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Sheerness, Sheppey, Canterbury with Swale

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

Public Houses in Sheerness

Traders in 1858 Melvilles Directory by surname
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SHEPPEY, ELMLEY, and the ISLE OF HARTY (the two latter lying on the south, near the Swale, but considered as one island), 11 miles long from east to west, and in breadth four miles from north to south. The Isle of Harty is in Faversham hundred, and all in the lathe of Scray. The population in 1851 was 13,385. There are three ferries; two for foot passengers, and one (King's ferry) free for travellers and horses,
but a charge is made for carriages. Sheerness is situated on the N.W. of the island, two miles west of Queenborough, and is a seaport town. The population in 1851 was 8758. It is in Minster parish. The town consists of Sheerness, Blue Town, and Mile
Town. There are many new buildings springing up, which form a separate district, called Ward's Town. Sheerness is a second-class establishment, and a large fleet generally lies here. The wharf fronts the Medway, and the dockyard is surrounded by a brick wall, and has first-rate docks, a basin having 26 feet depth of water, two smaller basins, storehouses, victualling storehouses, mast house, rigging house, sail loft, smithies, and a navy pay-office. Here are residences for the Port Admiral, Captaon Superintendant, etc, and the barracks, with the new ones built, and a church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, at Mile Town; also dissenting meeting-houses, and a school for boys and girls on the national system; here is also a mechanics' institute and reading room.
The County Court is held in Blue Town. The town is well lighted with gas. Besides the dockyard business, here is considerable trade in oyster fishing, supplying shipping, and the corn and seed trade.

POST-OFFICE. - Robert M. Bigg, Postmaster. Money Orders are granted and paid at
this Office. Letters are received through Sittingbourne.


Aldritch, Captain Robert D., Edward street, Banks' Town
Atkins, Mr. Charles, Albion place, Mile Town
Aylen, Jonathan, Esq.
Barren, Mrs. Louisa, Edward street, Banks' Town
Bedford, G., Esq.
Blaxland, Mr. George
Bryant, Rev. George, M.A., incumbent of Sheerness district, and curate of Warden, Edward street, Banks' Town
Eaton, Mr. John, High street, Mile Town
Edmeades, Robert, Esq., High street, Mile Town
England, Colonel, Ordnance House, Blue Town
Filton, Mrs. Frances, Edward street, Banks' Town
Freeman, Mr. W. L.
Gray, Frederick Clement, M.D., Edward street, Banks' Town
Gunn, Mr., M.D.
Hooker, Edward, Esq., Edward street, Banks' Town
Hooker, Mr. B. M. C., Edward street, Banks' Town
Hooper, Leigh, Esq., principal coast officer, Neptune terrace
Jackson, John, Esq., Church terrace
Jarrett, Mr John, High Street, Mile Town
Keddell, John Staples Esq, Banks' Crescent, Mile Town
Moore, Mr. W., High street, Mile Town
Plyer, Rev. James, Baptist minister, Edward place, Banks' Town
Pounder, Mr. George, Edward street, Banks' Town
Ramsey, Lieutenant Edward
Read, Samuel, Esq.
Robinson, W. B,, Esq.
Robinson, Mr. M. K., Edward street, Banks' Town
Selby, Mr. John Caleb, Edward street, Banks' Town
Stephen, Mr. Henry S., High street, Mile Town
Tucker, Captain John J.
Venable, Mrs. Ann, Edward street, Banks' Town
Ward, William, Esq., Crescent, Banks' Town
Ward, James, Esq., High street, Blue Town
Wharton, Mrs., Wood street, Mile Town
Wilson, Rev. Roland, Church terrace


Dockyard. - John J. Tucker, Captain Superintendent; Jonathan Aylen, Esq., Master Attendant; Samuel Read, Esq., Master Shipwright; John Jackson, Esq., Assistant Master Attendant; William B. Robinson, Esq., Assistant Master Shipwright; J. Bedford, Esq., Storekeeper; W. L. Freeman, Store-receiver; Mr. Gunn, M.D., Surgeon; Rev. Roland Wilson, Chaplain; Lieutenant Edward Ramsey, Director of Police; George Blaxland, Esq., Civil Engineer.
Mechanics' Institute, Edward street, Banks' Town. - Henry Roach, Treasurer; Mr. Cressey, President; R. Brightman, Esq., Vice-president.
Custom House, High street, Blue Town. - Hooper Leigh, Esq., Principal Coast Officer, etc.
Gas Works, Mile Town. - Richard Brighten, Superintendent.
County Court, Blue Town. - Robert Edmeades, Esq., Clerk.
Savings' Bank for Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppey. (Established in 1818.) - Messrs.
Lewis Shrubsole, Richard Brightman, George Hogben, Edward Barling, Robert Edmeades, John Staples Keddell, Charles Allen, and Edward William Brightman, Trustees and Managers; Robert Edmeades, Esq., Treasurer; Mr. Edward Felkin, Actuary.
Holy Trinity, Church. - Rev. George Bryant, M.A., Incumbent.
Baptist Chape], Chapel street. - Rev. James Plyler, Baptist Minister.
Catholic Chapel, Rose street, Mile Town.
Independent Chapel, Union street, Blue Town.
Wesleyan Chapel, Hope street, Mile Town.
Bethel Chapel Sunday School, Hope street, Mile Town.
Trinity Church National School.

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