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Margate , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Margate is a watering-place, sea port town, and ...

Public Houses in Margate

Gentry in 1858

Traders in Melvilles 1858 Directory

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Child, Mrs. Eleanor, lodging house keeper, 30, Lower Marine terrace
Childs, Anthony, Duke's Head and Family Hotel, Bankside, the Royal Thames Yacht Club House
Chitty Mrs. Maria, agent to the South Eastern Gazette, and fruiterer, 2, Broad street
Christie, Mrs. Susannah, lodging house keeper, Buenos Ayres
Cladish, James, greengrocer, 34, Pleasant place
Claggett, Mrs. Mary Ann, poulterer, 1, Hawley street
Clark and Pyle, photographic establishment and pianoforte mart, Hawley street
Clark, Charles William, chemist and druggist, 5, High street, and Parade, agent to the National Provincial Insurance
Clark, Thomas, grocer and tea dealer, New Cross street
Clark, Isaac, lodging house keeper, 28, Lover Marine terrace
Clark, Henry, coast guard, Westbrook station .
Cleeveland, John T. S., market keeper, Brook terrace
Clewley, Robert, greengrocer, 37, High street
Cliff, Mr., farmer, Dane farm
Cobb and Company, bankers, brewers, and maltsters, King street
Cobb, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, , Pleasant place
Cole, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 17, Fort crescent
Coleman, John, coast guard, Westbrook station
Colley, Mrs. Elizabeth, White Hart, and Family Commercial Hotel, Marine parade
Collins, Henry, fish salesman, King street
Collins, William, greengrocer, Lombard street
Collins, William, lodging house keeper, Bellevue plabe
Conconi, Louis, Watch and clock maker, 10, Bridge street
Connor, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, High street
Constable, William, lodging house keeper, Brook terrace
Constant, Mrs. Ann P., lodging house keeper, Brook terrace
Cock, George, greengrocer, King street
Cook, William F., tailor, Bankside
Cook, Mrs. Elizabeth, greengrocer, 4, New Cross street
Cooper, John, collector of the Local Board, 10, Crescent place
Cooper, Robert, lodging house keeper, Lower Marine terrace
Cosgrave, John, Spread Eagle, Prospect place
Cowell, John, fruiterer, Trafalgar place
Cox, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 21 and 22, Fort crescent
Cox, George, lodging house keeper, Bellevue place
Cox, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Zion place
Cozens, Edwin, builder, 46, Hawley square
Creed, Robert, greengrocer, Cranbourne alley
Creed, Jame's, lodging house keeper, Clifton street
Crickett, John and William, bath proprietors, High street
Crickett, Charles, Six Bells, High street
Crickett, John, lodging house keeper, Lower Marine terrace
Crofts, Robert, grocer, etc., 4½, Broad street
Crofts, James, coal merchant, Church square
Cross, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, Westbrook
Crothall, William, Globe Hotel, High street
Crump, Richard, builder and undertaker, 9, Addington square
Crump, Miss, lodging house keeper, Fort paragon
Crump, John A., lodging house keeper. Cliff terrace
Culmer, John, Brewer's Arms and brewer, High street
Dadd, Thomas, Royal Oak, 61, High street
Dale, Edward, lodging house keeper, 6 Bellevue place
Darby, William, Dog and Duck, Westbrook
Davis, Samuel, lodging house keeper, King street
Davies, Robert, organist to the Trinity Church, Dane Hill
Davis, Mr., lodging house keeper, Trafalgar place
Davis, George, lodging house keeper, Upper Park place
Davis, William, lodging house keeper, Waterloo place
Denne, Mrs. Mary, printer, stationer, and bookbinder, 4, Queen street
Denne, Miss Catharine, ladies' boarding establishment, 10, Cecil street
Dentry, Messrs., classical academy, Albion crescent
Deveson, Richard, coach office and tobacconist, Bankside
Dike, Thomas, tailor, 3, Love lane
Dike, Mrs, Sarah, lodging house keeper, Hawley street
Dixon, Charles D., printer, bookseller, and news agent, 22, High street
Dixon, George, parish clerk and lodging house keeper, 12, Vicarage place
Dixon, Frederick T., boot and shoe maker and lodging house, 28, Fort crescent
Dixon, Samuel, coast guard, Carolina square
Doughty, Jeremiah, lodging house keeper, 4, Cliff terrace
Doughty, Frederick, foreman to the Gas Works, Dane Hill row
Doughty, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, Paradise street
Draper, John A., droit officer, Paradise street
Dray, Pearson, carpenter, 8, Crescent place
Dray, Mrs. John, lodging house keeper, 2, Albion place
Drury, Samuel, wine cooper, Garden row
Duckett, John, Rose Inn, joiner and stone mason, Trinity square
Duff, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, Bath road
Dunkin, Charles D., boot and shoe maker, 5, High Fort crescent
Dunn, George W., butcher, Market street
Dunn, Thomas, agent to the General Steam Navigation Company, Marine Parade
Dyer, John, chemist and druggist, 31, High street
Dye, Mrs. Mary, lodging house keeper, North Cliff House
Eastland, George, King's Arms, Market street
Eastland, George, lodging house keeper, Park place
Eastling, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, Westbrook House
Edwards, Frederick, Builder, etc., 4,Fort crescent
Edwards, William, lodging house keeper, 4, Lower Marine terrace
Edwards, Edward, shopkeeper, King street
Edwards, John, lodging house keeper, 2, Fort crescent
Elliott, Thomas, lodging house keeper, 18, Fort crescent
Elliot, Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house keeper, Paradise street
Elliott, Mrs. Sarah, lodging house keeper, Princess crescent
Emptage, Daniel, plumber, painter, and glaizer, Northumberland crescent
Emptage, William, mariner, High street
Emptage, Joseph, lodging house keeper, Andrews place
Emptage, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper Westcliff House
Emptage, William, lodging house keeper, Pleasant place
Emptage, George, H., lodging house keeper, Zion place
Emly, Mrs., lodging house keeper, Clifton terrace
Engelback, Thomas C., glass bender, Clifton cottage,
Epps, George, butcher, 24, Zion place
Epps, William, fruiterer, &c., Dane hill
Euden, Daniel, boot and shoe maker, 26, King street
Evans, Miss Ann, lodging house keeper, 1, Lansell's place
Everest, George, surgeon to the Navy, Addington villas
Fagg, John, watch maker, jeweller, and silversmith, High street
Fagg, Alfred, professor of music, High street
Fassam, Mrs Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, Zion place
Fassam, Mrs Charlotte, laundress, Bethel cottage
Feakins, John R, Freemasons' Tavern, Dane
Fegen, Charles, lodging house keeper, , Andrew's place
Fells, Thomas, upholsterer, broker etc, High street
Fellows, Mrs Mary Ann, lodging house keeper, 23, Lower Marine terrace
Fish, James and Son, painters, plumbers, . and glaziers, Brooke place
Fish, Miss Harriet, ladies' day and boarding school, Cecil place
Hint, Brothers, ironmongers, engineers, smiths, and gas fitters, Market place
Fisher, Mrs. Emma, Family Hotel, Cinque Port Arms, Lower Marine terrace
Flower, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, Charlotte place
Foat, Frederick, butcher, High street
Foat, Robert, 37, bathing establishment, and painter and glazier, Lower Marine terrace
Foat, Stephen, fishmonger, 24, High . street
Foat, Robert, plumber, etc., Crescent place
Falwell, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, High street
Fontaine, Ferdinand L., fancy shell warehouse, Marine parade
Ford, James, leatherseller, Marine parade, agent to the National Life Assurance Society
Ford, William, assistant draper, Vicarage place
Forster, Frederick, private school for the sons of gentlemen, 45, Hawley square
Forster, Mrs., lodging house keeper, East crescent
Faulser, Henry, lodging house keeper, Love lane
Fox, Miss Mary Ann, lodging house keeper, 12, Buenos Ayres
Fox, Miss Mary, lodging house keeper, Caroline square
Fox, Mrs. Catherine, lodging house keeper, Bellevue place
Fox, John, lodging house keeper, Lansell's place
Fox, Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, Fort Mount
Fox, George, lodging house keeper, Flint
Fox, Thomas, gardener, St. John's place
Franklin, Thomas, baker, 12, Church square
Franklin, John, lodging house keeper, Lansell's square
Francois, Madame, corset and stay maker, Cecil square
Free, Miss Charlotte E., George Inn, 37, King street
Freebody, John, bread and biscuit baker, 13, High street
Fruin, Joseph, shipwright, Lower Marine terrace
Fuller, William, baker, Charlotte place
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