Nonington, Eastry, Thanet with Dover

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

NONINGTON is a large village, nine miles west of Deal, six miles S.W. of Sandwich, and nine S.E. of Canterbury. The population in 1851 was 875. The church is dedicated to St. Mary. The living is a perpetual curacy in the gift of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Rev. Algernon Coote, M.A., is the incumbent. Hazle Street is half a mile east; Fragham Street one mile south; Old Street half a mile south; Acol half a mile S.W.; Ratling Street one mile N.W.; Old Court one mile N.W.; Holl Street is another place.

POST-OFFICE. - Mrs. Harriett Nash, Receiver. Letters arrive from Wingham, which is
also the nearest Mdney Order Office.

Coote, Rev. Algernon
Hammond, William O., Esq., St. Albion's Court
Plumtre, John P., Esq., Fredville.


Abbott, William, blacksmith
Allen, Charlotte and Mary Ann, shopkeepers
Allen, Charles, farmer
Allen, Edward, (Phoenix)
Atwood, George, farmer
Ayres, Henry, butcher
Bateman, Charles, schoolmaster
Bayley, Richard, farmer
Cannaby, William, shopkeeper
Chandler, William, shoemaker
Clark, Thomas, miller
Court, Frederick, farmer
Crofts, George, carpenter
Gilham, Isaac, farmer
Hammond, James R., farmer
Harvey, Troward, farmer
Higgens, Joseph, farmer
Holloway, Sarah, shopkeeper
Holtum, Mrs., tailoress
Lawrence, John, farmer
Maxted, Henry, bricklayer
Morgan, Andrew, veterinary surgeon
Maxted, William, grocer, &c.
Nash, Mrs. Harriet, Royal Oak
Osborn, William, baker
Pain, Stephen S., maltster and seedsman
Pepper, Thomas, farmer
Reader, John, farmer
Spanton, John, farmer
Spanton, Henry, farmer
Spanton, William, carpenter
Spanton, William, farmer
Steed, Henry, farmer
Taff, Thomas, farmer
Wanstale, William, shoemaker
Wood, John, beer retailer
Young, Daniel, farmer
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