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    UK Pub history research and London historical street directory

    Search the historical London street directory, and London pub history site including early street addresses in London through the Victorian pub history of London. This search engine is broken, try address searches in the main google search to get better results. OR visit the London pub history directory index pages to which I am rapidly adding links

    Rochester, Medway, Medway

    Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

    Kent Villages Home Page | Kent Districts & Kent Lathes |Kent Villages and Towns A - Z

    Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

    Gentry in 1858

    Public Houses in Rochester

     Traders in 1858
    A - D ; E - P ; R - Y

    ROCHESTER is a city, consisting of the city of Rochester proper, the borough of Chatham, and the towns of Brompton, Gillingham, Strood, and Frinsbury; Brompton being in the borough of Chatham, and Strood in the city of Rochester. The population altogether in 1851 was 43,362, which includes the hospitals and barracks. Rochester, as its name implies, was an ancient British town. The Romans had here an
    important station, which they called Durobrovae, but being conquered by the English, they gave it its present name. The city is straggling, and extending considerably on the shore of the river, In consequence of the railway, great improvements have taken place in Rochester. The old bridge is being destroyed, and a handsome new bridge has been erected over the river. The Cathedral is considered one of the most ancient in the kingdom; it was founded in 604, and consists of a nave, aisles, choir, and two transepts. The building forms a double cross. A tower was erected in 1825, at the intersection of the transepts. Gundulph's tower is on the north side of the choir, and there are two small towers at the west end. The style of architecture is
    chiefly Norman. In 1840, the interior was repaired and re-decorated. There are several very ancient tombs and monuments. St, Margaret's church was rebuilt in 1824, and contains some old monuments and a stone font. St Nicholas church was erected in 1624. There were also two other parishes, St Mary's and St Clement's;
    but there are now no traces left of the churches. The town hall, gaol, gas works, grammar school, and theatre, are the principal public buildings.


    Day and Nicholson, High street. - Draw on Glyn and Go.
    London and County Bank, High street. - G. E. Gates, Esq., Manager. Draw on London establishment.
    Saving's Bank, St. Margaret's. Bank open on Saturdays and Mondays.

    Post-Office, High street. - Edward Finch, Postmaster. Day Mail hox closes 12.15 noon; Night Mail closes 10 p.m. Two deliveries, 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.
    County Court Office, High street. - Court held at Guildhall. James Espinasse, Esq., Judge; G. Ackworth, Esq., Registrar; Mr. C. Dorrett, High Bailiff.
    Fort Pitt Military Hospital. - Alexander Cumming, Esq., Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals; Duncan Menzies, Esq., Staff-surgeon.
    Fort Clarence Military Hospital, Maidstone road. - Captain Robert Manners, Governor.
    Gas Office and Works, High street. - Thomas Dewsberry, Manager.
    Custom House. - W. H. Redpath, Esq., Collector; D. Gay, Esq., Comptroller; J. T. Boucher, First Collector; C. Caddie, Distributor of Stamps.

    MAYOR - W. Manclark, Esq. RECORDER. - J. Espinasse, Esq.

    F. Furrell, Esq., Ex-Mayor
    G. Essell, Esq.
    J. Nightingale, Esq.
    C. G. Burton, Esq.
    R. Winch, Esq.
    L.Allen, Esq.
    S. Sidden, Esq.
    G. H. Drawbridge, Esq.
    S. Steele, Esq.
    J. Foord, Esq.
    J. L. Levy, Esq,
    E. R. Coles, Esq,

    R. Prall, Esq., clerk. Sittings, Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 12 o'clock.

    Lewis, J., Esq., town clerk
    Hayward, W. W., Esq., clerk of the peace
    Lewis, J., Esq., coroner
    Sidden, T., Esq., treasurer
    Dalton, Mr. W., collector of Anchorage
    and City Dues; Stroud,Mr. J., at Sheerness
    Bullard, Mr. J., principal water bailiff
    Viney, Mr. G. M., principal sergeant at mace
    Chambers, R. A., and Rimington, W. 0., mace bearers
    Colyer, W., sen., crier
    Dorrett, C., and Skiller, W. D., collectors of borough and watch rates


    Rochester Cathedral. - The Hon. and Right. Rev. G. Murray, D.D., Bishop; The Very
    Rev. R.Stevens, D.D.,Dean; Rev. Dr. Robinson, Rev. M. Irving, D.D.,Ven. Archdeacon
    King, Rev. J. Griffith, D.D., Rev. E. Hawkins, D.D., Canons; Rev. S.
    Shaw, Rev. Goddard, Hon Canons; John Hasley Law, Esq., Counsel; George,
    Essell, Esq., Chapel Clerk ; Rev. Robert Whiston, M.A., Master of the Grammar
    School; Rev. J. Coates, Second Master; Rev. W. H. Drage, Rev. S.Dewe, Minor
    Canons; Rev. S. Shepherd, Precentor; J'. Hopkins, Organist; Right Hon. S.
    Lushington, LL.D., Chancellor of the Diocese; G. Essell, W. W. Hayward,
    Registrars ; G. Essell, Registrar of Archdeaconry Court.

    St Nicholas Parish - Rev W Conway, Vicar; Rev. R Conway, Curate
    St Margaret's - Rev W H Drage, Vicar; Rev. D F Warner, Curate
    Wesleyan Chapel, St Margaret's Bank
    Friends Meeting House, Pump Lane
    Jews' Synagogue, St Margaret's Bank
    Congregational Chapel, Star hill - Rev. Dr. Jenkyn, Pastor

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