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Seal,  Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

SEAL is a village, two miles and a half N.E. from Sevenoaks. The population, in 1861 was 1,586. The living is annexed to the vicarage of Kemsing; the Rev. Thomas Blackall, B.A., is the incumbent. Fork, or Faulk Common, is two miles south; Blackhall, one mile S.W.; Tanyard, one mile S.E.; Hall Farm, one mile S.E.; Stone Pit, one mile and a half east; Stone Street, two miles S.E.; Chart Farm, two miles east; Under
River, three miles south; Oak Cross, three miles and a half south. Fuller Street is a hamlet.

POST-OFFICE. - James Barham, Postmaster. Letters are received through Sevenoaks,
which is also the nearest Money Order Office.


Albert, Mrs., Godden Green
Blaekwall, Rev. Thomas, B.A., Vicarage
Boscawen, Hon. Mrs., Oak Bank
Brandram, —, Esq., Under River House
Camden, Right Hon. Marquis. Wilderness Park
Finch, J., Esq.
Monson, the Right Hon. William, Lord, Chart Lodge
Randolph, Captain Francis, Godden Green
Martin, Rev.
Richards, George, Esq.
Watts, Rev. James

Public Houses in Seal


Barham, James, draper, and post-office
Bennett, Benjamin, grocer
Seven, William, farm bailiff
Brown, John, boot and shoe maker
Carnell, George, farmer
Chappel, Thomas, farmer
Cope, Edward James, schoolmaster
Covke, Benjamin, carpenter
Cronk; William, farmer, Fuller street
Crowhurst, William, farmer
Crundell, George, lime dealer
Curtis, Thomas, wheelwright
Fitness, William, shopkeeper
Glover, William, baker
Green, Thomas, farmer, Stone street
Harding, James S., national school
Hider, George, blacksmith
Hoath, Stephen, wheelwright
Ingram, George, coal dealer
Kennard, James, butcher
Kipps, William, free school, Godden Green
Morley, Henry, baker, etc.
Moyce, Henry Michael, butcher
Ongley, Thomas, Rose and Crown
Page, William, wheelwright
Parkhurst, Stephen, grocer and butcher
Reynolds, Richard, brickmaker
Ring, William, tailor
Rose, Richard, baker and grocer
Sands, Thomas, plumber and glazier
Saxby, Michael, farmer, Chart Farm
Sharp, Catharine, Crown Inn
Slaughter, William, farmer
Sommers, William, wood broker
Swift, William, blacksmith
Thorpe, Richard, blacksmith
Turley, Jesse, farmer, Under River
Upton, James, Kentish Yeoman
Webb, James, beer retailer
Wiggins, Alfred, beer retailer
Willshire, Stephen, White Horse
Wise, Mrs. Jane, schoolmistress
Yates, John, bricklayer
Young, Edward, saddle and harness maker

If you would like to contribute the amazing new project to map London over the last hundred years and more, please continue to read. What is needed is mainly details of when a London street was renamed, bombed, cleared, or tidied. Pictures are the best way of expressing anything, and a picture tells a thousand words. Also needed is those thousand words, or even fity words. Anything will be brilliant. Please help out before the London skyline is transformed for ever. What is needed, just an email to the Email the London team. We can do the rest; and you also get your name on the site, if this is OK.

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