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Old Pack Horse, 434 High road, Chiswick

A London street directory at London 1919 which largely encompasses london street history and also pub history of the last 100 years and more. You can contribute to this amazing new project, along with the many contributors to the current pub history site, nearly anything goes. See the footer of the page for more detail.

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Women at the Wicket: A History of Women's Cricket in Interwar England. Written by Adam McKie

St Lawrence , Thanet, Thanet with Dover

Kent Villages, Towns & Public Houses - History, Genealogy & Trade Directories

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Melvilles 1858 Directory of Kent.

RAMSGATE is a watering place and sea port in ...

Public Houses of Ramsgate


Ashenden, Mr. John
Ashburnham, Countess Dowager, South House
Astel, Mrs.
Bouther, Rev. T., Curate
Carr, Henry, Esq.
Carter, Mrs. Harris,
Cay, Robert, Esq.
Crofton, Anthony, Esq.
Daniells, Percival, Esq., South Wood villas
Foat, Mrs., Manstone Court
Ford, Rev. Joseph, M.A.
Gascall, Kev. G. B.
Green, Mr. W.
Grey, Mrs.
Mr. 0., Saint House
Heady, Charles, Esq.
Horn, Henry, Esq., Manstone Green
Headge, Mr., Pegwell Estate
Hubbard, Thomas, Esq
Hudson, Mr Wiliam
Johnson, Rev. B
Kemble, Mr
Mayhew, Miss
Miller, Mr Joseph
Pettley, John, Esq, Clifford
Ross, Mr Alexander
Sale, Rev. R.
Sicklemore, Rev. G. W., Vicar
Sicklemore, Mrs.
Waller, Mrs., Briar Lodge
Wansley, Michael, Esq.
Warre, John Ashley, Esq., M.P., West Cliff
Wootton, Daniel, Esq.

Traders in 1858

Andrews, Henry, dairyman
Andrews, John, dairyman
Appleton, James, dairyman
Austen, James, White Hall Farm
Banger, John, essence of potted shrimps
Boulter, Dr.
Bristow, Mr., Ham Farm
Burton and Son, shoemakers
Canny, James, butcher
Carrol, John, tailor
Carter, John, beer retailer
Chandler, Stephen, pork butcher
Clerk, Oliver, beer retailer
Coxhead, O. W., railway station master
Critford, Stephen, builder
Crow, James, White Horse Inn
Darby, Elias and Frederick, farmers and millers
Darby, William, carrier
Darby, Mrs., Rose Inn
Dilnot, Henry, farmer
Dunn, William, dairyman
Elder, James, dairyman
Elgar, Thomas, builder
Elgar, Stephen, shoemaker
Foat, Thomas, Preston Farm
Fox, Thomas, dairyman
Gibbens, James, farmer
Gibbs, Henry, Flying Horse
Gibbs, William, saddler
Gifford, Isaac, Red Rover
Gore and Austen, gardeners, Pegwil
Gregory, Thomas, baker
Hall, Caleb Y., beer retailer
Harlow, Thomas, cowkeeper
Hewett Mrs., Jolly Farmers
Hilbert, William, engineer to the Water Works
Hobbs, Henry, carpenter, etc.
Holladay, Francis H., post office, plumber, glazier, etc.
Hooper, Thomas, poor law Guardian, Chitton Farm
Hope, John, farmer, North Wood
Hughes, Mrs., teacher to the Girls' school
Impett, Mrs., Shakespear Hotel
Johnson, Mrs., Infant school mistress
Johnson, William, National schoolmaster
Jones, V., smith, etc.
Lake, Captain, of Coast Guard Station
Longley, Stephen, carpenter
Langridge, John, shoemaker
Marrel, William, farmer
Miller, Thomas, gardener
Miller, Stephen, shoemaker
Miller, John, Railway Tavern
Moynes, Joseph, Wheatsheaf Inn
Newing, Robert, parish clerk
Ottascall, William, miller
Packer, Stephen, Hare and Hounds
Peak, Thomas, farmer
Phillpott, James, farmer
Phillpott, George, farmer
Phillpott, Richard, farmer
Phillpott, Thomas, jun., seedsman
Pointer, James R., grocer
Quested, Edward, baker
Raze, O. W., drawing master
Rolfe, John, grocer
Richford, Thomas R., grocer
Saxby, James, gardener
Seithers, George and Son, builders
Smithers, George, baker
Sponder, James, post office, West Cliff terrace
Stokes, Mrs., dairyman
Stokes, Peter, beer retailer
Stringer, Wilson, carpenter
Tapsell, George, baker
Tatnell, John, Bellevue Tavern
Tatnell, John, essence of potted shrimps
Terry, James, builder
Terry, James, beer retailer
Wilks, Miss, semjnary
Williams, James William, Sportsman's Inn
Wootton, Henry, Ozengal Farm
Young, Knowler, farrier

If you would like to contribute the amazing new project to map London over the last hundred years and more, please continue to read. What is needed is mainly details of when a London street was renamed, bombed, cleared, or tidied. Pictures are the best way of expressing anything, and a picture tells a thousand words. Also needed is those thousand words, or even fity words. Anything will be brilliant. Please help out before the London skyline is transformed for ever. What is needed, just an email to the Email the London team. We can do the rest; and you also get your name on the site, if this is OK.

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