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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Sevenoaks

Traders in 1858

SEVENOAKS is a pleasant market and union town, situated on high ground, and is surrounded by a delightfully diversified country. There are many handsome seats, the residences of the numerous nobility of this healthy and agreeable locality.
The town is lighted with gas, and consists of two principle seats. There is a market held on Saturday, but principally for corn. The population in 1851, including Riverhead, Town Borould, and the Weald, was 4,178. The church is dedicated to St Nicholas; it stands at the south end of the town, and is a handsome building in the perpendicular style, with a square tower, which can be seen each way for a considerable distance. The Rev. Thomas Curteis, M.A., is the patron, incumbent, and impropriator; the Rev. Cyril Curteis, B.A., curate; and the Rev. Edward H Boardman, second curate. Two episcopal chapels, with houses for ministers, have been erected in the parish, by the Earl Amherst and the late Multon Lambarde, Esq., with consent of the vicar as patron; one situated in Weald, and the other at Riverhead.
The livings are perpetual curacies, in the patronage of the rector after the decease of the founders. There is a Wesleyan chapel, which was erected in 1852, by William W Pocock, Esq., a neat edifice, built in the Gothic style of architecture, and will accommodate about 400 persons; the Rev. William B. Dennis is the minister. There is also a chapel belonging to the Particular Baptists, capable of accommodating 400 persons ; the Rev. Thomas Shirley is the minister.
The union workhouse has recently been removed to Birchfield, in the parish of Sundridge. Here is also a literary and scientific institution, with 1,000 volumes.

POST-OFFICE. - Samuel Thomas Hills, Postmaster. London letters arrive by Mail cart
from Tunbridge at 6 A.M., delivered at 7 A.M. Money Orders are granted and paid at this office.

London and County Bank. - Charles Palmer, Manager, Draw on 21, Lombard street.
Savings' Bank. - Open from 12 until 1 o'clock every Monday. Thomas Mills, Actuary.

Excise Office. - Held at the Royal Crown,
Gas Works. - John Shewen, Secretary.
Stamp Office. - G. W. Harrison, Distributor.
Union House. - James Browne.
Scientific and Literary Institution. - Thomas Hancock, George Ashdown, Secretaries.
Police Station, near the Vine. - James Handley, Superintendent of County Constabulary.

Calvinist Chapel.
New Wesleyan Chapel. - The Rev. William B. Dennis, Minister.
Particular Baptist Chapel. - Rev. Thomas Shirley.
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School. - Rev. James Raven, B.A., Second Master.
Lady Boswell's Free School. - John Thomas Bowen, Master.


Adams, Robert E., Esq., High street
Allen, William Henry, Esq., Mina House
Amherst, Right Hon. Countess, Mary, Knole Park
Austen, Mrs. John, High street
Austen, Mrs. George Lennard, High street
Austen, Mrs. Henry, Bellevue
Austen, Colonel Thomas, Kippington Park
Binyon, Mr. Benjamin, Hope Cottage
Boardman, Rev. Edward Hubbard, (second Curate of Sevenoaks)
Brain, Mr. William, High street
Briggs, Mr. Richard Ring, Bradbourne Vale
Carnell, Thomas, Esq., High street
Carnell, George Frederick, Esq., the Vine
Child, George, Esq., St. John's Hill
Clark, Mrs. Ann, Vine Villa
Clark, Joseph, Esq., River Hill Cottage
Clark, Mr. John, London road
Cole, George Calverley, Esq.
Covell, the Misses, High street
Crowhurst, Mr. Robert, No. 1, Suffolk place
Currie, Rev. Horace Gore, M.A,, Manor House
Curteis, Rev. Cyril Thomas, B.A., Vicarage (Curate of Sevenoaks)
Curteis, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Rectory (Patron, Incumbent, and Impropriator)
Davison, Miss Christian
Dennis, Rev. William B., Wesleyan Minister, London road
Edwards, the Misses, Bank place
Ellis, John, Esq., Suffolk place
Felkin, Rev. John, Baptist Minister, Hartslands
Fenner, Mr. George, Hartslands
Franks, George, Esq., High street
Garbett, Mrs. Christopher
Gatty, Miss M., High street
Golding, John A., Esq., Suffolk place
Gordon, Rear-Admiral Robert, St. John's hill
Greene, Mrs. M., High street
Grut, Nicholas, Esq., Stone Villa
Hards, Mrs,, St. John's hill
Hardes, Mrs. Ann, Suffolk place
Harman, Mrs. Sarah, Bradbourne vale
Hazard, Thomas, Esq., near the Vine
Herries, Right Hon. Charles John, St. Julian's
Hickmott, Mr. William
Hilton, Mrs., the Vine
Hockley, Mrs. Ann, High street
Holcroft, William Francis, Esq., High street
Holcroft, Colonel William
Hooper, Mrs. Harriet, High street
Kelson, George, Esq., High street
Kemp, Henry Darling, Esq., Vine Cottage
Knott, Miss Emily, High street
Lambard, William, Esq., Beeohmont
Lightfoot, Thomas, Esq.
Lloyd, Rev. Samuel Webb, the Vine House
Maundrell, Mr. William, Hartslands
Mills, Thomas, Esq., Bradbourne Vale
Morgan, Miss Mary, Vine Lodge
Morphew, Mrs., London road
Mountford, Rev. Joseph, High street
Nouaille, Peter, Esq., St. John's hill
Palmer, Charles, Esq., Suffolk place
Palmer, John, Esq., High street
Palmer, Charles, jun., Esq., Suffolk Cottage
Parker, Mr. Thomas, London road
Parker, Mrs. John, High street
Parker, Mr. George Green, near the Vine
Parker, Mrs. Henry, Henry's Cottage
Raven, Rev. James, B.A., Second Master of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School
Ring, Mrs., St. John's hill
Rogers, John, Esq., River Hill House
Shewen, Mrs. Mary M., London road
Shirley, Rev. Thomas
Smith, Mrs., St. John's hill
Sutton, John, Esq., High street
Wackerbath, George, Esq.
Ward, Mrs. M. A.
Warren, Mr. John, London road
Watts, Miss Eleanor, Myrtle Cottage
Glendining, Alexander, Esq., Ash Grove Webb, Mrs. Ann, Rose Cottage
Willard, Mrs., the Vine
Willis, Mr. Henry, Rose Cottage
Wilson, Mrs. E., London road
Wilson, Mrs. Keren huppuck
Wood, Mr. Thomas, St. John's hill
Woodington, Mrs. Ann, Park place

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