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Rochester, Medway, Medway

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Gentry in 1858

Public Houses in Rochester

 Traders in 1858
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TRADERS in 1858 Melvilles Directory

Earle, Mrs. Ann, fancy repository, and register office for servants, High street
Earle, Edward Charles, schoolmaster and parish clerk, St. Margaret's, High Street
Edmed, Henry, bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, High street
Edwards, Mrs. Mary Ann, farmer, High street
Ellis, Thomas, shopkeeper, High street
Emmerson, Charles, Red Lion Inn, Eastgate
Essell and Hayward, solicitors, Precincts, clerks to county magistrates
Fairbairn, John B., seedsman and florist, East gate
Farley, William, fishmonger, Chatham intra, High street
Finch, Frederick, pawnbroker, High street
Finch, Edward, baker, High street
Finch, Edward, plumber, painter, and glazier, and general post-office, High street
Fitness, James, grocer, Cazeneuve street
Fledgate, Mrs. Louisa, shopkeeper, Chatham intra, High street
Fletcher, Reuben, veterinary surgeon, High street
Foord and Sons, builders and contractors, plumbers, painters, and glaziers, timber merchants, &c., Acorn wharf
Foottit, James H. J., boot and shoe maker, King street
Foreman, Mrs. Louisa, cooper, &c., Chatham intra, High street
Foster, Alexander John, chemist and surgeon, chiropodist, Chatham intra, High street
Francis, Peter William, greengrocer, St. Margaret's Sank
Fraser, Miss Charlotte, news agent and fancy repository. High street
Frater, Henry, boot maker, Queen street, Troy Town
Freeman, George, butcher, King street, Troy Town
French, Thomas, music seller, High street
Friday, William, miller, Delce Mill, Burrett street
Fry, Miss Sarah Jane, the Royal Victoria Hotel, the Bull, High street
Fuller, William, eating house, High Street
Furminger, William, plumber, glazier, and painter, Chatham intra, High Street
Furminger, Mrs. Mary, baby-linen warehouse, Chatham intra, High street
Furrell, George, solicitor, Union street
Furrell, Frederick, auctioneer and estate agent, East gate, registrar of births and deaths for Rochester district
Galer, John, grocer, High street
Geere, Matthew, statuary mason, near St. Margaret's Bank
Giles, William, blacksmith, Gravel walk, Troy Town
Giles, Benjamin, shopkeeper, King street, Troy Town
Giles, John, poulterer, High street
Gill, George William, ship builder and ship smith, Rochester and Chatham ship yard, Chatham intra
Girling, John J., draper, High street
Goldston, Paul, grocer and cheesemonger, East gate at Hoo
Golsby, William, Victualling Office Tavern, St. Margaret's Bank
Goodchild, Charles, butcher, John street, Troy Town
Goodram, John, shopkeeper, and collector of property and income tax, King street, Troy Town
Graham, William, miller and corn dealer, Chatham intra, High street
Gray, Thomas, tailor, High street
Greenwood, William, silversmith, High street
Grigg, Thomas W., baker, Bryant street
Grigsby, John, shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Grist, John, Eagle Tavern, High street
Gutteridge, William, butcher, Cazeneuve street
Guy, Thomas, surgeon, Star Hill
Hall, William, baker, Bath place
Hall, James, tailor and hatter, High street
Hammond, John, the Deal Cutter, John street, Troy Town
Haroourt, Thomas, pianoforte tuner and music seller, High street
Harmer, Thomas B., shopkeeper, Burritt street
Harris, Richard, beer house, Maidstone road
Harris, Peter, Joseph, contractor, Slitt Hill
Harris, James, boot and shoe maker, St. Margaret's Bank
Harrow, Philip, tailor, High street
Harwick, Eleanora S., dressmaker, Union street, Troy Town
Haymen, William, barge and ship builder, Boley Hill
Haymen, William Patten, agent to Sun Fire and Life Office, High street
Haymen atfd Son, coal factors, Grafton House, High street
Hedgcook, Thomas, jun., grocer, St. Margaret's Bank
Hedgcock, Thomas, sen., grocer and cheesemonger, St. Margaret's street
Hedden, John, sub-contractor, Freeschool lane
Heirman, Anthony, watch and clock maker
Henderson, William, sea captain, Cazeneuve street
Hewitt, John Henry, chemist, etc., 38, High street
Hewitson, Thomas, draper, King street, Troy Town
Hill, John, Coopers' Arms, St. Margaret's street
Hills, Vincent, coal merchant, Commodore wharf, Chatham intra, High street
Hills, William, army baker, Chatham intra, High street
Hills, William and George, watchmakers and jewellers, St. Margaret's Bank
Hills, John, Lord Nelson, East gate
Hillman, , Crown tap, High street
Hoadley, John, block maker, Melgun
Hobart, Edwin, painter, plumber, glazier, etc., King street
Hobart, Mrs. Mary Ann, Don Cossack, Delce lane
Hodshow, Abraham, baker, etc. Margaret's street
Hodgskin, Richard, shopkeeper, Maidstone road
Homan, John, draper and clothier, High street
Homan, William and George, drapers, &c., St. Margaret's Bank, agent to National
Provident Institution for Mutual Life Assurance, Annuities, &c.
Hopkins, Mace, livery stable keeper, Crow lane
Hopkins, John, organist, Precincts
Hopkins, Joseph, tailor, Star Hill terrace, Star Hill
Hopper, John, artist, Five Bells lane
Hopper, John, baker, Queen street, Troy Town
Hopper, George, baker, Queen street, Troy Town
Horsnail, Edward, miller, St. Margaret's
Howard, George, tallow chandler, High street
Hudson, Miss Emily, embroidery warehouse, St. Margaret's Bank
Huggett, Francis, plumber and glazier, St. Margaret's street
Hughes, George, greengrocer, College yard
Hull, John, draper, St. Margaret's Bank
Humphreys, Robert, marine store dealer, Delce lane
Humphreys, Robert, contractors' clerk, Medway terrace
Hunnisett, Henry, shopkeeper, Burritt street
Hunt, Edward, Three Post Boys, High street
Hurley, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, High street
Hurst, William, general dealer, High street
Hutohins, John Henry, surgeon, St. Margaret's Bank
Jackson, John M., waterman, King street
Jenner, Charles, confectioner, High street
Jennings, John, marine store dealer, the Common
Jennings, Stephen, Evening Star, Delce lane
Jessup, John, the Albion Tavern, High street
Johnson, Mrs. Mary, bonnet maker, High street
Jordan, Edward, bricklayer and shopkeeper, Burritt street
Jordon, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, St. Margaret's street
Kennard, Edwin, butcher, High street
Kennard, John, Ordnance Arms, High street
Kent, George, grocer, Queen street, Troy Town
Kidwell, Alfred Edward, auctioneer, appraiser, and, undertaker, 8, St. Margaret's Bank, house and office, 54
Kidwell, Robert, auctioneer, appraiser, undertaker, etc., High street
King, Henry, carman, Queen street, Troy Town
King, William, Bridge Tavern, High street
King, William John, painter, plumber, glazier, and gas fitter, Star Hill
King, Thomas Simmons, chemist, High street
Kingsford, Alfred, boot and shoe maker,
and shopkeeper, John street, Troy Town
Knowler, Charles Frederick, Blackmore's Head, King street, Troy Town
Knowler, William, Malt Shovel, Henry street, Troy Town
Knox, Erasmus, Fortune of War, High street
Lamb, James Benjamin, hairdresser, High street
Lamb, Miss Mary Ann, shopkeeper, High street
Lambert, Thomas, baker, King street
Lane, Henry, gardener, High street
Lane, George, grocer, King street
Lane, George, orange merchant, High street
Langham, Edwin, chemist and druggist, High street
Latter, David, smith, the Common
Layzul, Abraham, Maidstone Arms Newly Revived, Crow lane
Ledger, Joseph, marine store dealer, St. Margaret's Bank
Lee, William W., grocer and tea dealer, High street
Lemmon, Thomas, White Hart, High street
Leonard, George, cork cutter, Old Foundry wharf, High street
Lester, Charles, butcher, East gate
Lester, Mrs Jane, butcher, High street
Levy, John L, merchant, Chatham intra, High street
Lewis, James, solicitor, town clerk, and coroner for Rochester, St. Margaret's street
Ley, George, Commander R.N., Newton terrace, New road
Littlewood, Thomas, gardener and muffin baker, Queen's row, Troy Town
Lloyd, Richard, job master, livery stable keeper, grocer, and pork butcher, High street
Lock, Richard, carrier and shopkeeper, Star Hill
Loft, Edward, coach builder, Chatham intra, High street
Lowry, William, greengrocer, East gate
Lucas, William, Crystal Palace, Star Hill
Luchford, James, Nag's Head, St. Margaret's Bank
Lund, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, Five Bells lane
Lynch, Thomas, shopkeeper, King street
Lyon, Simon, silversmith, High street
Macaulay, Joseph Edward, bookseller, stationer, and printer, reading room and circulating library, High street; agent to County Fire and Provident Life Offices
McCaughan, Miss Matilda, dressmaker, Queen's row, Troy Town
McGavin, Thomas, draper and tea dealer, East gate
McKellar, Peter, coal merchant, Chatham intra, High street
Makepeace, William, lay clerk, Minor Canon row
Makepeace, Henry, tobacconist and fishmonger, East gate
Manning, John, tobacconist, High street
Maplesden, George, Portland Arms, King street
Maplesden, Richard, baker, Gravel walk, Troy Town
Martin, George, Red Cow, Bull lane
Martin, Daniel, clothes dealer, High street
Matthews, John, locksmith, High street
Mayhew, John, poulterer, High street
Medhurst, John William, general dealer, High street
Merritt, Thomas L., drawing master, Star Hill
Miles, William, verger, Minor .Canon row
Miller, George, coach builder, the Common
Mills, William, engineer, Star Hill terrace, Star Hill
Mills, Henry L., cooper, Chatham Intra, High street
Miskin, John S., butcher, High street
Missing, John, Bull's Head, High street
Montague, Thomas Y., grocer, the Common.
Moore, Joseph O., butcher, High street
Moore, Edwin, draper, High street
Moore, Charles, ship chandler, oil and colourman, High street
Moore, Charles, boot and shoe maker, Cazeneuve street
Moorsom, Captain William S, civil engineer, Saites House, Boley hill
Morris, Burge, and Crumpton, East Kent
Railway Contractor's Office, High street
Mowatt, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Munns, James Randall, pawnbroker, East gate, and Windmill street, Gravesend
Muruss, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, City Coffee House and Commercial Hotel, High street
Nash, Thomas, hairdresser, John street, Troy Town
Nash, Edward, coach and cart wheelwright, Hooper's road, Troy Town
Nash, Josiah N., draper, St. Margaret's Bank
Naylar, James George, contractor, store, and timber merchant, Queen street, Troy Town, residence, Morden terrace
Naylar, Isaac, boot and shoe maker, Chatham Intra, High street
Newcomb, Henry, outfitter, Newton terrace, New road
Newcomb, William, outfitter, Victoria place, Troy Town
Newbyn, Charles James, block maker, Free School lane
Norman, John, professor of music, St. Margaret's Bank
Nye, Thomas John, watch maker, St. Margaret's Bank
Obee, Thomas, Golden Lion, East gate
Oram, Charles, fruiterer, High street
Osborn, John, linen draper, Chatham intra, High street, agent to Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life Office
Oshorne, James, surgeon, St. Margaret's Bank
Overy, William Henry, stationer and bookseller, High street
Packham, Edward, Tartar Frigate, Chatham intra, High street
Paine, Henry, millwright, Burritt street
Palmer, Edward A., gun maker and cutler, High street
Pankhurst, Richard, sawyer, Hooper's place, Troy Town
Parish, Mrs. Eliza, dress maker, John street, Troy Town
Parr, William Richard, draper and silk mercer, High street
Payne, Henry, boot maker and dealer, High street
Payne, Mrs Patience, Victoria place, Troy Town
Pearson, Mrs Mary Ann, City Arms, High street
Pearce, George, bookseller, Gravel walk, Troy Town
Penn, Robert, ironmonger, High street
Peters, William, merchant, Newton terrace
Phillips, Isaac, sea captain, Cazeneuve street
Phillips, Miss Matilda, day school, King street, Troy Town
Phillips, Edward, fruiterer, St. Margaret's Bank
Phillpott, William, boot and shoe maker, High street
Piper, Samuel A., surgeon, Star hill
Pleasance, Timothy, confectioner, High street
Plowright, William, baker, St. Margaret's street
Pope, George, chemist and patent medicine vendor, High street
Pope, Timothy, butcher, High street
Pratt, Thomas, greengrocer, High street
Prawn, John, solicitor, Maidstone road
Pye, William, shopkeeper, Delce lane
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