Gentry in Margate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

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Margate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Margate is a watering-place, sea port town, and ...

Public Houses in Margate

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory

Gentry in 1858

Adams, Mr. William, Bridge street
Addis, Mr. Henry, Cliff terrace
Armitage, Rev. F. G., Prospect place
Artis, Mr. Richard, Clifton terrace
Aviolet, Mr. Thomas, Dane Hill row
Barker, William, Esq., Dane House, Dane
Bassett, Mrs. Mary, Addington street
Bath, Mr. Charles, Addington street
Bayly, Mr. Stephen, St. Peter's road
Bentley, Mr. William, Vicarage place
Beckett, Mr. Thomas, Dane hill
Bentley, Mr. Charles, Union crescent
Bird, Rev. C., Curate of St. John's, Prospect place
Birch, Mrs. Mary, Addington street
Blackman, Thomas, Esq., Magistrate, Union crescent
Blake, George, Esq., Northumberland House
Boswell, Mrs. John, Brook House
Bowen, Mr., Bath road
Bowing, the Misses, New town
Boys, John, Esq., Magistrate, St. James's square
Bradley, Mr. Hugh, Dane hill row
Brasier, Miss Jane, Hawley square
Bristow, Mr. William, Hawley square
Brown, Alexander, Lieutenant, R.N., St. James's square
Browning, Mr. Richard, Dane hill
Burgess, William Esq., An An Cottage, Dane hill
Busfield, Joseph, Esq., Upper Marine terrace
Cannaby, Mr. William, Crescent place
Carr, Mr. Benjamin, Atholl Lodge
Cavler, Mrs. William, Northumberland House
Chambers, Dr., Vicarage crescent
Chapman, Mr. Richard, Addington square
Clark, Mr. Thomas, St. James's square
Cobb, Thomas, Esq., Upper Marine terrace
Cobb, Francis Wm., Esq., King street
Copeland, Miss Caroline, Bellevue place
Cooper, George, Esq., Gordon House, Churchfleld place
Cooper, Mrs. Henry, La Belle Alliance House
Cramp, Thomas, Esq., Hawley square
Cramp, Mrs. John, Addington street
Crampton, John, Esq., Hawley square
Crofts, Robert, Esq., Hawley square
Crookshank, Mrs. W., Hawley square
Darby, Mrs. Francis, Cecil square
Davies, Rev. William B., Minister of
Ebenezer Chape), 4, Addington square
Deering, Mrs. Mary, Cecil square
Dennison, Mrs. Mary, Cecil squareDixon, Mrs. Martha, High street
Dodgson, Mrs. Francis, High street
Dorson, Miss L., Union crescent
Dove, Mrs. Francis, The Grove
Drake, Mr. Thomas, Addington street
Eldred, Mr. Joseph, High street
Evans, Mrs. J,, Northumberland crescent
Evans, Miss C. J., Cecil street
Finnis, Miss, Sahnestone farm
Flint, John, Esq., Addington house, Long hill lane
Flint, B. F., Esq., Addington square
Flint, Thomas, Esq., Hawley square
Foat, Mrs. Mary, St. John's place
Forster, Mrs., Dane hill row
Fry, Mrs., Princess crescent
Gardner, Mrs. Frances, Addington square
Gaskell, Mr. George, St. James's square
Gaskerr, William, Esq., Hawley square
Gilder, William, Esq., Union Crescent
Goy, Rev. William D., Wesleyan Minister, Union crescent
Grimshaw, Mr. Frederick, Bellevue cottage
Hall, Mrs., Charlotte place
Harding, Mr. Job, Addington square
Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, Charlotte place
Hay, Mrs. Elizabeth, Napier houseHayden, Charles, Esq., Hawley square
Hearsay, Mr. Stephen, Bethel cottage
Heys, Mrs. Mary, Vicarage place
Higgins, Rice, Esq., Hawley square
Higham, Thomas, Esq., Churchfield place
Hilliard, Mr. John, Aldby place
Hoile, Mrs. Susan, Cecil square
Holmyard, Miss Amelia, Westbi-ook
Honeyball, Mrs. Mary, Princess crescent
How, Robert, Esq., Montpelier house
Hunter, Mr John, Regent place
Hurry, Captain Henry, New town
Jacobs, Mrs Sophia, Grosvenor House
Jarrett. Mrs, Church square
Jenkins, John, Esq., Hawley square
Jolland, Thomas, Esq., Clifton terrace
Jolly, James, Esq, Shottenden house
Kerridge, Mr Henry William, Upper Grosvenor place
 Ladd, Mr. George, Dane hill
Lee, Mr. W. R., Clifton street
Leonard, Mr. William, Middle Grosvenor
Leven, William C., Esq., Hawley square
Levey, Miss, Cecil square
Lewis, Mr. Charles, Union crescent
Lovering, Mr. William, Deeten cottage
Malpas, Captain, East crescent
Martin, Mr. Frederick, Hawley square
Maxted, Mr. Thomas, Regent place
May, Mr. Thomas, High street
Mead, Mrs. Sarah, Vicarage place
McLaehlam, John, Esq., Upper Grosvenor place
Mills, Mrs. Samuel, Buenos Ayres
Monnett, the Misses, Hawley square
Morris, Mrs. Jane, Addington square
Munn, Mrs. P. S., Northumberland crescent
Mussared, Mr. John, Fort crescent
Neale, Mr,, Vicarage crescent
Newell, Mr. John, Cliff terrace
Newman, Mr. Benjamin B., Clifton terrace
Nottridge, Mrs. Emily, Upper Marine terrace
Oliver, Mr. Stephen, Upper Grosvenor place
Osborne, Miss Frances,. Hawley square
Ovenden,, George, Esq., East Cliff house, Clifton terrace
Ovenden, Mr. William, Prospect house, Prospect place
Parsons, Mrs. Elizabeth, Addington square
Payne, Miss Catherine, Hawley1 square
Phillips, Mr. John J., Clifton street
Phillpot, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth, Hawley square
Pickering, James, Es'q., HaWley square
Pickering, Mrs. Augusta, Vicarage place
Platt, Mr. John,.Middle Grosvenor
Port, Mr. George, High street
Porter, Mrs. Alice, Cecil square
Pringle, Mrs. John, Upper Grosvenor place
Prosser, Rev. Samuel, M.A., Rector of Trinity Church, Cecil street
Rae, Mr. Duff, Brook cottage
Ralph, Mr. John G., Clifton terrace
Rapkins, Mrs. Elizabeth, Royal House, Hawley square
Rawley, Mrs.Elizabeth, Montpelier Cottage
Rlice, Mrs. Eliza, Upper Grosvenor place
Richardson, Mrs., Church square
Rogers, James, Esq., Fort Paragon
Rogers, Mrs. C., Garden row
Ross, Mr. Christian, Vicarage place
Sackett, Miss M., Hawley square
Salteri, Mr. James, Prospect place
Savage, Christopher, Esq., Flint House
Scriven, Mrs. Margaret, Clifton Cottage
Shoveller, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dane hill row
Silk, Mrs. Martha, St. John street
Slater, John, Esq., Cecil square
Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, Union crescent
Smithett, R. M., Esq., Hengrove House
Soper, Mr. William, East crescent
Spence, Mr. Thomas, Dane hill row
Spencer, Mr. George, Dane hill row
Stanner, Mrs. Mary Ann, High street
Stanner, Mrs., Upper Marine terrace
Stapleton, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hawley square
Stride, Mrs. Sarah, Cecil street
Sweetinurgh, Miss Sarah E., Princess crescent
Swinard, Mr. John, Thanet Cottage
Swinford, Henry N.> Esq., Fort Lodge
Surflen, Mr. Edward, Dane hill row
Tancred, Henry Wm,, Esq., Cliff terrace
Tatham, George, Esq., Addington square
Thurton, Mr. Samuel, High street
Trotter, George, Esq., Fort crescent
Tucker James, Esq., Hawley square
Turner, Mr. James, Upper Grosvenor place
Urry, Jacob, Esq., Upper Park place
Veness, Rev. Henry Thomas, B.A., evening lecturer, Upper Grosvenor place
Wadforth, Mr. John, Vicarage place
Wainwright, Mr. Edward, Lower Grosvenor place
Weseombe, Mrs. Louisa Jane, St. James's square
Wetheritt, Mr. John, Princess crescent
Whitcomb, John, Esq., Grosvenor villa
White, Edward, Esq., Upper Marine terrace
White, Mr. John, Hawley square
White, Mrs, J., Victoria terrace
White, Mrs. Mary, Vicarage place
White, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dane hill row
Winter, the Misses, Hawley square
Williams, Mr. J. R., Princess crescent
Willis, Mrs. Elenor, Hawley square
Wood, Mr. James, Vicarage place
Wood, Mrs., Princess crescent
Woods, Miss Ann and Mary, Cecil street
Woodgates, Samuel, Esq., Albion House
Woodyer, Charles, Esq., Lansdowne Lodge
Woolley, Mr., Westbrook
Wootton, Mrs. Martha, Dane hill row
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