evenden and Lewis, silk mercers, linen and woollen drapers, glovers, haberdashers, tailors, and carpet and furnishing warehouse, 86 and 87, High street
Paine, Edward, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Paine, Joseph, hairdresser, Week street
Paine, Samuel, carpenter, Marsham street
Pakes, Mrs. Maria, shopkeeper, Mote road
Pallant, _, boot and shoe maker, High treet
Pankhurst, Alexander, clock maker, whitesmith, and bell hanger, Gabriel's hill
Pankhurst, Edward, shopkeeper, Stone street
Parker, Joseph, boot and shoe maker, High street
Parks, Thomas, baker, King street
Parratt, James, New Inn Tap, Sandling road
Parsons, Mrs. Eliza, day school, Earl street
Parsons, Charles, grocer, Sandling road
Parsons, Thomas, shopkeeper, St. Faith's green
Parton, Joseph K., miller, Mill street
Pattenden, Robert, butcher, King street
Patterson, Mrs.. Elizabeth, baker, George street
Patterson, Edwin, bread and biscuit baker, confectioner, &c., Pudding lane
Pawle and Newman, drapers, Week street
Peak, Philip, Homeward Bound beer house, Waterside
Pearce, Stephen Austen, organist of Trinity church and teacher of music and singing, King street
Pearce, Edward, Roe Buck, Week street, corner of Earl street
Pearce, Richard, Spencer's Arms beer house, Sandling road
Pearse, Nathaniel S., hairdresser, Wheeler street
Pearson, William, solicitors' clerk, Marsham street
Pearson, Henry, smith and wheelwright, West borough, London road
Pearson, Charles, confectioner, Wet Borough, London road
Pearson, Robert, house agent, Wheeler street, aent of Mutual Life Assurance and Accidental Death Company
Pearson, Charles, Elephant and Castle, boot and shoe maker, Hart street, West Borough
Pell, Charles, wholesale cork cutter, Stone street
Pepper, James, shopkeeper, Wheeler street
Peppercorn and Company, iron, lead, and oil merchants, ironmongers, and agricultural implement makers and machinists, High street
Peters, George, stationer and tea dealer, Stone street
Peters, Alfred, glass and china dealer, Wyatt street
Pexton, Robert George, tailor, Marsham , street ,
Philpott, William, wheelwright, King street
Philpott, Charles, professor of dancing and exercises, Tunbridge road
Pickford and Company, receiving office, High street; Charles Westover, agent
Pike, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, Union street
Pikes, Robert G., grocer, Week street
Pine, William B,., Royal Star Hotel, High street
Piper, William, boot and shoe maker, Sandling road
Piper, Mrs., ladies' seminary, Myrtle Cottage, Fant fields
Piper, Henry, millwright and engineer, Havock lane
Plater, Miss Elizabeth, grocer, Stone street
Plater, William, earthenware dealer, King street
Playford, the Misses Elizabeth and Mary, milliners and dressmakers, Astley street
Plimpton, the Misses, boarding school, Astley House, High street
Pobgee, James, straw hat maker, Gabriel's hill
Poole, Mrs. Harriet, stay maker, Week street
Poolly and Company, lime and coke .manufacturers, and drain pipe works, Boxley road, Maidstone, and at London
Pope, Henry Richard, shopkeeper, Sandling road
Popey Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Bower place
Potter, Thomas, shoemaker, King street
Potter, John, marine store dealer, Gabriel's hill
Potter, John, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Potter, James, tailor, Stone street
Potts and Franklyti, wine and spirit merchants, Market buildings
Pound, Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Pound, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Earl street
Powd, James Joseph, M.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England,etc.
Prance, James C., surgeon, Marsham street
Pratt, Henry, quarter-master to West Kent Militia, Portland place
Prebble, William, baker and ginger beer manufacturer, Whitehall place, Mote road
Prentice, .Charles, wine merchant, Earl street, h Earl street
Prentis and Company, brass founders and engineers, manufacturers of gas and steam fittings, Medway Brass Foundry
Price, Joseph, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Price, Thomas Robert, watch maker, Week street
Price, Mrs. Mary, straw bonnet maker, Week street
Prior, E. and A., coal merchants, railway station
Pyne, Mrs. Frances, milliner and dressmaker, Marsham street
Pybus, Charles, ship owner, Boxley road
Quinton, George, shopkeeper, Wheeler street
Raillon, Henry John, hat and cap manufacturer, Bank street
Raith, Hart, grocers' assistant, Marsham street
Ralph, Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, King street
Randall, William, wine and spirit merchant, New Inn, Week street
Randall, Frederick William, boot and shoe maker, Gabriel's hill
Ransley, James, boot and shoe maker, Earl street, sexton of Trinity and All Saints' church
Rawlings, Mrs. Charlotte, Victoria place, Upper Union street
Rawlinson, Mrs. Caroline, marine store dealer, Week street
Rawlinson, Charles, baker, Pee] street, Thornhill
Reader, Joseph, baker, Stone street
Reeder, John, clothier, Earl street
Relf, James Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Union street
Relf, Joseph, boot and shoe maker; Middle row, High street
Renaut, Eugene, professor of languages, Marsham street
Reeves, Thomas, fishmonger, Week street
Reeves, William A., appraiser and commission agent, Wheeler street,
Reynolds, Arthur S., grocer, King street
Reynolds, Edward, shopkeeper, Havock lane
Rickett, Thomas, dealer in wood and coals, County road
Riley, Mrs Mary Ann, milliner, Middle row, High street
Ripping, Henry, furniture broker, King street
Roberts, John, grocer, Week street
Roberts, John Philip, carver and gilder, Gabriel's hill
Robinson, John, draper, 39, High street
Robinson, Mrs. Hannah, dressmaker, Evergreen cottages, Fant fields
Rogers, Mrs. Harriet, farmer, Tunbridge road
Rogers, John, greengrocer, Week street
Rogers and Co., chemists, High street
Ronan, James, shoemaker, Pudding lane
Rose, John, carpenter, Peel street, Thornhill
Roots, James H., linen draper and haberdasher, Week street
Roots, Mrs. Mary A., milliner and dressmaker, King street
Roots, George, accountant, King street
Rowe, William, farrier major, Sandling road
Rowles, Thomas, carpenter, Kingsley road
Ruck, Benjamin, builder, St. Faith's street
Ruck, Edwin, registrar of births and deaths for East Maidstone district, Portland place
Ruck, Edwin, registrar of births and deaths for East Maidstone, Church street
Russel, William, mess master, Sandling road
Russel, Thomas, clothes dealer, St. Faith's street
Russel, Miss Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, Brewer street
Russel, Mrs. Mary, baker and shopkeeper, Wheeler street
Russel, George, painter, glazier, a paper hanger, Union street
Russell, George, deputy governor to county gaol
Russell, John, Charles Smith, Rose and Crown, High street
Ruses, Mrs. Eliza, day school, Brunswick street
Rutland, Robert, shopkeeper, St. Faiths street

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