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Maidstone, Maidstone, Maidstone

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

MAIDSTONE is an extensive and flourishing market town ...

Public Houses in Maidstone

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Trade Directory by surname

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Sancto, Edward, carpenter, Mill street
Sanders, Godfrey, surgeon, Brewer street
Sanders, Mrs. Sarah, clothier, High street
Saunders, Jonathan, agent to the Kent Friendly Society, Sandling road
Scudainore, Frederick, solicitor, Week street
Scoons, John, law accountant, Mill street
Seager, George, builder, and steam saw mills, Church street
Semark, William and Alfred, drapers, Gabriel's hill, corner King street
Sergeant, Richard, oil, colour, and glass merchant, Week street
Sharp, Miss Emma, day school, Perry fields
Sharp, Joseph, gun maker, Market buildings
Sharp, William, builder, Marsham street
Short, Mrs. Mary, greengrocer, Earl street
Short, William, greengrocer, King street
Short, James, coal dealer, Sandling road
Shrubsole, George, blacksmith, St. Peter's street
Shrubsole, George, smith, and beer house, West Borough
Sickel, James X., tailor, St. Faith's street
Sills, Stephen, shopkeeper, Albert street
Sills, John, stone merchant, Sandling road
Sills,. William, shopkeeper, Peel street, Thornhill
Sills, Thomas, stone merchant, Albert street
Simmons, Thomas, coal merchant, Medway Wharf
Simmonds, Hunt, and Co., Canal wharf
Simmonds, Thomas, bricklayer, Marsham street
Simmonds and Son, tailors, King street
Simmonds, Stephen, butcher, Hart street, West Borough
Simons, William, boot and shoe maker, Union street
Simpson, James, dentist, M.C.D.E., Clarendon place, King street
Simpson, John Liberty, White Horse, London road
Sinden, Edward, tea dealer, County road
Skinner, George, draper, Gabriel's hill
Slaughter, William, veterinary surgeon, Earl street
Slaughter and Plomley, veterinary surgeons, Earl street, Shoeing forge, Havock lane
Small, Thomas, butcher, Earl street
Smalhnan, Francis, tea dealer, Perryfield terrace
Smart, Henry, Red Lion, High street
Smith, Thomas, naturalist and boat builder, Under the Cliff
Smith, Benjamin P., hop strainer, Market street
Smith, William, schoolmaster to county goal, Marsham street
Smith, Mrs., and Bishop, Miss, dressmakers, Marsham street
Smith, James, shopkeeper, St. Peter's street
Smith, Charles, pork butcher, Stone street
Smith, Thomas, accountant, King; street
Smith, John, broker and appraiser, King street
Smith, Henry, pork butcher, King street
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, Wellington, Mill street
Smith, John, tailor, Mill street
Smith, William, potato merchant, County Cottage, Boxley road
Smithson, Mrs, Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, Union street
Smitherman, Henry A., paper maker, Wyatt street
Smyth, William John, timber and slate merchant, Bridge, wharf, and agent for Truman, Hanbury, and Co.'s porter and stout
South, Francis William, Brickmaker's Arms, Perryfield place
Spencer, Thomas Huntley, wine, spirit, ale and stout merchant, Week street, house, Week street
Spencer, George, wine merchant, Bank street
Spencer, Sidney, Mitre Family and Commercial Hotel, High street
Spicer, Mary, Buffalo's Head beer house, and shopkeeper, Wyatt street
Spioer, John, beer house, Earl street
Spragg, Alfred, tailor, Boxley road
Staeey, Samuel, tailor and woollen draper, , Sandling road
Staeey, James, baker, Boxley Road terrace
Stanford, Mrs. Elizabeth, clothes dealer, Week street
Stanford, Jonathan, Two Brewers, Week street
Stanger, John, fly, post-horse, and mourning coach proprietor, Rose yard
Stanger, Miss Sarah, ladies' boarding and day school, Albion place, King street
Stanger and Edmett, cabinet furniture warehouse, auctioneers and valuers, High street
Stanger and Co., upholsterers and cabinet makers, auctioneers and valuers, Week street
Stanley, Mrs. Elizabeth, butcher, Week street
Steinmetz, William Thomas, seed crusher, Oil Mills, Tovil
Stephens, John Cribb, commissioner in Oaths in Chancery, and for taking acknowledgements by married women, and clerk to Trustees of Fisher's Charity, Week street
Stephens, William, Anchor beer house, Peel street, Thornhill
Stephens and Sons, solicitors, Week street
Steer, James, tallow chandler, melter, and fruiterer, High street, Pudding lane
Steven, John, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street
Stevens, James, tailor, Bank street
Stevens, William, cooper, 4, Stone street, and 8, King street
Stevens, Mrs., and Bryant, Miss, preparatory school, Tunbridge road
S tickings, George, umbrella maker, Earl street
Stokes, William, shopkeeper, Boxley road
Stokes, John, hairdresser, and umbrella maker, Upper Stone street
Stone, Levy, Stonemason's Arms beer house, Bedford row
Stone, Mrs.Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, Upper Stone street
Stonestreet, William, boot and shoe maker, Pudding lane
Strobridge, William, shoemaker, Pudding lane
Stubbersfield, John, turner and cooper, Gabriel's hill
Summerfield, Richard, surveyor and land agent, Week street
Sutton, George C., wood and coal dealer, London road
Sutton, Walter and Goodwin, contractors and builders, West Borough, London road
Sutton, Thomas, statuary and stonemason, and merchant, Rocky hill
Swan, Elijah, draper and milliner, Bank street
Swain, Miss Sarah, milliner and dressmaker, Medway street
Swain, Miss Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, Fair meadow
Swinnoek, Joseph, hairdresser, Sandling road
Swinfen, Spencer B., bottled ale and porter merchant, manufacturer of soda water and ginger beer, Week street
Swinfen, John, gun and pistol maker, Bank street
Sycklemore, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Gabriel's hill
Syckelmore, Thomas, currier and leather seller, Gabriel's hill
Tanner, Edward R., tanner and woolstapler, Mill
Tanton, William George, Ship Inn, Gabriel's hill
Tappenden, Thomas, butler, Bower lane
Tassell, Thomas, and Co., timber merchants, West Borough, London road
Tendall, Henry, timber and deal merchant, steam sawing and planing mills, Marsham street
Tenner, James, boot and shoe maker, King street
Terrill, Collin Joseph, tailor, Week street
Terry, Henry, carrier and greengrocer, Stone street
Terry, Henry, carrier, Union street
Thomas, Edward, tinman and brazier, Bank street
Thompson, Thomas, builder, King street
Thompson, William, tinman, brazier, and confectioner, Upper Stone street
Thompson, George, boot and shoe maker, Week street
Todd, Elias, plasterer, Carey street
Town, Thomas, hairdresser, Sandling road
Town, William Henry, King's Arms, Earl street
Trendall, Mrs. Mary, Swan Tavern, and printing and paper bag maker, Watery lane
Turner, John H,, banker's clerk,. Albion place, King street
Twitehell, George, goldsmith, Union street
Tworts, M. A., photographic artist, County road
Tye, John, shopkeeper, Perryfield place
Tyler, William, corn factor and miller, Bank street, and Ulcomb house, Ulcomb
Tyler, John, boot and shoe maker, Week street
Usborne' and Son, town carters, Knightrider street
Usmar, Mrs. Mary Ann, straw bonnet maker, Wheeler street
Usmar, George, Royal Oak, King street
Usmar, Draper, tinman, &c,, King street
Usmar, Russell, butcher, Week street
Usmar, Horatio, Lamb Inn, Fair Meadow
Upton, William, broker, Upper Stone street
Upton, Richard, the Man of Kent beer house, High street
Vale, William. H.j wholesale stationer, engraver, and lithographic printer,, 11, King street
Varley, John, cutler, King street
Venning, the Misses, preparatory school, Albion place, King street
Vidler, Thomas, shopkeeper and beer house, Union street
Vidler, Richard, Old Bridge Tavern, High street
Vine, Edward, baker, Bower place
Vincent, Elizabeth, marine store dealer, Old Iron Wharf, Waterside
Vincent, Mrs. Elizabeth, Royal George, Boxley road
Vinton, Mr., dyer, Pudding lane .
Waghorn, James, fancy repository, Gabriel's hill
Wakefield, George, butcher, Stone street
Walter, William, plumber and painter, Bower lane
Walters, John Butler, M.D., homeopathic institute, Mill street
Ward, Edward, paper malser, Marsham street
Warren, Thomas, box maker, St. Faith's green
Watts, John and William, linen and woollen drapers, High street
Watts, Edward grocer, High street
Vattell and Son, coach builders, King street
Waterman, William H., chemist, Week street
Waters, George, carpenter, Fant fields
Vaters, James, tailor, Upper Stone street
Weeden, Stephen, beer house, Week street
Weeks, William, millwright, engineer, iron and brass founder, iron works, Water side, warehouse, Earl street
Weeks, James, White Lion, Stone street
Weeks, John, wood and coal dealer, Mote road
Weils, Mr., tailor, High street
West, William, printer, stationer, bookbinder, and circulating library, High street
West, Joseph, shopkeeper, Mote road
Weston, Benjamin, cabinet maker, upholsterer, etc., Church street
Weston, Mrs. Margaret, Coach and Horses beer and coffee house, Middle low, High street
Westover, Thomas, ginger beer maker and greengrocer, Union street
Wheeler, Michael, boot and shoe, maker, George street
Whelpton, R., chemist, Gabriel's hill
Whichcord, John, sen., county surveyor, architect and surveyor, Brewer street, h Brewer street
Whichcord, John, jun., surveyor and architect, Brewer street, and 22, Fenchurch street, London
Whibley, John, commercial traveller, Marsham street
White, John and Henry, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, Week street
White, William, grocer, 108, Week street
White, the Misses, boarding and day school, Trinity House
White, David Stephen, timber merchant, West Borough
White, David Stephen, hop planter, Abbey gate, East Farlejgh,
White, John, baW and beer retailer, Wheeler street
White, William, printer and stationer, Union street
White, James-fruiterer, Week street
Whiteside, Joseph, French polisher, Boxley Road terrace
Whyman, Michael, beer retailer, Camden street
Wicken, Mrs. Mary, chop and coffee house, King street
Wickham, William, maltster, Week street
Wicksteed, William Henry, bonding school, Rocky Hill House
Woldes, Henry A, solicitor and clerk of peace
Williams, Mrs jane, dressmaker, Victoria place, Upper Stone street
Williams, Richard, grocer, Week street
Willsher, William, wine and spirit merchant, George Inn, Gabriel's hill
Wills, William, furniture japaner, etc., Stone street
Wikon, Thomas., shopkeeper and beer house, Brewer street
Wilson, James, sugar boiler, Confectioner, and lozenge manufacturer, Stone street
Wilson, George, baker, St. Faith's street
Wimble, E. and F, S, chemists, manufacturers of soda vaster, Week street
Winter, William, tea dealer, Wheeler street
Winterlfalder and Co., watch and clock makers, Mill street
Wise, Samuel, Paper Makers Arms beer house, Upper Stone street
Wiseman, Robert, Bricklayers' Arms, 1 Marsham street
Wisenden, Edmund, shopkeeper, Brunswick street
Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper. County terrace
Wood, William, boot and shoe maker, Market street
Wood, William, baker, Sandling road
Wood, George, baker, Brunswick street
Wood, Mrs. Caroline, tobacconist and stationer, Sandling road
Woolcott and O'Callagan, surgeons, Week street
Woolcott, John, surgeon to the Kent County Ophthalmic Hospital, Week street, and 7, Hereford street, Park lane, London
Woodfall, John Ward, physieian, Stone street
Woodrow, George,, boot and shoe: maker, Week street
Woodward, Thomas, outfitter., Gabriel's hill
Woollett, Mrs. Phoebe, the Grasshopper, Sandling road
Woolley, Philip James, dyer, Pudding lane
Wraith, Miss Sarah, Windsor Castle, Week street
Wray, Thomas, wal and wood dealer, Albert street
Wright and Pine, corn factors and coal merchants,, and commercial agents, High street
Wright, Mrs., marine; store dealer, High street.
Wright, Henry,, corn and coal merchant, Town wharf
Wyard, James, builder and stone merchant, h Boxley road
Wyard, Samuel, Lord Nelson, St. Faith's street
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