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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    Plumstead, Lewisham / Woolwich, Greenwich>

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    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    PLUMSTEAD is an extensive parish, in the lathe of Sutton-at-Hone, Lessness hundred, Lewisham union, West Kent, and London bishopric. The population in 1851 was 8,373. There are many beautiful villas and residences, which enjoy the advantage of vicinity to Woolwich and of the military reviews and parades of that garrison. The church of this parish is a very ancient foundation, but of late years has been much improved. The living is a vicarage, with East Wickham annexed, in the
    incumbency of the Rev. William Acworth, M.A. Close to the common are brickfields, tile kilns, sandpits and chalkpits. Sugar moulds are made here. The North Kent railway passes through; and at this point there is a station (Abbey Wood), it being the nearest point to Bexley Heath, or New Bexley.

    POST-OFFICE.- Shooter's Hill,. Thomas Shelley, Postmaster.. Letters arrive through
    Woolwich. Money Orders are granted and paid at this Office.

    Plumstead Post-Office, Miss Caroline Ann Mase, Receiver. Plumstead Common
    Post-Office, Joseph Cock, Receiver,

    Plumstead Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory

    Public Houses in Plumstead


    Ackworth, Rev. Wiliam M.A,,. Vicar, Brambleberry House
    Appleby, Henry, Esq., Tavistock place
    Arnold, Mr, George, Ebenezer terrace.
    Bare, Wallace, Esq., Mars' terrace
    Braund, James B., Esq., Low Park place, Common
    Bean, John, Esq., Common.
    Bishop, John, Esq., Shooter's Villa
    Bower, George, Esq., Old Park Cottage, Bostal
    Campbell, Lady, Shooter's hill
    Carpenter, William, Esq.
    Carver, Miss Mary Ann, Union Cottage
    Chandler, Thomas, Esq., Shooter's hill
    Christee, the Missesj Russell, terrace
    Collins, James W., Esq., Mars' terrace
    Collins, James W,,,Esq., Ebenezer terrace
    Compton, Alfred, Esq,, Plumstead place
    Conquest, Dr. John T., Common
    Cook, John, Esq., Bostall hill.
    Cook, Samul Bird, Esq, Ebeneaer terrace
    Dallin, Rev. Thomas Ji., M.A., Shooter's hill
    Davidson, William, Esq., Bloomfield House, Shooter's hill
    Davies, Percy, Esq., Ramsay. House, Shooter's hill
    Dayies, Lewis, Esq, Common .
    Dawson, William, C., Esqi, Common;
    Dixon, Captain, W. M., R.A.
    Dowling, Mr. Richard H., Abbey Wood
    Dutton, William Henry, Esq, Paymaster R.N., Bedford terrace
    Eastmure, Thomas, Esq., Lower park
    Elliott, the Misses Eliza and Ann, Shooter's hill
    Ellis, Charles, Esq., Common
    Fenwick, Stephen, Esq., Hone Cottage
    Fogarty, Mr. Philip, Abbey Wood
    Ford, John William, Esq., Upper Park place, Common
    French, William, Esq., Common
    Fullam, Frederick J, Esq., Mars terrace,
    Gates, William, Esq, Common
    Green, William, Esq., Mars terrace
    Harrison, Captain, B.A., Bedford terrace
    Harny, John, Esq., Ebenezer terrace
    Hopper, Mrs. Eliza, Tavistock place
    Hudson, William George, Esq., Plumstead place
    Hughes, Mr., Walmer Castle, Villa road
    Jackson, Frederick: J., Esq., Bedford terrace
    Jackson, William, Esq, Jackson's lane.
    Jewry, William' Edward, Esq., Crescent road
    Johnson, Frederick. Esq., Gtouceste Lodge, Common
    Kamensky, Gabriel, Esq., Wellesley House, Shooter's hill
    Landell, William W., Esq., Shooter's hill
    Ledger, John, Esq, RoQkery,,Shooier's hill
    Lenton, Mr. William
    Le Richeux, Lewis, Esq., Ebenezer terrace
    Lodington, Mr. William, Unity, cottages
    Martin, Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan, Ebenezer terrace
    Meadpwcroft, William, Esq, Goldie Leigh
    Morley,.Mrs, Mars' terrace
    McDowell, William, Esq.,.Shooter's hill
    Newmany _, Esq., Shooter's hill
    Nolloth, Henry O:,. Lieutenant, R.N., Ebenezer terrace
    Ori Madame; Lower Park place, Common
    Owen, Mrs., Pledge row
    Paule, Alfred N., Esq.,,Lower Park place
    Perrott, Sir Edward B., Bart., the Mount
    Perrott, Captain Edward G. L., the Mount
    Preston, Jabez, Esq., High Grove
    Popleton, Richard, Esq., Tavistock place
    Redpath, Mrs. Maria, Elvrick terrace, Shooter's hill
    Russe]], George, Esq., Manor House
    Salmon, Charles, Esq., Lower Park place, Common
    Scott, Rev. Matthew, M.A., Plumstead road
    Smith, Rev. James, Wesleyan, Common
    Strother, Anthony, Esq., Shrubbery, Shooter's hill
    Tozer; William. Esq., Elwick terrace, Shooter's hill
    Vinter, Rev, Frederick, M.A., Bedford terrace
    Walker, Thomas, Esq, Uppev Bark-place, Common
    Walsh, Mr. Martin, Plumstead road
    Watson, henry, Esq., F.R.C.S., Common
    Wilkins, William, Esq., Elizabeth Cottage, Shooter's hill
    Wise, Thomas, Esq., Plumstead road
    Woodthorpe, Mrs., Mars' terrace
    Wortham, Colonelhale Y., R.E., Brook Hill lodge
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